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Well done to last years winner I believe that this was spreadsheet king Woolster, however I can stand to be corrected.


If you haven’t played before please get involved. Rules listed below.


1. Each contestant much pick 10 celebrities who they think will die between 00:01, 16th January 2018 and 23:59 31st December 2018. Lists are final as of the starting time.


2. When the death has been confirmed, points will be awarded, and the people who had them chosen may choose a new celebrity for their list.


3. A celebrity is defined as a person who lives their life in the public domain. If we have not heard of them, then we can reject them. A good rule of thumb is if they have a Wikipedia page that you didn't just make.


4. Death row prisoners and people in public 'right to die' cases are not permitted.


5. There is a 48 hour cooling off period after a person is chosen, to make sure they haven't died in the last day.


6. Your picks can be any age at all. No minimum or maximum for the categories, but points will be awarded like this:

50+ - 10 points

35-49 - 20 points

-35 - 30 points


Please PM me your lists, and I will begin the spreadsheet. This stops people copying your lists. Once the game begins, I will post the lists here. When you're sending your lists in, please put in the categories of your entrants in order like this...


1. John 50+

2. Mike 50+

3. Steve 50+

4. Sam 50+

5. Arnold 50+

6. Peter 50+

7. David 35-49

8. Liam 35-49

9. Tom U35

10. Paul U35


Happy Celeb Deaths 2018!!

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1. Prince Phillip 50+

2. Courtney Stodden U35

3. Leah Bracknell 50+

4. Burt Reynolds 50+

5. Bobby Charlton 50+

6. Jimmy Greaves 50+

7. Jack Maynard U35

8. Rolf Harris 50+

9. Gazza 50+

10. Judi Dench 50+

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I can't get the forum to allow the images from Imgur. Sorry lads, tried every different way that would normally work. 



You'll have to believe me.


1st place goes to Woolster on  70 points.


Joint second are Babb'sburstnad, Littedwest and Megadriveman on 50 points.


3rd place. Pistonbroke on 40 points. 

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Ahh, went to the old thread before seeing this one


I can't see the posted pics from work, but I think I should have 90 points. I've got you on 70 points Babb's.


I asked on the other thread if there are any other multiple winners, also now wondering if anyone knows the top score?

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Apologies, I had updated the spreadsheets fully weeks back but forgot to add them to imagur so ended up posting the older ones. 


Here are the final tables. 



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