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  1. Carradona

    Serious Incident in Sheffield.

    What actually happened?
  2. Carradona

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    She's gone, get over it.
  3. Carradona

    The Virtues

    Superb second episode. I loved the kitchen table scene with the kids and their brutally honest questions. Have to assume it's going to take a really dark turn next week involving that strange man on the building site.
  4. Carradona

    These gourmet burger joints.

    Bunsen in Dublin is awesome. Pablos in Belfast is really good. But not a patch on my own burgers:
  5. Carradona

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    I'm devastated Greyworm is still alive. Miserable, dickless cunt.
  6. Carradona

    Liverpool 4 Barcelona 0 (May 7 2019)

    Ask the Pope what he thinks of this team and I expect his response will be “yeah they’re fuckin’ boss aren’t they?”. Bet he prefers that young Ajax team more though.
  7. Carradona

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Didn't know there was a Starbucks in Winterfell.
  8. He shouldn't be anywhere near a dating website!
  9. Anyone know where our fans might gather before our game tomorrow?
  10. Belfast International Airport £9.99 No toast No tea/coffee Absolutely shite: -1/10
  11. Carradona

    Bloody Sunday Trial

    Horrible, corrupt bastards.
  12. Carradona

    Your alternative Sport top 5

    Gaelic Football Hurling Golf NBA Basketball NFL If you don't know what hurling is, make a point in your life of going to a live game.
  13. Carradona

    Favourite Spielberg Film

    Hook is my favourite film of all time, I'll stop on it 100 times out of 100 if I see it's on the TV.