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  1. Gooners bleating about VAR getting it wrong for Brentford's equaliser yesterday and the implications a draw might have in their battle with city for the title. Ha, they can fucking do one as far as Im concerned. The number of gooners willing us to lose the title to city, null and void or not winning a title for 30+ years in 19/20 never mind last season or even 18/19, they can crash and fucking burn and go 20 years themselves without winning it for all I care.
  2. I really dont think anything substantial will come of the city invetsigation, certainly not expelled from the PL. Just the sniff of that in any judgement and they'll go to the High Court to erase that. Sorry to keep repeating this but, in my opinion, the reasons why our team is now poor are, the players have won and lost all the club trophies available. When you're on £100k+ a week and won and lost them all, win, lose or draw a game, I guess losing isnt the bitter pill to swallow to many of them. The players are going on the pitch and the oppos want the win more, simple as that. It's not even fine margins now when teams like Wolves are putting 3 past you with no reply. Finally, the biggie for me, too many of the players have gone stale on Jurgen's motivation and what he tells them to do. You see it frequently now, Trent shaking his head at being subbed, Jurgen's shouting 'Unbelievable!' at the players when they arent doing what he says.
  3. Yes and it's all bollocks Im afraid. There was someone else on You tube who did a presentation how Anfield could be expanded to 90,000 seats within the current footprint. The trouble was the terracing was at an impossible angle, all the stands had no roof and the view would have been shit. Wont happen due to cost. Moores should have had the Skerries demolished along with the Kemlyn even if he could not afford to underwrite a huge stand at the time. Ive said before, it may be possible to jack up the SKD roof and stick another 10 rows on the back and retain the current footprint. That would only add roughly 2450 seats as there's approximately 245 seats per row in the Upper. The only way to get rid of the Kemlyn knee is to reprofile the lower with fewer rows. Probably 10 rows would need to be removed to get rid of it. But that means overall, the stand capacity would roughly stay the same at massive cost ie 10 more rows in the upper, 10 less rows in the lower. Until or unless the club buys the Skerries, I personally dont see the SKD being extended. I dont see the Kop being extended ever despite what people say on Skyscraper City or YT.
  4. Neither mate, there's simply no space for wholesale rebuilds. As has been said many times, The Skerries has to be knocked down to substantially increase the SKD and \ or, the whole of Walton Breck behind the Kop needs to be flattened and the road re routed for any major development.
  5. This isnt correct. In 2010, there were a number of interested parties in buying the club for different reasons. Clearly, what is now FSG were in the bidding, so too was Peter Lim who actually bid £10m more than FSG. If you want to know how the club would be now if Lim's bid had been accepted, check out the toxicity of Valencia now then thank your lucky stars he didnt buy us. There was also Gilletts financiers who were looking to recover the money he owed. If they'd have bought us, there would have been a real fire sale at Anfield. It was the High Court who determined FSG's offer was best for the club. The others had the money but were deemed not suitable.
  6. The 'Are we alone?' question is fascinating. Some people frequently say the galaxy \ universe is so big, the sheer number of stars and planets means it is inevitable that we are not. But, just because there are so many stars and planets, that might not be the case. This first vid uses the Drake Equation and what we know about star and planetary formation etc to be able do realistic number crunching. The result might surprise you. The 2nd vid takes a different approach and theorises why complex life such as us, is a virtual one off in the whole universe!
  7. Well my nan's house didnt have a bathroom and ours didnt have an inside bog until me arl fella got a grant to change part of the house and install one in the very early 70s. We had lino on the bedroom floors and a coal fire in the main room. Other than that, it was a leccie fire to keep warm. But I never considered either house a slum. today, some may say they were looking back.
  8. Dunno mate, Im not religeous. Being a child of the mid 1950s Ive seen big improvements in people's circumstances, from housing to improved pay and conditions, everyone running around in cars now, advances in technology, everyone has a computer driven device,, the internet, colour 4k tvs that are so big they take up a living room wall, man walking on the Moon several times. Sure, the things you mention are a fucking distraction but just plough your own furrow.
  9. Well he's brasilian so he should settle in with Alli and Fabinho. Fair play to the lad, he was working hard to get fit when he got injured and it makes you wonder whether the medical team were monitoring him properly if at all. If he brings some improvement to the team and midfield, all the better now he's working his way back.
  10. Still beats being dead though and you're dead for a long, long time!
  11. A lot of it is because as humans, we're conditioned to ups and downs, edges and borders and something being finite. I think it helps if you ignore that conditioning when you talk about space. As regards launching a rocket upwards if you're in the northern hemisphere and a rocket is launched from say Australia in the Southern hemisphere, rising or underneath becomes relevant to your perspective only. It can only be one to you but to someone in the southern hemisphere, that would be different. The only common thing is a rocket launches away from the planet's centre of gravity or mass. Similarly when landing on the Moon, the landing is towards its centre of gravity or mass. It's not wrong to think of launches as up and landings as down, but those terms are only really relevant to the centre of gravity or mass for those objects. Once freed from them in space, every direction is up, down and sideways at the same time. Not saying all this is definitive, just the way I try and reconcile myself with it all!
  12. So far, only Ratcliffe has 'expressed his interest' in buying them and even then, he hasnt actually made a bid. Other reports say he has asked GS to guide him in the matter. All the rest is twateratti chatter which I think personally, people put too much emphasis on. As for them setting a deadline, we'll see if it draws any other confirmed interest and whether they extend the deadline. Im not a betting man but I think I know where Id place my money on.
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