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  1. The Specials are one of the few bands that never get old for me. I’d describe Pink Floyd as a bit earnest. I’m sure they’re a musicians’ musicians type but where’s the fun, the spontaneity?
  2. Blur. I’d never heard of OCS until lifetime fan mentioned them on here once
  3. Champ

    Are you a dunker?

    I like pink wafers a lot
  4. Champ

    Boris Johnson

    The accurate word is ‘wrong’
  5. Champ

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    And do people not believe you either?
  6. Champ

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    Seriously? I thought I was unique
  7. Champ

    Things I have been completely wrong about

    As late as February I didn’t ‘get’ what was coming our way with Covid-19. Since then I have turned the full 180° and now can’t ever see an end to it
  8. Champ

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    Great shout. I’ve no idea what cramp is
  9. Champ

    Are you a dunker?

    They’re all right in a cup of milk and a biscuit retro sort of way. It was these I was thinking about
  10. Champ

    Are you a dunker?

    More boring than a Rich Tea or one of those Shorties things? I’m not having that
  11. Champ

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    I’ve never had a pop tart or a pot noodle or a crispy pancake for that matter. I’ve never had a Nando’s. I’ve never seen a LOTR film or any comic based film although I’m told I should watch The Joker. I’ve never been to a music festival but kinda wish I had
  12. Champ

    Are you a dunker?

    In the most middle class post ever... I never dunk biscuits in tea but have been known to dip Italian biscuits in coffee
  13. Champ


    YNWA has to mean something