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  1. Champ

    Things that go against equality for women

    Don’t I know it!
  2. Champ

    Things that go against equality for women

    The contents of my handbag
  3. Champ

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I realise that I have got a bit emotional over this whole sorry mess. We were away last week in beautiful affluent rural Leave voting North Yorkshire last week. I kept seeing all these nice, well-mannered older people and had to fight the irrational urge to let doors slam back in their faces (the irony is not lost on me)
  4. Champ

    Bread Thread

    Then ignore them. Life would be so much poorer without bread
  5. Champ

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    Out of rep already. I’ll be back for the rest of you
  6. Champ

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    Thank you John and everyone else for your all your lovely messages. I missed out on the bubbles and cake yesterday but plan to make up for that later on. I think I may be done with birthdays now. I am just too bloody old. It's freaking me out a bit
  7. Champ


    I’ve just sat and read the thread right through. They aren’t my stories but they are so affecting. It doesn’t feel like the time to respond to any of them individually but we say it time and again but putting these kinds of experiences down on here is one of the best things about this place. I picked up on those thoughts of wondering the purpose of putting some of those feelings down in print. I don’t know what you take from it but be sure that your thoughts and experiences are read by others and help in profound and long lasting ways as we all try to navigate the really big parts of our own lives. Thank you and much love to you all
  8. Champ

    Bread Thread

    S/he’s making it up. Go on, then, let’s have the explanation
  9. Champ

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    When I said Harrogate I meant Harlow Carr. I hope you weren’t on the way to the Convention Centre. I had a pink fondant fancy, since you asked, Tony, and my mum had a slice of curd tart. Both were excellent
  10. Champ

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    Betty’s in Harrogate in the morning, John Smith’s stadium in the evening. Social chameleon me
  11. Champ

    It’s Champ’s birthday today!

    Oh thank you all. Just arrived in Hoodezfield. C’mon you mighty reds
  12. Champ

    Happy Birthday Liverpool Lad

    Why did that come from? I never posted 2 messages!?!
  13. Champ

    Happy Birthday Liverpool Lad

    Happy Birthday Mark
  14. Champ

    Happy Birthday Liverpool Lad

    Happy Birthday Mark