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  1. Champ

    Small pleasures?

    While listening to David Olusoga on Desert Island Discs
  2. When you start to get freaked by your kids’ ages
  3. Champ

    Booze Free Booze 0%

    Adding a lemonade top to 0% lagers is a game changer
  4. Champ

    Static Caravans

    And how much fuel do they use? Genuine question
  5. Champ

    Static Caravans

    I meant your own static caravan
  6. Champ

    Static Caravans

    What can I say? They’d be great if there weren’t any other people involved
  7. Champ

    Poverty in the UK

    Let alone the Covid transmission risk
  8. Champ

    Static Caravans

    You get no end of child protection referrals from the big caravan parks. Shit parents meeting up with other shit parents, getting pissed up, unable to look after their kids, getting into fights and arrested and then kid tells the Police they’ve been regularly abused there for years. I was speaking to a guy who has a caravan down on the border somewhere. Barely got there all last year due to travel restrictions, no reduction on his fees, and the one weekend they finally manage to get down there they’re turned away by the Police as there’s been a murder in one of the other vans and the place is a crime scene
  9. Champ

    Static Caravans

    Everything’s shitter when you think about it. They’re hugely expensive, then you’ve got the site fees (c £8000 pa) at one not far from us and then they’ll boot your van off after a few years to make way for newer models. And with all that money committed, how do you then feel about going somewhere different? Not a fan
  10. Champ

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    A plumbed in coffee machine would complete me
  11. Champ

    Favourite Bridges

    I’d certainly have more to add to a thread about built bridges. Edit. What he said
  12. Champ


    Some way less than the UK per head of population
  13. Champ

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    No! One of the highlights of our trips to the North West is watching him doing the weather. Maybe a little goes a long way
  14. Champ

    10 Best Pubs

    No place for The Centurion on Newcastle station, Mook?