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  1. Geoff Woade

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Is that Colonel Tom? Has anyone noticed that you’re as likely to see a baby pigeon as you are him without his medals on. He has got the greatest marketing team in history, I bet that granddaughter is one of several family members on 100k a year to administer the trust all that charity money is in.
  2. Geoff Woade

    Family Strife

    My exes family are a barrel of laughs. Her youngest brother is addicted to drugs and in debt to all kinds of wonderful characters. I think the most fun was when he gave them my exes details so they could try and get the money off her, what a great feeling that is getting to worry about them going round to where your kids live. He’s such a great bloke honestly, the time where he was about to get battered so picked up his 1 year old nephew to use as a human shield was straight out of the top drawer.
  3. Geoff Woade


    I should have worded it better. I don’t think they’re doing it to piss people off, I think they’re doing it because they don’t think people will stick to distancing in the same way it was assumed people wouldn’t do it during the league win celebrations.
  4. Geoff Woade


    To be completely fair some communities traditionally live with different generations in the same house through choice (like in Italy but nobody was mentioning racism when that was pointed out) Similarly, lots of people choose to live in digs with a lot of other people so they can save up, I used to work in the hotel industry and it was standard. Nothing wrong with it, just the way it is, I was on the same wages as others but had my own place, others prioritised wanting to spend on other things or save. It doesn’t always mean that people living in close proximity is due to racism and poverty, equally they shouldn’t be singled out as the cause and yes, it makes very easy targets for the racists. I do have a feeling that this latest lockdown is a thinly veiled attempt to disrupt Eid which is outrageous.
  5. Geoff Woade


    If you had Jeff money what would you spend it on? I’ve zero interest in hearing about donating to charity / paying taxes etc, that’s a given. What I want to know if full, childish selfishness of what you’d spend your days doing / buying. I’d be a walking cliche, mansions, supercars, yachts the size of cruise liners, private jets the size of A380’s to places all over the world, the best of everything, not giving fuck and doing exactly as I wanted. As much as it’s your duty to pay the taxes etc I also see it as it being your duty to get that money spent and into the economy. Ive seen him talk about space travel but fuck that, too risky, don’t get the fascination, I bet anyone who does go will be secretly bored after a few days.
  6. Geoff Woade

    Man City - the new bitters?

    He’s about 1 question from breaking into a full french accent there. What a quim. Ladder pulling twat.
  7. Geoff Woade


    This and other things do make me wonder what is considered a ‘good’ income in this country. I know we have data like minimum wage, supposed living wage, Uk average etc but I never really consider what’s ‘comfortable’ Average north west family, chap, wife and 2 kids. What is a decent amount of income to the household?
  8. Geoff Woade

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Awight, no need for that!
  9. Geoff Woade


    Just seen that masks compulsory from 24th. That’s fine, what I don’t get is the delay, why the 24th, why not 20th, why not 14th? It just seems weird. Everything seems delayed or ‘from this date’. If it’s considered imperative why not from ‘now’?
  10. Geoff Woade

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    That is not the point, I was trying to convey disappointment at the likely occurrence that City and Chelsea will be scrapping for the likes of Koulibaly and Havertz while we get to add a year to Lovrens deal. Slater is looking decent though to be fair. Tres dapper
  11. Geoff Woade

    Cancel Culture

    ‘Ordinary people’ - good one. Ordinary would be to shrug, accept that not everyone has the same views, put them on ignore if they wish and move on. The point you make about employers is a joke. It’s not as simple as that is it? Of course it’s going to prejudice you against hiring someone even when you don’t think they’ve done anything wrong if it risks the business being next up against the metaphorical wall for an imaginary crime. If would even be different if there was actual engagement but it seems like finding middle ground isn’t an option. ‘You will comply and think like me or me and my internet friends are going to ruin your life’