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  1. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 3 Leicester City 0 (Nov 22 2020)

    excruciating press conferences i can agree, but abject football i'm afraid i'll have to disagree with you there, some of our attacking football under rodgers was the best we'd seen for years
  2. rhylerpudlian

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 8 2020)

    para 20, this isnt football it's shit....etc... the nameless busy bastards have taken a great sport and made it almost unwatchable, Dave you've summed it up perfectly exactly how i feel about the game we all love, even if they change things they'll probably fuck it up again and confuse us even more
  3. rhylerpudlian

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 31 - Nov 2 2020)

    nope, it's called baldism, similar to neverton being top of the league, hair today gone tomorrow
  4. rhylerpudlian

    Atalanta 0 Liverpool 5 (Nov 3 2020)

    i agree with you dave jota motm but more importantly what did yer mam think of him, i think jurgen more likely to take notice of her than you, no offence like
  5. rhylerpudlian

    Opposition View: Leeds United

    the first game i went to on my own, my father on the kop, me in the boys pen, 26 august 1961, liverpool 5 leeds united 0 roger hunt hat-trick, will settle for a similar score on saturday and hopefully a sadio hat-trick, and this arl arse who was 10 then will have to settle for cheering the reds on from the pub this time ynwa
  6. dave, how much of our turnover is used to finance the boston red sox, is that one of the reasons we dont appear to have a pot to piss in, there seems to be some truth in the rumour that gini could be going to barcelona, but surely we cant let him go for 18m, we've screwed them once before with the coutinho fee i want to screw them again for at least 35m if we sell gini
  7. rhylerpudlian

    Featured: That was the week that was (Aug 4-10 2020)

    i don't know if it's true, but i believe the penalty spot has been named utd's player of the season
  8. kinell dave, wondering where the times gone since you've turned forty, wait til you become an arl arse like me turned 69 thats the time to start wondering where the times gone, i've suddenly realised times not on my side anymore and if we dont win the league this year i may never see them win it again , unless we sign mbappe of course and then we'd win it every fuckin' year
  9. rhylerpudlian

    Featured: That was the week that was (May 5-11 2020)

    souness would definitely walk into this team dave, fabulous player fantastic captain too, just a shame his legacy was tarnished by his article in the s*n and also not one of the best managers we've ever had, but still a liverpool legend to me and i'm sure plenty of other reds fans feel the same way too
  10. rhylerpudlian

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019 (Results)

    grew up watching peter thompson from the boys pen in the 60's, still one of my favourite liverpool players of all time, would love him to be included
  11. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    keep up the good work dave, and i'll keep up my subscription
  12. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    sat here with a lump in my trousers and tears in my eyes, i've gone all very emotional reading your excellent report dave, i'll be singing my favourite hymn on sunday, "all things brighton beautiful" c'mon you redmen ynwa
  13. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 4 Newcastle Utd 0 (Dec 26 2018)

    i guess i'll never read the comment " my boy joselu " anytime soon then dave
  14. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 3 Manchester United 1 (Dec 16 2018)

    might be a good idea just to send shaqiri up for all corners and free kicks
  15. rhylerpudlian

    Bournemouth 0 Liverpool 4 (Dec 8 2018)

    Dave, you say we can wipe out our goal difference against one of the shite teams, well theres one rolling up at anfield on sunday, so cant think of a better time to do it then, cant fkn wait