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  1. Does starvation often cause you to be naked when you die?
  2. redheart

    Upcoming Films

    That Banana Splits movie is already on the torrents sites
  3. redheart

    Alison Brie is sublime.

    Actually she was much nicer in Community when she had not lost so much weight
  4. Orange is the New Black Series 7. A superb piece of television which was consistently excellent. 9.5/10
  5. redheart

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Godzilla King of Monsters...so bad it makes Kong : Skull Island look like Jaws. Fuck me it was a waste of time. No plot. No real dialogue. No acting. Poor CGI. I wanted the three headed monster to win 0.5/10
  6. redheart

    Stranger Things

    For me Alien 3 is better than Aliens. Its more in keeping with Alien. All T films after 2 are utter shite and the same for Alien films after Alien 3
  7. When the Screaming Stops? I never stopped screaming with laughter. 10/10 from me
  8. redheart

    Top Gun

    I dont have to watch gay porn to know that I wont like it. Each to his own. You enjoy your bottie bandit stuff
  9. redheart

    Top Gun

    Never seen Top Gun and I never will. It looked shit then and even worse now
  10. redheart

    Rate the last film you watched...

    You want everything from the book in the film do you?
  11. redheart

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Pennywise in the TV Miniseries was a lot scarier than the 2017 movie