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  1. Cool. I need something to fill the gap left by Line Of Duty. By the way, is anyone else in the universe apart from me watching Father Mother Son?
  2. He came across so well. I was amazed how 'undamaged' he appeared to be after all of his experiences
  3. Champ

    Line of Duty

    I feel cheated. I'm a loyal kind of person and I so wanted to like it but it's got an emporer's new clothes feel about it. Was no-one in its production brave enough to say it wasnt good enough?
  4. I don't think I have seen that. Do you know if its available online anywhere or would I have to buy a hard copy?
  5. Funny you should say that. We were having exactly the same conversation at work tonight
  6. Champ

    The Notre Dame

    Apologies. I wasn’t saying there is any difference. It just seems like another case of the rich managing to get even more out of the rest of us
  7. Champ

    The Notre Dame

    I imagine the wealth of the Catholic Church puts the Windsors in the shade
  8. Champ

    The Notre Dame

    Torching it or the donations? Was the place not insured?
  9. It did very much follow that pattern but what was also interesting was the film maker's perspective, examining the police officers' prejudices about Sutcliffe's victims and women in general, prejudices, it has to be said, that were shared by large sections of the media and society at that time
  10. It really was a fascinating watch. The levels of incompetence, prejudice and self satisfaction in the senior Police officers, all white men, seemingly all cut from the same cloth, was jaw dropping. It came back into my head yesterday thinking about the failings at Hillsborough. Neighbouring forces. They can't have been so different, can they?
  11. Champ

    Line of Duty

    07.48 min into Episode 3 and I think I'm done. The whole thing feels forced. I've always felt that the writing for the policing was far stronger than for the criminals, and with the amount of time being given to the gang in this series all credibility has been stretched beyond breaking point. The plot's ridiculous, the characters are unbelievable and I can't decide which is more wooden, the dialogue or the acting. Very definitely a series too far for me
  12. Champ

    Jose Enrique

    Jeez I hate these single name threads. Great news
  13. Champ

    The Foodie thread

    Then how can you not like Hot Cross Buns?