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  1. dockers_strike

    FSG are not shit

    From the club's 'mouthpiece.' Liverpool FC's latest club accounts reveal the net book value of the squad has rocketed by more than 60%. For the 12 months until the end of May 2018, the player registration value of the Reds' playing staff has increased from £168.3million to £273m. Those numbers take into account Virgil van Dijk's arrival from Southampton and the sale of Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona. However, they do not include the summer purchases of Alisson Becker, Naby Keita, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri, who were purchased for a combined total of £173m. The net book value of a player does not represent their market value but instead reflects the transfer fee paid for their services, spread over the period of their contract. Nevertheless, it underlines the continued investment Fenway Sports Group have made in Jurgen Klopp's playing staff which has contributed to this season's Premier League title challenge. The ECHO reported last week the highlights of Liverpool's latest accounts, with the club posting a record pre-tax profit of £125m and turnover having increased 25% to £455m. Other details, though, have since emerged with the accounts now having been published on the Companies House website. They include Liverpool's debt to the bank, after deferred loan costs, has decreased from £67.7m to £44.8m. It is also reported the club's highest-paid director was paid £1.329m last year. This was up on the £907,000 given to the highest-paid director the previous year. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/huge-liverpool-increase-underlines-fsg-15838599
  2. dockers_strike

    FSG are not shit

    He thinks they are the only ones to give out pukka info.
  3. dockers_strike

    FSG are not shit

    Always the same people spouting the same old shite I see. We've sold players who didnt want to be here and spent a 'fuck load of money to replace' them but we dont spend 'fuck loads of money' if 'we bother try.' Not sure how that particular dichotomy works! Here's me thinking where the fuck did Wijnaldum, van Dijk, Robertson, Oxlade Chamberlane, Firminho, Salah, Mane, Keita, Allison and Fabinho out of the current team come from.
  4. dockers_strike

    Dejan Lovren

    This. But he is one of the crowds whipping boys so perception preceeds him and one or two others. I mean the guy has just played in a CL and WC final and a couple of seasons ago played in the EL final and was even unlucky not to score. The fact is people do not notice the regular cock ups the likes of Stones Smalling Mertsacker Williams etc make because they do not watch them as frequently as our own players.
  5. dockers_strike

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    My big fear with Allison is that we sign him and within 2 or 3 years he is wanting to go to Real and we go through the whole Coutinho rabble again.
  6. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

  7. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    Do not give the trophy to Lloris. He might drop it.
  8. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    Think Pogba just had a strop.
  9. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

  10. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    Well if we sign Fekir we will have a World Cup winner in the squad. Pretty amazing a player like Pogba can steal a living as a World Cup Champion. Lloris is every bit a dodgey keeper as Mignolet and Karius are. Hard lines Lovren. At least he got to a World Cup Final and Champions League Final.
  11. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    Goodness he is shit. How did he miss that.
  12. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    At least he got to them though.
  13. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    France twice World Champions. I feel ill.
  14. dockers_strike

    Russia World Cup 18

    Hope that was not his knee.