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  1. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Actually they are. That is what transwomen are. They are born men, say they feel like and identify as a woman and hence expect us all to treat and accept them as women including putting them on all women short lists and giving them woman of the year awards.
  2. redheart

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Centre Backs

    Not enough love for Lawrenson in this. He was world class at his peak
  3. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    I disagree. Granting rights to group A which group B have fought long long and hard for and which are attached to that group does detract from group B. So women have fought long and hard to get access to male dominated professions. So some parties have initiated women only shortlists for choosing a candidate for a constituency. This is a right given to group B (women) which they have fought for so that we can change the perception and operation of certain professions so we can change cognitive bias and self-cloning of the profession. Women (group B) have fought long and hard for this. There will only be a certain number of opportunities linked to this. There are a finite number of spots available. Then group A (men who say they feel like a woman and hence are) now demand access to this. They demand to be put on all female short lists. This does remove rights and opportunities from group B. We need always remember formal rights (the rule which allows you to do something) and substantive rights (having the resource to do something) cannot be separated and the latter is determined by finite resources.
  4. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    A few points 1:A GRC does not give transwomen access to women only toilets. There are exceptions to the equality act 2:There is a legal requirement that employers have to provide women only toilets. Thus despite the dodgy advice of Stonewall that it is illegal to exclude transwomen from women only toilets it is nonsense. 3:Using the Gillick principle in relation to puberty blockers is a false equivalence. This related to children under the age of 16 being given the pill without the knowledge/consent of the parents. This does not have long term health consequences. However, Puberty Blockers do P.S Dave Chappelle was spot on in his latest Netflix special
  5. The new version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Truly awful. Unfunny and forced laughter. Daisy May Cooper apart from being physically repugnant is just weird. Is she nuts on or coke? Everytime somebody says anything she leaps of her chair and starts cackling like a witch A truly bizarre and pointless exercise
  6. redheart

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Whoa there bigot boy. Men dressing as women? What does dressing as a woman mean? The trans debate is now about some fat hairy dude dressed like a man, having hairy balls, a beard and a beer belly proclaiming that they feel like a women and hence we all have to treat them as such. There is no need to dress like a woman (whatever that means) to be trans. That is an old fashioned and trans intolerant approach to this matter.
  7. Just finished watching Superstore after someone on here watched it I had previously seen adverts for it and it was on one of the Sky channels so I assumed it would be shit Twas actually very good and at 6 series it did not over stay its welcome 7.787787878 out of 10
  8. redheart

    Nike deal

    Just how you like your women
  9. redheart

    Nike deal

    Some of that stuff is hideous unless you want to look like a street rat. The jumpers are so bad they even mad Allison look like a div rather than the cool, sexy bastid he is
  10. redheart

    Nike deal

    Its not the fashion police. Its the pointless bollox and ripping off the fans police
  11. redheart

    Nike deal

    If you are not a player then only c*** would buy one of those
  12. redheart

    Nike deal

    What is an Anthem Jacket?
  13. redheart

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    Helena Bonham Carter is amnesty material now
  14. redheart

    Manchester Arena Explosions?

    Legally that does not stack up