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  1. rhylerpudlian

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2019 (Results)

    grew up watching peter thompson from the boys pen in the 60's, still one of my favourite liverpool players of all time, would love him to be included
  2. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    keep up the good work dave, and i'll keep up my subscription
  3. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    sat here with a lump in my trousers and tears in my eyes, i've gone all very emotional reading your excellent report dave, i'll be singing my favourite hymn on sunday, "all things brighton beautiful" c'mon you redmen ynwa
  4. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 4 Newcastle Utd 0 (Dec 26 2018)

    i guess i'll never read the comment " my boy joselu " anytime soon then dave
  5. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 3 Manchester United 1 (Dec 16 2018)

    might be a good idea just to send shaqiri up for all corners and free kicks
  6. rhylerpudlian

    Bournemouth 0 Liverpool 4 (Dec 8 2018)

    Dave, you say we can wipe out our goal difference against one of the shite teams, well theres one rolling up at anfield on sunday, so cant think of a better time to do it then, cant fkn wait
  7. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 1 Everton 0 (Dec 2 2018)

    at least karius managed to play in a champions league final, something pickford will never ever do even if he plays for the BS for the next 20 years
  8. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 1 Everton 0 (Dec 2 2018)

    you " almost feel sorry for their fans ,almost." i think you you need to go and have a lie down dave, thats not at all like you,would you feel the same if it happened against MANUre and their fans, of course not, so stop it, i prefer it when you're mister mean and nasty thats what i pay my subscription for, otherwise great report dave
  9. rhylerpudlian

    PSG 2 Liverpool 1 (Nov 28 2018)

    and after all the diving playacting and cheating by that prick neymar,to see alisson giving him a big hug and smile at the end of the game really pissed me off, i know they're international teammates but i'd preferred it if he'd told him to eff off or even better chinned him
  10. rhylerpudlian

    Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 3 2018)

    chris bascombe todays daily telegraph," alisson looking suspiciously karius-esque in his failure to deal with an ambitious strike from distance", i hope he goes on to be a fantastic keeper for us but i have my doubts
  11. rhylerpudlian

    Arsenal 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 3 2018)

    in your report dave you said alisson looked ropey, i know i'm probably the only one who thinks this and people will think i'm friggin bonkers, but i think alisson IS ropey he makes me nervous i cant put my finger on the reason why, i just dont have complete faith in him i really hope he proves me wrong
  12. rhylerpudlian

    Liverpool 0 Man City 0 (Oct 7 2018)

    i'd leave the front three as it is for the next couple of games cardiff and huddersfield, give mane and mo a chance to bang in a couple of goals and hopefully restore a bit of confidence, if they cant do it against them then we have got problems up front
  13. rhylerpudlian

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 15 2018)

    the one thing that irritated me and no one else seems to have mentioned it is big virgil doing an impression of moreno and putting his hands behind his back and turning away as lamela scores i know i'm being picky but it does my fucking head in when i see them do that, harry kane the big slobbering goon, love it, your reports well worth the subscription dave keep em coming
  14. rhylerpudlian

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 10-12 2018)

    what about paddy berger and his alice band, but i'll forgive him the big girls blouse,because of that fantastic through ball to owen to win us the f.a cup after arsenal had played us off the park, couldn't imagine the likes of tommy smith or jimmy case wearing one though
  15. rhylerpudlian

    Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1 (Mar 10 2018)

    your comment about the team not responding well when the spotlight is on them and not being able to handle pressure is spot on, it's happened too many times recently, and tho i love the way we play i still dont trust them to win the really important/crucial big games