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  1. Didn’t think these were still a thing until the attack in Russia. Cant imagine there’ll be too many volunteering to be the next ones to try after seeing the bastards who were caught the other week being fed their own ears or having their ball bags wired up to the mains.
  2. In a way I hope they cling on this season. Then be completely financially broken and have to sell anyone worth a carrot in the summer and spend all next season getting bummed senseless without being able to moan it was deductions that sent them down. Slags.
  3. Yeah - they do this scummy thing where they make it look like it’s on Amazon but really they mean via the TNT app. Bastards.
  4. The place is mental. I was stunned at what you can and can’t get away with there. It’s the maddest place I’ve ever been.
  5. He’s defo been told he’s been sacked and had some sort of breakdown. Like when he got sacked from England and had went mental. He was probably spitting feathers.
  6. Sadly Mascherano Alonso Torres Suarez in recent memory. I’d also say Emre Can has had a better career than if he’d stayed. Grabara too.
  7. Time to get the wind breakers up round this lad. What’s the point.
  8. Agree, people always start straight away with the rehabilitation stuff but I’m sure they’d have a different view it was their child who’d been stabbed to death for the entertainment of a pair of nut jobs. I’d be perfectly happy if they’d have been dragged out the back of the court and finished off with a pair of house bricks.
  9. The lad looks 26 not 16. Also looks like he works at CEX, surviving on energy drinks and rustlers burgers. Pair of ghouls.
  10. Probably a lunatic shout but could Trent be a right forward pinging the crosses in but without defensive duties? A bit like Gerrard years ago for a spell. Then if Salah goes he could step in without having to sign and unknown. ’Ducks down’
  11. It’s spreading, the stepsons’ under 12 rugby team are mostly sporting skin fades but with a perm on top. I’ve implored him not to join in as he’s already disadvantaged by being a ginger but I fear the advice isn’t hitting home.
  12. There’ll be a good succession plan in place. Klopp will have told them who’s genuinely the best man and there’ll have been no ego about it. I’m confident we’ll get / have got the right man. We’re very lucky that seemingly the elite level next manager is someone we’d love here.
  13. Apart from the facial hair he’s the complete spit of my lesbian niece.
  14. I’ve always thought it was a joke he was even given a job in management. Very good player but he’s obviously low intelligence and a bit of a skidmark of a person. Imagine being a player and having to follow the rules of someone with his track record.
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