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  1. redheart

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Yep....this stinks.... FFP is now dead. I hope that the big clubs or Europe (not the dodgy ones owned by nations) now decide on a breakaway European League or Cup and refuse to invite City or PSG
  2. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Yeah concentrate on the typos and not the main issue
  3. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    They dont do the same thing when talking about men and prostrate cancer though do they? They don't say those with a prostrate...they say men....why?
  4. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Also the approach taken by Stonewall etc legitimises Gay Conversion therapy. How? Simples. Their approach is that it is transphobic for a lesbian not to see a M2F trans as a legitimate sexual partner. If a man states that they are a woman then they should be seen as such and lesbians should see them as a legitimate sexual partner despite having a penis and looking like a man (with all male characteristics). Naturally some lesbians see this as wrong and that sexual organs are part of the sexual attraction (i.e. they like vaginas and not cocks). The response from Stonewall is that they are fetishizing penises and that the penis is a ladycock if the owner of it self identifies as female and the lesbian is transphobic and if they do not accept this as a valid sexual partner. They call it the cotton ceiling. What they are essentially saying is that lesbians can condition themselves to liking cock and not vagina. For years Stonewall and other LGBTQ organisations fought for the idea that sexuality is innate and was a product of nature and not nurture. Thus people were born gay and hence being gay was natural (of nature). That was sexual orientation (not preference) was declared a protected characteristic. Now because few men want to declare themselves female and/or female lesbians then Stonewall etc face the bizarre situation of stating that sexual attraction is not based upon physicality (including sexual organs) but is based upon gender ie how people identify or feel inside. Thus a lesbian should get over the physical appearance of a M2F man and overcome hangups and learn to love cock and that this can be achieved. If they shed the trappings of society lesbians can learn to enjoy a ladycock. Also a gay male can learn to love a manvagina. That being the case then the logical conclusion is that those gay conversion therapy camps are valid and effective. Why? Gay men can be taught to love vaginas and gay women can be taught to love cock. Stonewall etc are really getting themselves into a real mess for the benefit of a few self-entitled men who want to steamroller over all womens rights
  5. redheart

    Free BT Pass for Liverpool v Burnley

    Sorry sent to someone who pm'ed me
  6. I have been sent a free pass code for the Liverpool v Burnley match on BT Sport today. I already have BT sport so I do not need it. Would anyone like it?
  7. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Its not just about men pretending to be women. Its the following 1:The number of men who claim to be women because they apparently feel like one. 2:The impact that this has on women's rights 3:The impact that this has on all women's spaces. 4:The impact that this has on the concept of a woman. Thus the tendency to write about those who menstruate rather than use the word woman. This is not done to men. 5:Despite the fact that statistically there would appear to be many more F2M trans than M2F if you look at all social media and public debate it would all seem to be about M2F trans and women must accommodate this small group regardless of the impact upon women, 5:It is about feminist scholars being physically threatened and abused by a bunch of men (who feel like women) when giving papers are various universities. 6:It is about trying to close down any debate or discussion with cries of transphobia because someone said something that a transactivist doesnt like 7:it is about protecting underage children from being rushed into surgical intervention, or puberty blockers and hormone treatments which can lead to life changing activities at the age of 14 or so. 8:It is about debunking cranks like mermaids and their garbage which is being given unfettered access to children and schools. It is about this and so much more and not just a few pervs pretending to be women
  8. redheart

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    So farewell then Wor Jackie Jackie Charlton died adged 86
  9. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Rico is correct. The Brazilian model has transitioned etc. There is a clear case of gender dysphoria here. This is clearly different from some 25 year old bloke, who looks like a bloke, has stubble but wears girls shoes and claims that makes them a lesbian with a ladycock
  10. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    This summaries matters very nicely for gay females who are increasingly oppressed and abused by Stonewall etc
  11. redheart

    Cancel Culture

    When I did robe? What does that mean. Also I was not insulting transexuals. I was dismissive of men who claim that the concept of a woman is merely an ephemeral feeling and that a cock is a lady cock. Big difference
  12. redheart

    Cancel Culture

    No she does not. She just stands up for the hard won rights of women against those with hairy balls who believe that they should have all the rights of a woman because inside they feel like a lesbian
  13. I thought that the whole thing was superb 9.5/10. Actually objectifying Cate Blanchett is what Phyllis Schlafly would have wanted.
  14. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Gender is not protected under the EA 2010. Gender Reassignment is. So you need to be more than identifying as transgender. You need a GRC which is at least something of a hurdle and a barrier
  15. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Thats nonsense. The right to self identify as a woman and be given all the rights of a woman is not just about safeguarding. Its about protecting hard fought womens rights and women's spaces. So it affects every single woman. One example Eddie Izzard always said he was a TV. He is a man who enjoys dressing as a woman. Now he claims he is transgender and hence is identifying as a woman. Thus he demands to be treated as a woman to be fast tracked to a seat as a Labour MP reserved for women. How is this not taking anything away from a woman?