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  1. Champ

    Annoying Americanisms

    If only, Johnny
  2. Champ

    Annoying Americanisms

    Oh, gawd, it’s another of those where there’s no tone of voice in script and things can easily be misinterpreted. Does it read any better if the ‘in’ is changed to ‘while’? I absolutely don’t mean that you/I should be trying to impose your/my views on someone else, rather that I would look to acknowledge the other person’s feelings as sensitively as I can in a way that doesn’t compromise my views either. In the same way that I have always tried to give honest but age appropriate explanations to my kids/any kids about all kinds of difficult things...Father Christmas and the tooth fairy excepted
  3. Champ

    Annoying Americanisms

    Maybe it’s a cultural thing. I can see ‘passed on’ having religious connotations. Those kind of euphemisms seem to have crept in here over recent years in a way that I don’t think is particularly healthy. Death is far too much of a taboo already and I don’t find expressions like that helpful in giving an honest account of our reality. There’s a sensitivity to be found in giving an honest account.
  4. Champ

    The world of a woman.

    It is as well
  5. Champ


    If only the answer was ‘yes.’
  6. Champ


    I used to respect him; not on this
  7. Champ


    My husband has worked a few shifts in what are called hub schools here, supervising key workers kids in groups no bigger than 6. He’s been taking them outside as much as possible but even then he says it been at nightmare at times. He’s struggling to see how it’d be possible to manage class sizes as big as they’ve been suggested for England
  8. Champ


    It’s a tiny sum it brought in in the scheme of things
  9. Champ


    I see they’ve exempted NHS staff from overseas from paying that appalling health care surcharge. Don’t anyone dare praise them for having done something which should never have been there in the first place
  10. I’ve no idea what they are but were you thinking about Forfar Bridies, Stig?
  11. Very much. I made some recently. Dead easy and a million times better than the mass produced stuff
  12. And yes I like marmalade. In fact I was hoping to go to Dalemain marmalade festival before Covid 19 put a stop to that. I’m a bit seasonal about it. I eat it on my toast through the winter, it’s also very good on Hot Cross Buns, but hardly touch the stuff when it’s warmer