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  1. Black Summer. All rather good after 4 episodes. One point. Can no fucker learn to shut a door. When being chased by a zombie shut or lock doors behind you it will stop them trying to get you. No fucker in this has figured this out. Also just beat the shit out of those annoying kids
  2. redheart

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I am happy they won. The more competitive they are for top 4 when they play City the better
  3. redheart

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    You are assuming that a bunch of Brazilians, Dutch and Africans have the same effinity with the club that the fans do
  4. redheart

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    I predict 4-3 to the Redmen. In reality we will lose 1-2
  5. redheart

    Worst British Sitcom Ever?

    Birds of a Feather Allo Allo
  6. redheart

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    You seem not to have copied across my list and you cannot receive messages so here is my list Clive James Nobby Stiles George Alagiah Robert Mugabe Kamala Kirk Douglas Leah Bracknell Linda Nolan Valerie Harper Herman Wouk
  7. redheart

    The McCanns...

    Wow thanks for that Columbo. Case solved. There is no way that you are a solicitor. You might solicit down the docks but that's about it
  8. redheart

    The McCanns...

    Good lord is that the best that you can do. DNA samples in the apartment, in the car and on items connected with Kate (e.g. cuddle cat); Even if DNA samples were in the car and other items it can be transferred indirectly. Thus cuddle your child and then pick up a teddy bear of take something out of the book of a car and it can get transferred. Cadaver odour Even those who accept the reliability of this make it clear they cannot detect who died or when. Indeed they accept that cadaver smells can last for decades. There are few houses/apartments etc which have not seen a death in them. These smells can also be transferred along with furniture from other buildings where someone has died. Changes of the McCanns story (e.g. from forced entry through the window shutters to walking through unlocked doors); FFS. They were being asked in a moment of blind terror and shock. You leap to a range of conclusions. Ask any parent who has lost sight of their child for even a minute in the supermarket. You suddenly panic and think everyone in their is a potential abductor. Behaviour of the McCanns (Kate refusing to answer questions under police caution, no physical search for Madeleine by the McCanns, refusing to take part in a police reconstruction, Kate washing cuddle cat before the dogs arrived All this amounts to nothing. BY the time they were being interviewed they could have felt let down by shitty police, and now being railroaded by vested interests. They had declared them suspects so why answer? A physical search? Where? Their child had vanished and it leads to blind panic. Inconsistent statements of the McCanns' friends; Jeez. Everyone knows that eye witness testimony is unreliable. And the inconsistent statements are about minor things that you do not pay that much attention to at the time (such as how frequently the apartments were checked on, what times, by whom) especially when out dining with a group and drinking. So to latch on these types of minor inconsistences is simply nonsense. Staged crime scene; What on earth does this even mean? It is not evidence it is a conclusion and one without any justification offered. Lack of evidence Madeleine was alive from Sunday 29th April onwards (no photos, no corroborated sightings) Oh do kindly fuck off. Not everyone takes lots of pictures at all times etc. No evidence she was alive etc. Simply nonsense. There is no significant evidence that the McCanns did it. The most likely answer is an opportunistic paedophile struck lucky when he realised how shitty the parents were, he took here and did what they do and disposed of the body.
  9. redheart

    More fucking omens

    In 2005 Ken and Deirdre Barlow got married and we won the European Cup. In 1981 Ken and Deirdre Barlow got married and we won the European Cup, the League Title and the League Cup. In 1977 Ken finger banged Deirdre in the ginnel behind the Rovers Return we won the European Cup and the League Title (and lost in the final of the FA Cup). 2019 Deirdre is dead and has been for four years. Make of that what you will
  10. redheart

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    Has my list been copied across for this year?
  11. Not worried in the slightest. He is tactically naive and has no record of creating a team etc. Its a desperate move. The last three appointments have been garbage and they are harking bark to a glory era. Never ends well