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  1. Atticus Finch

    Favourite Viz character

    Don’t forget 8 Ace
  2. Atticus Finch

    Tunes that are just fucking ace.....

    Not one of the Beach boy's bigger known hits but a great example of Brian Wilson's range of singing talent. Tony may not agree but this is much better than Stevie Nicks attempt at this cover version.
  3. Atticus Finch

    Sports commentary

    Peter Jones, always remember his distinctive voice doing the commentary on our European matches in the 70’s on radio 2. Bill McClaren the voice of Rugby
  4. Atticus Finch

    Favourite books from your childhood

    Aye I’m 58, read most of Alan Garner’s books whilst at school. The weird stone and the sequel was set around Alderley edge in Cheshire, I went for a walk around there a couple of years ago when I dropped the Mrs off at Manchester airport and there’s a pub named the Wizard there! Lovely walk and views as well
  5. Atticus Finch

    Favourite books from your childhood

    We must be about the same age
  6. Atticus Finch

    Favourite books from your childhood

    Yes loved this and the sequel the moon of gomrath
  7. Atticus Finch

    British village names

    Twatt on Orkney Island is a good one but my favourite is nearer to home, Wetwang
  8. Atticus Finch

    Great fictional lawyers...

    Thanks mate
  9. Atticus Finch


    I’m guessing that doesn’t actually means he enjoys the sport of hang gliding?
  10. Atticus Finch

    Cryptic Bands Quiz

    2 - XTC?
  11. Atticus Finch

    The goats and the Ferrari question

    I shag one goat
  12. The ghost of St Michael’s Oh Mr Porter Good morning boys Sons of the desert Way out West
  13. Atticus Finch

    Mourinho Sacked

    Marcelo Bielsa is my outside bet, put a quid on it.
  14. Atticus Finch

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    I’ll replace Phil the Greek with Bobby Charlton please