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  1. index1000


    Fake Survey I think all of those choices are correct
  2. index1000

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    Hammer Rash!!!! You've just made that up.
  3. index1000

    Liverpool 2 Fulham 0 (Nov 11 2018)

    How about the Love Shack song! with the number going up after every goal he scores Love Shaq do do Love Shaq. 15 goals for Love Shaq do do Love Shaq... No? ok exits stage left songwriting career over before it started....
  4. index1000

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Peoples club!! as opposed to all the other clubs that are supported by trees and wildlife... fucking arseholes
  5. index1000

    Red Star Belgrade 2 Liverpool 0 (Oct 6 2018)

    Clearly Bullshit this i saw Lallana tackle himself on at least two occasions.
  6. index1000

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be honest you could throw a blanket over everyone listed. Useless fuckers the lot of them who do neither club any favours. On the plus side it allows long haired shirkers like Mr U to make a living and explains the rise of fanTV as i think people are just fed up with the lot of them.
  7. index1000

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 27-29 2018)

    The David Wagner thing is perception. He has a scruffy hobo beard and you think he is a bit weird. Guarantee though if he shaved it off and grew a load of Long Unmanly hair and you would be all over him like a shitcoat on shitcoat.
  8. index1000

    Leicester City Owners helicopter Crash

    having seen the above post i wanted to know what horrific thing he said to mock the victims that will cost him his job. He said the younger women who died was the Mistress of the owner of the Club. Seriously am i missing something here? At best its ... well what exactly? Maybe a bit insensitive ? although thinking about it that seems to be the biggest crime in the world today.
  9. index1000

    FSG are not shit

    Seeing as they are about to give Mookie Betts a $400M contract i don't think there will be much left
  10. index1000

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not that i am saying this is happening here but i have seen similar where a big mouth CEO has announced a commitment that the organisation is not able to deliver on. How do you back down on that without upsetting your shareholders? (or in this case your rabid mob of slobbering gobshites) Simple, conduct an extensive and thorough investigation/Roadshow/feasibility study/blah blah whatever shit you can come up with to allow them to back out and claim 'hey out of our control' I wonder who they will blame...;-)
  11. index1000

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    This story reinforces my long held belief that anyone with a mullet is an untrustworthy bellend
  12. index1000

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    SHELVEY?? Fuck off
  13. index1000

    Liverpool 0 Man City 0 (Oct 7 2018)

    If old Jon Jon Bovi loses his hair he will be off Dave's 'music boys' list quicker than you can say 'Turn that fucking shit off' as any right thinking person would. This hair obsession is getting out of hand. Oh and i think the lads will be ok that has been a twat of a run and Atkinson is one of three who are ok in what is the worst collection of officials i can ever recall.
  14. index1000

    Chas Hodges dead.

    Not that far