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  1. GR10 LFC


    My lad managed to get two from it. Made up for him
  2. GR10 LFC


    This. My lad and his mate use our season tickets now - they both did AC and Villareal away this season (his mate did Inter away as well). They have been to countless domestic aways this season (in fact his mate has done every domestic game so far this season). The only away tickets they managed to get via the ST's were Preston. Needless to say they were unsuccessful in the ballot (for both tomorrow and Paris). I said exactly the same as you yesterday to my lad - there has to be a way for the people who attend to get the actual credit. The closed shop for away tickets is a joke.
  3. GR10 LFC

    John Barnes...

    That may well explain why I saw Harry Kewell sat in the same place a couple of games ago then!
  4. GR10 LFC

    Nike deal

    Still got the one I got for my 21st from my workmates at the time
  5. Went up to Anfield this morning to pay my respects to the 97. Reading the names and ages on the memorial, it struck me that only 3 of them are older than me now. I’m 52 later this year and I think that really struck me more than ever how young most of them were.
  6. Any chance of a gif of Mortons booking to include the onscreen time? Had a fiver @ 40/1 for corner, goal and booking before 9:59. I thought it was about 9:57 for booking but FlashScore showing 11 min and I’ve not been settled
  7. GR10 LFC

    Last Man Standing competition

    Starting the 3rd game of the season this weekend after the previous game was won last weekend (£535 prize from 107 players). A few from ton here have entered previous games (but not won it - yet!) Entry is £5 – all monies go into the prize pot. If you need payment details, let me know. Deadline for entries for Game 3 is 7pm on Friday 26th November. First five rounds are detailed below to help you plan ahead (you only need to submit for Round 1 for now!). There are two midweek rounds in December so be prepared for a quick turnaround between some of the rounds!! Send your entry for round 1 before the deadline to me by email. Full rules can be viewed here. ROUND 1 Saturday 27 November 2021 Arsenal 12:30 Newcastle Crystal Palace 15:00 Aston Villa Liverpool 15:00 Southampton Norwich 15:00 Wolves Brighton 17:30 Leeds Sunday 28 November 2021 Brentford 14:00 Everton Burnley 14:00 Spurs Leicester 14:00 Watford Man City 14:00 West Ham Chelsea 16:30 Man Utd ROUND 2 Tuesday 30 November 2021 Newcastle 19:30 Norwich Leeds 20:15 Crystal Palace Wednesday 1 December 2021 Southampton 19:30 Leicester Watford 19:30 Chelsea West Ham 19:30 Brighton Wolves 19:30 Burnley Aston Villa 20:15 Man City Everton 20:15 Liverpool Thursday 2 December 2021 Spurs 19:30 Brentford Man Utd 20:15 Arsenal ROUND 3 Saturday 4 December 2021 West Ham 12:30 Chelsea Newcastle 15:00 Burnley Southampton 15:00 Brighton Wolves 15:00 Liverpool Watford 17:30 Man City Sunday 5 December 2021 Leeds 14:00 Brentford Man Utd 14:00 Crystal Palace Spurs 14:00 Norwich Aston Villa 16:30 Leicester Monday 6 December 2021 Everton 20:00 Arsenal ROUND 4 Friday 10 December 2021 Brentford 20:00 Watford Saturday 11 December 2021 Man City 12:30 Wolves Arsenal 15:00 Southampton Chelsea 15:00 Leeds Liverpool 15:00 Aston Villa Norwich 17:30 Man Utd Sunday 12 December 2021 Brighton 14:00 Spurs Burnley 14:00 West Ham Leicester 14:00 Newcastle Crystal Palace 16:30 Everton ROUND 15 Tuesday 14 December 2021 Brentford 19:30 Man Utd Norwich 19:45 Aston Villa Man City 20:00 Leeds Wednesday 15 December 2021 Brighton 19:30 Wolves Burnley 19:30 Watford Crystal Palace 19:30 Southampton Arsenal 20:00 West Ham Thursday 16 December 2021 Leicester 19:30 Spurs Chelsea 19:45 Everton Liverpool 20:00 Newcastle
  8. GR10 LFC

    Please watch and donate if you can

    I watched this last night and thought all five of them were so inspirational - a very moving programme that prompted me to make a donation during the show. Well done to your niece and the rest of them and agree with your comment above about Matt Baker - he was brilliant with all of them, making sure they each took in the credit from their own communities.
  9. GR10 LFC

    Tribute Bands

    Seen a couple of Genesis tribute bands - all excellent (Visible Touch, Mama, The Carpet Crawlers and The Watch). Great way to keep the music alive (even though the real thing came out of retirement this year anyway!). Musically all four of the bands are superb and they generally have a theme to the show - The Watch only does Gabriel era. Also seen Stillmarillion a couple of times who only do Fish-era Marillion.
  10. GR10 LFC

    What's the story behind your username?

    He did one for the other lad I work with - City fan - of David Silva which was just as good. A very talented guy and wasted in IT!
  11. GR10 LFC

    What's the story behind your username?

    I have this in front of me in my home office. I work in IT and we have a regular turnover of staff from India coming onshore. One of them is a talented artist and drew this himself and gave it to me as a farewell gift. I love it.
  12. GR10 LFC

    What's the story behind your username?

    Grio is a nickname derived from my surname. In the early days of internet and signing up for forums, etc it had to be 6 letters long so I just appended it with LFC. Then in 2010 my missus bought me a personalised car reg based on that - GR10 LFC
  13. GR10 LFC

    The Beatles

    Saw some vintage cars and a film crew outside Croxteth Hall on my run the other day. Turns out they were filming for a new movie called The Midas Man, about the life of Brian Epstein.
  14. GR10 LFC


    Its on Sky Atlantic at 2am & 9pm next Monday (19th). Already set the series link on my Sky box.
  15. GR10 LFC

    Last Man Standing competition

    The current game of Last Man Standing that I am running is drawing to a conclusion. 102 players joined the first game of the season - now down to the last three players with a prize pot of £510 to be won. If anyone is interested, I will be starting Game 2 of the season with the round of games after the international break. First four sets of fixtures are below - you only need to initially pick for Round 1. Basic rules are that you need to pick a team you think will win their game - win and you go through to next round, draw or lose and you go out. You can't pick the same team more than once - winner of the prize pot is the Last Man Standing. Full rules can be viewed here. Current game is now upto Round 8. Entry is £5 - all monies go into the prize pot. Payment details on request . Deadline for entries for Game 2 is 7pm on Friday 15th October. Drop me an email if you want to take part with your selection for Round 1. ROUND 1 Saturday 16 October 2021 Watford 12:30 Liverpool Aston Villa 15:00 Wolves Leicester 15:00 Man Utd Man City 15:00 Burnley Norwich 15:00 Brighton Southampton 15:00 Leeds Brentford 17:30 Chelsea Sunday 17 October 2021 Everton 14:00 West Ham Newcastle 16:30 Spurs Monday 18 October 2021 Arsenal 20:00 Crystal Palace ROUND 2 Friday 22 October 2021 Arsenal 20:00 Aston Villa Saturday 23 October 2021 Chelsea 12:30 Norwich Crystal Palace 15:00 Newcastle Everton 15:00 Watford Leeds 15:00 Wolves Southampton 15:00 Burnley Brighton 17:30 Man City Sunday 24 October 2021 Brentford 14:00 Leicester West Ham 14:00 Spurs Man Utd 16:30 Liverpool ROUND 3 Saturday 30 October 2021 Leicester 12:30 Arsenal Burnley 15:00 Brentford Liverpool 15:00 Brighton Man City 15:00 Crystal Palace Newcastle 15:00 Chelsea Watford 15:00 Southampton Spurs 17:30 Man Utd Sunday 31 October 2021 Norwich 14:00 Leeds Aston Villa 16:30 West Ham Monday 1 November 2021 Wolves 20:00 Everton ROUND 4 Friday 5 November 2021 Southampton 20:00 Aston Villa Saturday 6 November 2021 Man Utd 12:30 Man City Brentford 15:00 Norwich Chelsea 15:00 Burnley Crystal Palace 15:00 Wolves Brighton 17:30 Newcastle Sunday 7 November 2021 Arsenal 14:00 Watford Everton 14:00 Spurs Leeds 14:00 Leicester West Ham 16:30 Liverpool