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  1. Champ

    Late night snacks

    You should be dead by now, Tony, the amount of shite you eat
  2. Yeah. Why does it do that?
  3. Champ

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Yeah. I still have no idea what Stig’s link was...as I chose not to open it. No-one had any choice about seeing the massive image you posted. That’s my point
  4. Champ

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    When? Where? Really?
  5. Champ

    Small pleasures?

    Millionaire’s Dribble cake? Someone came up with that name for a laugh and got away with it, didn’t they?
  6. Champ

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    I do my best but I can’t police every single thread on here. I react to the ones that catch me out. I’m just saying...you know what I’m saying...
  7. Champ


    Bloody hell! We don’t even own a tablecloth
  8. Champ


    Ah well. I thought my detective skills had picked out another leftie
  9. Champ

    Small pleasures?

    Awww. They are good but the sad thing is my kids don’t like them very much. My mum brought the cake back for me. No way was anyone else getting any of that. I’m not that nice
  10. Champ

    Small pleasures?

    Betty’s of Harrogate’s fondant fancies. I want to move
  11. Champ


    Are you left handed?
  12. Champ

    How was your day?

    No! The baby, yer donut
  13. Champ

    Granby Street Project Winter Garden

    That's fabulous, Anubis. Thanks for sharing
  14. Champ

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Tags aRdja, please
  15. Champ

    How was your day?

    And your cyber chums, I might add. So when you’ve sobered up, details please... Thank you