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  1. carralad

    Liverpool 0 West Ham 3 (Aug 29 2015)

    Alleluia someone has got the decency & common sense to put rational thinking to Saturdays match. A great article, it restores my faith in Liverpool supporters. More than can be said for the yobs who are kicking off on other web sites - LFC supporters - My Arse! No doubt they are the knobheads that were booing at half time, how they think this helps the players beggars belief. Shameful.
  2. The FA claim that English footballs reputation has been harmed. Is that the reputation that lost our bid for the World Cup? According to 'Whoops my hair has slipped off the back of my head' David Davies, we have sent a message around the world. This of course was in keeping with the BBCs PC brigade that his opinion was unchallenged. As was the one on Sky News by another 'loose canon' from a 'Red Top'. I suggest Davis has a word with Bascombe Re. coiffures as he seems in his recent article to be more interested in Andy Carrolls hair than his footballing ability. In conclusion who on earth would believe the credibility of that little turd Evra. Just ask the French squad and Chelsea FC. This leaves me in no doubt whatsoever that this is a massive witch hunt. If Suarez is guilty as they are trying to make out I have no doubt whatsoever LFC would show him the out door quicker than he came in. We will stand by our man as the King is doing. YNWA
  3. carralad

    Top four - is it too late?

    In football anything is possible fortune favours the brave 39 points still to play for. the so called top 4 are all going to drop points. We are Red Men look at your history.
  4. Aquilani poor sod! Unbelievable, indefensible, beggars total belief taking the piss! You might not trust him but there's no need to treat him with such utter contempt.