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  1. Champ

    Anyone ever run a pub?

    No response from my birthday thread... ...wondering how you’ve been managing, Mike. And any other small business
  2. Can’t be doing with scented candles. I’m not a proper girl at all
  3. Scented candles *heaves*
  4. Champ

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    Hidden depths
  5. Champ

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    Stranger! I haven’t seen you round these parts since I bumped into you at Old Trafford
  6. Champ

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    Thanks Mike. How are things with you?
  7. Champ

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    Thanks for all your good wishes. I’m having a fabulous birthday week in the Lake District. I’d not been away since February and thought I was ok with that but getting away has felt like such a treat. I’ll be back to rep everyone once I’ve been recharged
  8. Champ

    Walking / Hiking

    That was the plan but when we got to the traverse away from the path we couldn’t even see the climb so decided we’d just carry on to the top. It was such a shame that by the time we got down the cloud had completely cleared. Next time
  9. Champ

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    No way! You know me so well. I actually got a box of these. Thanks Tony
  10. Champ

    Walking / Hiking

    I’m told we got to the top of Pavey Ark
  11. Champ


    Always here. Love and best wishes to you both, VD
  12. To a point but the Halloween and Christmas I have always known have been big social events and I can’t see anything like that being possible in a fortnight or even however long it is til Christmas
  13. The almost daily emails from shops telling me to stock up for Halloween and Christmas. It’s bad enough in normal times but there isn’t going to be any Halloween or Christmas ffs
  14. Champ

    Fuck me, relationships are hard work sometimes

    Learned over the years that these things don’t always just fix themselves. All very good here thanks