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4 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:

Russia is demanding Norway pay over $4.4 million in compensation after 42 Norwegian reindeer wandered across the border



Rightly so, it’s fucking August 

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On 22/08/2023 at 13:25, Captain Turdseye said:

I’m always shit scared when I’m on a cable car. All those clunking noises. They’re clearly not safe. 

This isn’t helpful. 

I got on what I'd describe as a 'very high swing' on the docks a few years ago. Stood by it, it looked fine and not too high up. Got on, it rises quite a bit and I wanted to die, it was only a third of the way up and would eventually spin round whilst about as high as the liver building.

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15 hours ago, TheSire said:

I got on what I'd describe as a 'very high swing' on the docks a few years ago. Stood by it, it looked fine and not too high up. Got on, it rises quite a bit and I wanted to die, it was only a third of the way up and would eventually spin round whilst about as high as the liver building.


Oh yeah, they’re another one. I’ve been to Alton Towers twice, the last time must be 14-15 years ago, and both times I went those swings were the scariest ‘ride’ there. You could get rust on your hands from holding the chains. Fucking terrifying! Give me any roller coaster that locks you in tight and I’m not fazed. 

Went on a big wheel at Spike Island with an uncle when I was a kid. That’s another where you’re not strapped in. My uncle was rocking it back and forth purely to put the shits up me, which I can appreciate now I’ve got kids, but I swear at one point he rocked it so hard that we’d tipped ever so slightly too far and we were at an angle where we started sliding backwards for a split second. 

He stopped rocking it after that!

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@Jurgen Knows


This is a sitter pal -- good place to start for you.


The Biden administration is demanding answers following a report that Saudi authorities may have killed hundreds of migrants in Yemen, possibly with arms provided by the United States.

Last month, Human Rights Watch issued a report alleging that, between March 2022 and June 2023, Saudi border guards killed "at least hundreds" of Ethiopian migrants who were trying to cross into the country from neighboring Yemen.  The attacks included the use of explosive weapons and execution-style killings of people who had just been released from detention in Saudi Arabia itself, the group charged.

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I did some Charity work out in Armenia when I was 16 and the country therefore has a special place in my heart. They have already been through 1 mass Genocide and another one by the way of Starvation is currently taking place. 


Azerbaijan have closed the Lachin Corridor the only road to the Bagarno-Karabakh region where 150,000 Armenians are living. The Azerbaijan army are shooting dead anyone trying to get past the blockades. 


The things I saw 15-20yrs post the last war with Azerbaijan will stay with me forever. 

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Fucking hell, I wondered what the story was behind this from a few weeks back. What an utter cunt.






Father of 12-year-old boy killed by car on M62 pleads guilty to manslaughter
Matthew Rycroft had been drinking all day before crashing car and trying to cross motorway with autistic son, Callum

A father has pleaded guilty to manslaughter after his 12-year-old son was killed by a car on the motorway last month.

Callum Rycroft “paid the ultimate price” on 5 August when attempting to cross the motorway after a crash caused by his father Matthew Rycroft, 36, who had been drinking all day.

Appearing via video link from custody, Rycroft pleaded guilty to a further two charges of dangerous driving and failing to supply a specimen of blood, during the short hearing at Leeds crown court.

Rycroft, from Leeds, had spent all day drinking at his parents’ house in Huddersfield when he chose to drive home with Callum, despite pleas not to get in his Audi Q5.

His parents offered them a place to stay and, when Rycroft refused and left with his son, followed him and called him on the phone, later reporting hearing Callum in the background of the call saying: “Dad … won’t stop.”

Witnesses described seeing Rycroft driving erratically in Huddersfield and after reaching the M62, swerving across lanes and colliding with a crash barrier. He then later failed to negotiate a sharp bend on the slip road for Hartshead services, near Cleckheaton, and overturned the car.

Rycroft and Callum then made their way towards the carriageway, when the boy first called his mother and then 999 but was told to end the call by Rycroft.

They were seen to cross the motorway to the central reservation, and then for an unknown reason tried to run back, when Callum was struck by an oncoming Toyota C-HR and died instantly.

Rycroft was initially charged with causing or allowing the death of a child but the charge was amended to manslaughter.

Callum was autistic and so had no speed awareness and should have been under his father’s protection, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.

Tom Neofytou from the CPS said: “This is an absolutely tragic incident involving the death of a 12-year-old boy.

“His father’s insistence on driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is beyond comprehension. Rycroft continued to drive despite his parents’ best efforts to stop him. His decision to leave the scene of the crash and attempt to cross the motorway whilst responsible for a young boy was reckless folly.

“Callum paid the ultimate price for his father’s careless and criminal actions, and the rest of his family are left to mourn his loss. Our deepest sympathies remain with them.”

Rycroft will be sentenced at a later date.



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Had my sister in the group chat last night sending pictures from Morocco where she’s on holiday. 

Just opened the Guardian app and seen the top story, 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Started worrying a bit when her phone kept ringing out but my other sister had spoke to her this morning. Apparently the hotel building is full of cracks. They’re not allowed back in, they have to stay round the pool area and presumably fight it out for the first flights home. 

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