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  1. Barnesey

    Other football - 2020/21

    I believe the national league (step 1)is also full time. My lad plays at step 5 and knows that a large number of talented players would rather play at step 3 and have a more conventional job than move to full time professional status. Distorts matters somewhat but understandable when you can earn £500-1000 a week at Step 3. Football at all levels is funded by sponsorship to some degree and there are a lot of individuals who enjoy spending some of their cash on a pet club whether it is the local butcher or the Nevilles plus mates. Gate money is crucial for the full time clubs (with the possible exception of the Prem) but less so (if never irrelevant) as you come down the pyramid.
  2. Barnesey

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Sarr didn’t play for Watford last night.....
  3. Barnesey

    2020 / 21 Season Tickets News

    I was talking to a Utd season ticket holder the other evening. he tells me Utd have asked him to pay up in full for his season ticket on the basis he will be refunded on a match by match basis if he can't attend because of restrictions. Essentially, an interest free loan to the Club. Our system, achieved with input from SOS, is infinitely better.
  4. I thought keepers can move before a penalty is kicked, just not move off his line? I agree with everything that has been said about strengthening the squad at this time but, as far as this game is concerned, if we had won 2 or 3 one everyone would be saying it was a fair result. Dont panic
  5. Barnesey

    Thiago Alcantara

    Better than Mo?
  6. Barnesey

    Thiago Alcantara

    When his bad back allowed
  7. Barnesey

    Arsenal (N) Charity Shield - 29/8/20 - 16:30

    This is how football ought to be: CL final last weekend, Community Shield this.
  8. Barnesey

    Newcastle 1 Liverpool 3 (Jul 26 2020)

    I think they did use the lines to assess the Newcastle goal but the camera angle was far from ideal which, perhaps, makes drawing the lines difficult. Fantastic season. But the Burnley result pisses me off; 19 home wins would have been sooo special and derailed by a bunch of alehousers.
  9. Be nice to beat them Twice! Twice! this season
  10. Barnesey


    My lad is 28, he has seen us win everything apart from the league. We watched the game together last night and cried together afterwards. We completed the set. It feels great, I can die happy. Thought it would never happen. In the meantime, someone needs to tell the players it is “campioni” not championi.
  11. Barnesey

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 0 (Jun 24 2020)

    Great report; like you, I felt this was the return of footy. TAA's goal was fantastic but, having seen the camera shot from the Kop, I would have been disappointed if he missed. Hennessey was too far over relying on his wall. And Fab is back too. he seemed to struggle a bit after his injury but he was my MOTM yesterday. I think we'll win it tonight.
  12. And wearing a mask is primarily to stop transmission to others
  13. Barnesey

    Season Ticket & other ticket refunds 2019 / 20

    Got two home games and Everton refunded yesterday
  14. Barnesey

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    There will undoubtedly be some odd results not in keeping with previous form. Hopefully, this game isn't one of them.
  15. Barnesey

    Season Ticket & other ticket refunds 2019 / 20

    I know refunds are being processed. Spoke to someone at the Club yesterday as she was processing part of the pot due to me to confirm my account details. Don't think that is normal - it will happen automatically - but there was an issue with my account.