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  1. Barnesey

    Liverpool 3 Southampton 0 (Sep 22 2018)

    I thought, rather than Shaq play behind the front three, we played Mo up front on his own with Mane, Bobby and Shaq behind him. This left us a tad short in midfield and they got behind us a few times. It didn't happen in the second half when we reverted to type. Tough on Shaq but he looked good and will get more air time as the season progresses.
  2. Barnesey

    4-4-2 - The Underrated Formation

    We played 4 2 3 1 in the first half on satdee and, whilst we scored 3, we looked more vulnerable than we should have against that lot. Changed to 4 3 3 in the second half and didn't score but looked a lot more solid. Suggests 3 in the middle is important - certainly in our style. So then the argument is how does the middle 4 in 4 4 2 line up. Traditionally it involves 2 wide men which leaves you short in the middle. The take from the argument is that 4 4 2 doesn't descibe one potential line up; there are a number of variants.
  3. Slur Alex used to rotate before it was popular but generally only in home matches against lesser sides. Tomorrow has got to be an opportunity to rest several. Wednesday we can put out a completely different side to the one that started Tuesday (or last satdee) and still have a decent chance of proceeding (Chelsea will do much the same). A week tomorrow we need our top 11 at full speed.
  4. Their fans didnt seem too connected with the game. Any self respecting fan has a (perhaps brief) moment of reflection when youve conceded a last minute winner but they continued as if nothing had happened.
  5. Those vuvuzelas got me into trouble in South Africa when I tried to blow a Zulu's vulva
  6. Barnesey

    4-4-2 - The Underrated Formation

    I didn’t know that
  7. Barnesey

    4-4-2 - The Underrated Formation

    Our last attempt at 4-4-2 was with Sturridge and Suarez and a diamond in midfield. The current formation is as much 2-5-3 as 4-3-3.
  8. Barnesey

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    On the evidence of last night I'd have him over Rabiot every time
  9. Barnesey

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    I understand Lloris is not playing because he has no way of getting home after the match
  10. Barnesey

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    The albino playing for Derby now plays for Watford
  11. Barnesey

    Champions League Draw 2018-19

    If we win it we will be in Pot 1
  12. Barnesey

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    As I've said before on this thread, he has been made captain of every team he has played for, including his country, often at a very young age. So he must be much more of a captain than we see from the terraces.
  13. Barnesey

    Away goal rule being reviewed.

    I think it adds to the excitement; you can go from winning to losing with one goal. Loved the Arsenal CL game a few years back largely because of this. And Torres, of course.
  14. Barnesey

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    But we'd make a paquet when selling him on to Madrid/Barca in a few years
  15. Barnesey

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Thankfully, Jurgen and me recognise his value. That’s the only thing that matters