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  1. Atticus Finch

    Soup Tribute Thread - nectar of the gods

    Not a recommendation but saw this for sale in Tesco’s recently. Anyone fancy trying it?
  2. Atticus Finch

    Minor Addictions

    TUC biscuits the ones with the cheese filling
  3. Atticus Finch


    Was a bit older mate, 45 when the first came along, 56 now but still fit enough to do the swimming, cycling and football etc with them. 35 is quite young to be a grandparent, fair play to you.
  4. Atticus Finch


    Yep, me too, have Seven grandkids and love every minute. Much easier than being a parent. Feed them what they want then hand them back at the end of the day.
  5. Atticus Finch

    Rate Lifeys Toast

    Double buttered, well done, solid 8 from me...
  6. Atticus Finch

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    I’lI give the local fire station a call and put them on standby
  7. Atticus Finch


    Embo beach near Dornoch is lovely
  8. Atticus Finch

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Is that photo off Lifetime’s new Tinder profile?
  9. Atticus Finch

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Barton is near Darlington which is far far worse than Chernobyl.
  10. Atticus Finch

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Might be Smokey Bacon flavour crisps though
  11. Atticus Finch

    Missing (posters) in Action

    It’s no coincidence that the quality of our football has gone to ratshit since the Rev left, he had a direct link to the man upstairs, he needs to come back soon.
  12. Atticus Finch

    Scruff Behaviour

    That’s just me with my enlarged prostate.
  13. Atticus Finch

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Anyone like ruby/red ales, this is very nice..
  14. Atticus Finch


    Repped for having angastori bitters in your drinks cabinet, little dash makes all the difference.
  15. Atticus Finch

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    Which ones Rico?