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  1. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Well I didnt get to his first game at arsenal but was at Coventry in his second when we destroyed them. There was lots of cheering when the team came out and no bananas thrown. As you say, they talk utter bullshit. They probably claim it was us singing everton are white.
  2. dockers_strike

    Man Utd (A) 20/10/19 - Premier League

    I just hope we approach this game 10 times better than we did last season.. We are now in the realms where 1 point at their gaff is no longer a 'good' result, it has to be 3.
  3. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    What!? An everton fan trying to make something of a racist incident at a football match? I was at John Barnes first two derbies. Who cannot remember being shocked at seeing bananas thrown on the pitch in BOTH games, Aldo picking them up and chucking them back with real disgust on his face and chants of 'Niggerpool' and 'everton are white, hello!'? Apologies for using that word but there will be plenty of fans out there who either did not witness it or know it happened. These twats have in the view of many, become the 'acceptable scousers' when in fact, they're the biggest bunch of cunts you'd ever meet.
  4. dockers_strike

    Man Utd (A) 20/10/19 - Premier League

    Yes, reported groin injury. Very likely to miss Sunday's game apparently.
  5. dockers_strike

    The shitness of modern football

    The trend amongst some clubs to drop the words 'football club' from their name as if they are ashamed of it or, think they are so big they dont need to call themselves football clubs anymore. Started with manchester united. I notice city followed suit as have arsenal and the shite. We have kept with tradition. Our club crest still stays Liverpool Football Club. Even our shirt badge still says LFC.
  6. There's only one club in England that wouldnt have Jurgen as manager right now. And if they didnt have Guardiola, even they'd want him.
  7. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Essentially you had to be a male, over 21 and paying an annual rent of £10 or owning land valued at £10 or more. Woman had no vote and even around 40% of men could not vote.
  8. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fucking bollocks. He's thinking about Rangers although they say they never had such a ban. They said they hadnt found a catholic player good enough for them, so just a coincidence.
  9. dockers_strike

    Man City - the new bitters?

    To be an import refers to his time outside of England. He was prolific at both Fiorentina and Roma. Personally, I think that meets the criteria for being a 'top import' rather than a handful of appearance for mourinho who only bought him to stop him coming here in the first place.
  10. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It's more than a bit sad that someone can think this never mind post it. I remember when united won that game against sheff wed with 2 goals after 9 minutes added time back in 94. I knew then the twats were going to end their 26 year wait but never did I think I wanted to die because of it.
  11. dockers_strike

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    This. I'll be gutted when Jurgen goes. Fingers crossed he'll have got the 30 year old 'monkey' off our backs, maybe even twice, before he does. But when he does, he will leave with only my goodwill and blessing for the job he'll have done. Maybe he'll decide to give it another couple of years after this contract, maybe the German FA will make their move for him around that same time? Who knows, just enjoy the ride.
  12. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Ah, the scatter gun approach then!
  13. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    300m to drain and fill in a dock!? Who's doing it, BBC's cowboy builders?
  14. dockers_strike

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    I dont think Jurgen will sanction a sale of Origi for £40m in January for one minute. We'd have just come back from Dubai and likely need him. Neither do I think Lovren will be shipped out either especially if our lead is down to 4 or 5 points. Shaqiri may go seeing as he isnt being used at all. End of the season and if we do win the title, I could see one of Mo or Sadio maybe moving on as they have delivered the holy grail. Radical and I hope Im wrong. I could also see one of Degsy or Gomez moving on if they havent been an integral part of the team maybe Lallana as well. That would give Jurgen room and money to bring in some new faces for a new crack at the title.
  15. dockers_strike

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1 (Oct 5 2019)

    Bang average arsenal are 1 point behind city. They have 4 very winnable games out of the next 5. The one they might struggle with is Leicester away. Course they may struggle in a couple of others too, time will tell. Im not suggesting arsenal will be contenders but it would be a little unwise not to keep a respectable eye on them for now.