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  1. Carradona


    Haha, "the first post op shite"...that brings back some very uncomfortable memories of pushing out what seemed like a toddler-sized turd!
  2. Carradona


    I don't post as regularly as I used to so I'm not familiar with KMD. But please let him know that if he or his wife needs anyone to talk to or to share experiences, give me a DM on here and I'll share my phone number. I gave my dad a kidney seven years ago and thankfully it has been a roaring success. Wishing them all the best!
  3. Carradona

    Least favourite Religion?

    The ones who march with an orange thing round their necks.
  4. Used to live next door to this and probably spent 35% of any given week in the Dugout basement bar.
  5. Carradona

    Racism in Southern America..

    The video is incredible. How has he not been assassinated yet?
  6. Carradona


    Gove's been on LBC this morning to say that he too has driven to test his eyesight. This is just absurd and Britain can get fucked for voting these cunts in.
  7. Carradona


    And now as my parting gift, I'm going to hang myself off this lovely tree.
  8. Really into Normal People. I can't give you one negative thought about it.
  9. Carradona

    The NBA thread

    That Rodman/Electra story wasn't told very well in the documentary. Jordan didnt go to Vegas and get Rodman...Rodman and Electra had already returned by that time and Jordan went to Rodman's apartment to get him. Rodman showed up to practice in his pyjama bottoms.