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Brighton (A) - Premier League - 28/11/20 - 12:30

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26 minutes ago, Manny said:

Point is that you could stop the video and/or draw those lines differently and show that Salah goal onside. It’s just an utter waste of time. If it’s that tight what is the fucking point?

You couldn’t because there wasn’t one point that he was onside any time the ball was near Firmino,  I understand people being annoyed by it but if you want stupidly bad offside decisions taken away from the game then this is the best system available.  If you start just giving them because they’re close you’re just going to bring more inconsistency into it.  This is the best way of doing it.

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Salah needs to fuck off with this shit. 

You just missed a game and left the team short because you broke the travelling protocalls 

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