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  1. GR10 LFC


    Thanks. Only really got into it last year through lockdown, a way to get out of the house as I have been working from home since last March and Croxteth Park is on our doorstep. Become a bit of an obsession now (according to the family!) but feel so much better for it (physically and mentally) - today was day 160 of my current running streak.
  2. GR10 LFC

    Nike deal

    Looks the same shade as the trim on the home shirt
  3. GR10 LFC

    Nike deal

    Without me trawling back, cant be sure https://www.dhgate.com/store/21440267 added pics, these are a medium
  4. GR10 LFC

    Nike deal

    I had the new home and away shirts arrive yesterday - took just over two weeks. Both a good fit and seem a decent quality. Just hope the away shirt ends up being the one that actually gets released!
  5. GR10 LFC


    Chuffed - in this heat - to get home from my lunch run to have Strava tell me I had registered my 10km PB today - 49:25
  6. GR10 LFC

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    A matter of mine had a dog and called it Torres. He was fortunate when he left that the dog responded to Suarez. No such luck when he left though…..
  7. GR10 LFC


    I got into running last year at the start of lockdown. I have bought three pairs from sportshoes.com over the past 12 months (and due another pair soon - been dropping hints for fathers day). Can get some decent prices on there and have been quick deliveries. I have had a pair of ASICS Gel Excite 5 and Under Armour Surge 2. Also have a pair of ASICS Gel Sonoma 4 which were waterproof as local park had lots of mud/puddles over winter.
  8. Out Saturday afternoon for some drinks in town. Anyone know any pubs that will show the Brighton game?
  9. Cheers for the heads up. Already had a family account and just ordered my speaker.
  10. GR10 LFC

    The IPTV Thread

    Has anyone been able to run IPTV from an Amazon tablet? I run on a Firestick for main use of IPTV and have also used apps on iPhone and iPad. Bought an Amazon Fire HD 10 last week, can install the apps but can't seem to get them to connect.
  11. GR10 LFC


    Posted in the local crime group... First tip about locking cars is genius, can't believe I'd never thought of that before. As for the second tip, think I'll pass.....
  12. GR10 LFC

    Russia World Cup 18

    Same as Kane's goal from Lovren's touch last season
  13. GR10 LFC

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Yep. Don't know what made me pick it on Terrarium (kids are grown up), just something to kill a bit of time but loved every minute of it.