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  1. GR10 LFC

    The Beatles

    Saw some vintage cars and a film crew outside Croxteth Hall on my run the other day. Turns out they were filming for a new movie called The Midas Man, about the life of Brian Epstein.
  2. GR10 LFC


    Its on Sky Atlantic at 2am & 9pm next Monday (19th). Already set the series link on my Sky box.
  3. GR10 LFC

    Last Man Standing competition

    The current game of Last Man Standing that I am running is drawing to a conclusion. 102 players joined the first game of the season - now down to the last three players with a prize pot of £510 to be won. If anyone is interested, I will be starting Game 2 of the season with the round of games after the international break. First four sets of fixtures are below - you only need to initially pick for Round 1. Basic rules are that you need to pick a team you think will win their game - win and you go through to next round, draw or lose and you go out. You can't pick the same team more than once - winner of the prize pot is the Last Man Standing. Full rules can be viewed here. Current game is now upto Round 8. Entry is £5 - all monies go into the prize pot. Payment details on request . Deadline for entries for Game 2 is 7pm on Friday 15th October. Drop me an email if you want to take part with your selection for Round 1. ROUND 1 Saturday 16 October 2021 Watford 12:30 Liverpool Aston Villa 15:00 Wolves Leicester 15:00 Man Utd Man City 15:00 Burnley Norwich 15:00 Brighton Southampton 15:00 Leeds Brentford 17:30 Chelsea Sunday 17 October 2021 Everton 14:00 West Ham Newcastle 16:30 Spurs Monday 18 October 2021 Arsenal 20:00 Crystal Palace ROUND 2 Friday 22 October 2021 Arsenal 20:00 Aston Villa Saturday 23 October 2021 Chelsea 12:30 Norwich Crystal Palace 15:00 Newcastle Everton 15:00 Watford Leeds 15:00 Wolves Southampton 15:00 Burnley Brighton 17:30 Man City Sunday 24 October 2021 Brentford 14:00 Leicester West Ham 14:00 Spurs Man Utd 16:30 Liverpool ROUND 3 Saturday 30 October 2021 Leicester 12:30 Arsenal Burnley 15:00 Brentford Liverpool 15:00 Brighton Man City 15:00 Crystal Palace Newcastle 15:00 Chelsea Watford 15:00 Southampton Spurs 17:30 Man Utd Sunday 31 October 2021 Norwich 14:00 Leeds Aston Villa 16:30 West Ham Monday 1 November 2021 Wolves 20:00 Everton ROUND 4 Friday 5 November 2021 Southampton 20:00 Aston Villa Saturday 6 November 2021 Man Utd 12:30 Man City Brentford 15:00 Norwich Chelsea 15:00 Burnley Crystal Palace 15:00 Wolves Brighton 17:30 Newcastle Sunday 7 November 2021 Arsenal 14:00 Watford Everton 14:00 Spurs Leeds 14:00 Leicester West Ham 16:30 Liverpool
  4. GR10 LFC

    Gigs I have been to recently thread

    Great show, Afterglow and Duchess were the highlights for me. Nic Collins was excellent. Watching clips on YouTube again now. Always like that getting out from the floor seats, even though they have side exits they send everyone down that back exit.
  5. GR10 LFC


    Haha, I wouldn't say amazing but it is giving me motivation (I even took my running gear to Lanzarote the other week and managed to get out every morning of our holiday - would never have dreamt of doing that in the past). I only started really getting into running at the start of lockdown - I had done a little bit of running in 2019 and I had done a couple of parkruns at that stage. I have been working from home right through so it was a reason to get out of the house each day and "away from the desk" and have Croxteth Park literally on my doorstep. Its now just become routine and a change of lifestyle (especially as I turned 50 last year) - I lost 2.5 stone from March to July last year and have managed to keep the weight off. Had a few leg issues this week with two runs finishing with pins and needles so I thought the streak would be over but today was day 257 and in the back of my mind now I am aiming for 365 days. Finished 52nd in parkrun the other week out of just on 400 people and brought my PB down to 22:35. Running my first official half marathon later this month - looking forward to that!
  6. GR10 LFC


    Pretty chuffed to have reached this land mark today - 250 consecutive days of running at least 5km a day. Tempted to try and push for 365 now…..
  7. GR10 LFC


    Can't wait for the 3rd October! The reviews and social media comments all seem very positive.
  8. GR10 LFC

    Crappiest place you've been to in the UK

    No, Lloyds. Our IT centre is near the civic centre
  9. GR10 LFC

    Crappiest place you've been to in the UK

    Had the “pleasure” of working there for the last 20 years. I’m that fed up of working from home, I’m actually looking forward to going back there!!!
  10. GR10 LFC

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    My son been using my season ticket last few seasons. He’s away so thought I’d take a game in. Downloaded the season ticket to my phone on Thursday night, no problem. Goes for a drink with a mate and as I walked up to the turnstiles went into my Apple wallet and no ticket there! Logged into website and I couldn’t download ticket as it was detected on another phone. Had to go to ticket office where queues were ridiculous. While waiting my son somehow sent ticket my email and I was able to add to wallet again but then had to rejoin queue at turnstiles. Just about got in for kick off but there was still massive crowds outside the Kop
  11. GR10 LFC

    Nike deal

    Fit me ok! TBH, they're not as skin tight as the photos look. As I said, only bought them for running in colder weather - cheaper than going out and buying from elsewhere!
  12. GR10 LFC

    Nike deal

    I just ordered a tracksuit from there the other week. Tracking showed it leaving China on Monday 9th. Got a text and email from Royal Mail on Friday afternoon (20th) that it had cleared customs and it was delivered Saturday morning. Excellent quality for £20 - will do me for running in the winter.
  13. GR10 LFC

    Last Man Standing competition

    67 confirmed entries so far, so a prize pot of at least £335 for this game. Deadline is 7pm if anyone thinking about it......
  14. If anyone is interested, I have been running a Last Man Standing competition for the past couple of seasons. For those that haven’t played before – you need to pick a team that you think will win their game that weekend – they win and you go through, draw or lose and you are out. Rinse and repeat for subsequent rounds until the last person is standing and takes the prize pot – you cant pick the same team twice. Full rules can be viewed here. Ran 5 games of this last season, with an average of 81 players and an average prize of £461. Entry is £5 (will provide payment details upon entry) and you must send me an email by 7pm on Friday 13th August (an hour before the first game kicks off) with your selection for Round 1. First four sets of fixtures below, to let you plan ahead (you only need to let me know Round 1 to start with though!). ROUND 1 Friday 13 August 2021 Brentford 20:00 Arsenal Saturday 14 August 2021 Man Utd 12:30 Leeds Burnley 15:00 Brighton Chelsea 15:00 Crystal Palace Everton 15:00 Southampton Leicester 15:00 Wolves Watford 15:00 Aston Villa Norwich 17:30 Liverpool Sunday 15 August 2021 Newcastle 14:00 West Ham Spurs 16:30 Man City ROUND 2 Saturday 21 August 2021 Liverpool 12:30 Burnley Aston Villa 15:00 Newcastle Crystal Palace 15:00 Brentford Leeds 15:00 Everton Man City 15:00 Norwich Brighton 17:30 Watford Sunday 22 August 2021 Southampton 14:00 Man Utd Wolves 14:00 Spurs Arsenal 16:30 Chelsea Monday 23 August 2021 West Ham 20:00 Leicester ROUND 3 Saturday 28 August 2021 Man City 12:30 Arsenal Aston Villa 15:00 Brentford Brighton 15:00 Everton Newcastle 15:00 Southampton Norwich 15:00 Leicester West Ham 15:00 Crystal Palace Liverpool 17:30 Chelsea Sunday 29 August 2021 Burnley 14:00 Leeds Spurs 14:00 Watford Wolves 16:30 Man Utd ROUND 4 Saturday 11 September 2021 Crystal Palace 12:30 Spurs Arsenal 15:00 Norwich Brentford 15:00 Brighton Leicester 15:00 Man City Man Utd 15:00 Newcastle Southampton 15:00 West Ham Watford 15:00 Wolves Chelsea 17:30 Aston Villa Sunday 12 September 2021 Leeds 16:30 Liverpool Monday 13 September 2021 Everton 20:00 Burnley
  15. GR10 LFC

    The world of a woman.

    I know - we saw the funny side, eventually!