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  1. I heard Martinez asked not to play as there is an international he might be involved in shortly ….
  2. The lap of honour was a mess yesterday. Looked like a pitch invasion. Very difficult to salute the players.
  3. Barnesey

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 2 (May 17 2022)

    There were more reds left in the ground for their lap of honour than saints. Must say something about their season. No kids with the players though; I may be alone but that’s how I’d prefer our celebrations on Sunday
  4. Met azpilicueta whilst out with my Chelsea supporting son in law. Came across as a decent bloke tbh
  5. Barnesey

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Since Haaland joined Dortmund he has pretty much monopolised the goalscoring. But Dortmund score fewer now than they did before he signed. Clutching at straws maybe but....
  6. Barnesey


    Any people smugglers doing deals on the return to France?
  7. Villarreal fans were great after the game. But there was a decent scrap amongst themselves during the second half. Thought it might have involved a red in the home end but deffo involved yellow on yellow. Then the delicately nuanced Spanish bizzies got involved….
  8. Barnesey

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    If we sign any more midfielders we will have tchouameni
  9. Barnesey

    Liverpool 4 Manchester United 0 (Apr 20 2022)

    Enough said about the match but the report does give me the chance to remind everyone Giggsy was regularly booed at OT in the late 90s. I remember because I started it during the 1-1 (Owen) game :).
  10. Barnesey

    Man City 2 Liverpool 3 (Apr 16 2022)

    I felt our press did to them what theirs did to us last week. always felt in control although it got a tad nervous at 3 2.
  11. Barnesey

    Kostas Tsimikas

    He’s a great understudy. Takes a touch too many sometimes before delivering his excellent crosses
  12. Barnesey

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    They've dropped points in 8 games this season. To the same 4 teams home and away. I sense they have another game where things won't go their way; my worry is whether we can win the last 7. Their press worked well Sunday but when we went long early, even in the first half, it paid dividends. My guess is that will be our plan for satdee. Despite being outplayed by them twice, I fancy us this weekend.
  13. I think hendo is spared too. Doesn’t have 90 mins in him right now and big game satdee
  14. We kept trying to play out from the back but didn’t cope well with their press. Occasionally we played it long to sadio and we gained good ground and so it was no surprise we adapted second half. strangely, even if we were second best yesterday, I fancy us at Wembley. Won’t have to suffer their orcs either