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  1. Champ

    Peaky Blinders

    That’s awful. I’m more upset about her death than Prince Philip’s, I can tell you. She was gorgeous
  2. Champ

    Prince Philip...

    There are 700 troops involved in this ‘small family funeral.’ They do what they like
  3. Champ

    Birds (the animals)

    You haven’t seen a live badger? You see them quite often round here. We’re not far from an area of woodland and an old railway line, now a cycle path. There was one crossing the road when I was out the other night. I’ve seen them in the garden on the odd occasion too
  4. Champ

    Birds (the animals)

    I’ve never seen a live hedgehog. Did anyone else watch that Chris Packham programme the other night about the survey of the wildlife in a suburban street, which included a hedgehog in one of the gardens? It was a repeat, in fact I think I’m repeating myself here but it was really fascinating
  5. Champ

    Birds (the animals)

    I’m only looking to justify my own prejudices. So you think they’re acceptable and not a bit speciesist? We hate seagulls too. Is that ok?
  6. Champ

    Birds (the animals)

    We had great drama a couple of weeks ago watching a sparrow hawk bring down a pigeon and tear off the bits it wanted before leaving the rest of it. Next morning the only remaining evidence were a few feathers
  7. Champ

    Line of Duty

    Am I being really dense but when they sprang Lakewell from prison why did they leave in convoy with all sirens blaring? They couldn’t have drawn more attention to themselves if they’d tried. This must be the point but I can’t fathom why
  8. Champ

    How does your garden grow?

    Every garden seems to have at least one rogue plant. We have one tricky bramble that I can never quite finish off but it’s the willow herb that creeps below the ground from our neighbours that really leaves me in despair
  9. Champ

    How does your garden grow?

    Have you got brambles? There doesn’t seem to be any reaching the whole of their roots
  10. Champ

    How does your garden grow?

    I may just have taken a bit longer to get there but I’m starting to get the love, neko. I’m making plans to give my garden some much needed structure but I’m a bit concerned about the impact on the wildlife in the garden moving from perennial based planting to more trees, shrubs and ferns
  11. Champ


    Before 07.00? What went on in their heads?
  12. Champ


    You ok hun? Expectation would be that you should have got off more lightly than first time round