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  1. Champ


    Fur coat, nae knickers
  2. Champ

    Happy Birthday Anubis

    Was it your birthday @Anubis?
  3. Champ

    Happy Birthday Anubis

    Not too long now
  4. Was it your birthday yesterday, Anubis? I’m sure I read somewhere that it was and I was going to post a birthday thread for you and then I forgot. To one of the forum’s good eggs, Happy Birthday for yesterday (or whenever your birthday really is) x
  5. Champ

    The GF Parenting Thread

    Great minds... Edit ...and picking up on Turdseye’s point, does he yet go anywhere where there are not family members to look after him? Could he be doing that proper boy thing of being perfectly happy to let others do the work until he absolutely has to?
  6. Champ

    The GF Parenting Thread

    Arrived at this when you’ve already been given loads of reassurance and good advice. The only other thing that occurred to me is is his hearing ok?
  7. Very interesting reading G Richards’ old posts. I was surprised to see him appearing so sceptical. I wonder what his thoughts are now. I’m appalled and sickened by what we’re doing to our collective home and feel hugely pessimistic about the prospects of being able to reverse the damage we have done and continue to do to our planet...and the powerlessness to make any real difference
  8. Champ

    Harvey Elliott

    It blows my mind that a 16 year old could just turn up for his first appearance and put most of the 1st team to shame like he did yesterday
  9. Champ

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    I’m heading to Haymarket if anyone wants to say hello
  10. Champ

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    Is there are TLW meet up?
  11. Champ

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    It's a football specific ban
  12. Champ

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    Word to all coming from ‘over the border.’ Scottish licensing laws mean there will no alcohol served at Murrayfield, including in the Fanzone. It came as a shock to me
  13. Champ

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    There are Scouse voices on my bus. It’s weird