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  1. Barnesey

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    Great report; mirrors my perspective exactly. We've been talking in the car for weeks about the dangerous game we play with free kicks and working out how to beat it. Full marks to Pellegrini and his coaching team; I'm surprised it has taken this long for someone to come up with something. Im on the nervous side of the fan divide but have recognised that and force myself to sing at games (well, away games anyway) to do my bit. We cannot allow our nervousness to be transmitted to the players who must be feeling exactly as we do. I don't know how these things are organised but I would like to "Greet the Bus" on satdee to show our support. Confirm we are with them 100%. Assuming, of course, our knobheads can resist bricking the opposition. Make it so.
  2. Barnesey

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3 (Jan 19 2019)

    Top account, as always. Im not sure Im allowed to criticise VVD but if he was half as good in their penalty area as he is in ours we'd have been a couple up before they scored.
  3. Barnesey

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    How many touches did he have yesterday compared to Gini who was playing next to him? I've not looked at stats but I'm guessing it was many more. Yet he hid? What is achieved by Hendo coming short and receiving a pass from the centre back, even if he has to give it straight back to them, is to draw the opposition out of their defensive pattern. This gives other players more space to strut their funky stuff. Do we really have to slag this guy off every week? He is not the world's best in his position but he is a lot better than many give him credit for. Why can't we just leave it that? It is not healthy to continually undermine one of the manager's main men (whether you like that or not).
  4. Barnesey

    Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1 (Jan 3 2019)

    I went into this game with something of an inferiority complex; they are the best team in the world and, whilst not in top form right now, still the best. I came away, despite the defeat, feeling we are as good as them. We didn't get the breaks - whereas we've had our fair share this season so far - but did enough to show we are as good as them. Nothing to fear for the rest of the season; if we drew them in a Cup it would be a 50:50 game.
  5. Barnesey

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (Dec 29 2018)

    Bobby's second reminded me of Barnesey's goal agin QPR in 1987. Brilliant
  6. Barnesey

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Timo werner
  7. Barnesey

    Most overrated Liverpool XI

    The only people who don't rate Henderson are those who don't understand the game but like to think they're impressing the rest of us by pointing out how shit he is.
  8. Barnesey

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Liver birds or cocks?
  9. Barnesey

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I must admit, even in my part of the world, I didn't know, in 2014, that we would sign this guy in 2019.
  10. Barnesey

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Story in Spain last week we are getting Pulisic in the summer.
  11. Barnesey

    Them Lot (H) 16/12/18

    Milner, Lovren, VVD and Robertson is a decent back four
  12. Barnesey

    Champions League last 16 Draw

    I want to see us win at the Allianz. This season seems a good opportunity....
  13. Barnesey

    Joel Matip

    Have to be Millie, I guess
  14. Barnesey

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

    Not sure if this is the right thread but, at 9pm Wednesday, we were 5 points behind citeh and 1 0 down at Burnley. Great effort lads
  15. Barnesey

    Burnley 1 Liverpool 3 (Dec 5 2018)

    It is legitimate to be physical if you know you are outclassed but you cannot then complain the opposition "goes down easily" in anticipation of a clattering. But watching those challenges reminded me of the two reds last satdee. Very soft in comparison to several of those tackles even if they did take the ball first.