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  1. dockers_strike

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Buerki's like Mignolet.
  2. dockers_strike

    Random Football Observations.

    Squad numbers and names on the back of shirts is fucking shit and all. Let's go back to 1 to 11 and ditch the names.
  3. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Well, I trawl most of the sports pages in the on line papers and it doesnt matter what paper it is, telegraph, Wail, Excess, Mirror, the Times etc, the vitriol from 'readers' directed at Liverpool and the fans is eye opening for anyone who thinks this shit is limited to GOT, Blue Moon and Red Cafe (if it's still going). Sure, the language isnt as blunt but the bile is still there. There's cunts in some sports pages posting 'justice for the 41' and it doesnt help when the wail runs that alleged NHS report that the game v Atletico and makes out the club put the game before lives. Ive written a complaint to the managing editor of the wail as per the complaints procedure over that article because nowhere does it make clear only UEFA or the UK Government could have called the game off. The whole article makes out the decision was solely down to Liverpool FC and has encouraged a load of dickheads to just post vile shit. I think a lot of them are lads aged between 16 and 35. Your typical cyber warrior who's billy big bollocks behind a keyboard.
  4. Thanks for posting this. Bit surprised they havent mentioned giving credits to the next seassie although I guess knowing when fans will be allowed in stadiums would make it difficult. Obviously I like others have a couple of credits when I couldnt make a home game and the club sold my seat. Those credits would normally be set against the next season ticket so wonder how they're going to address that?
  5. dockers_strike

    Atletico Madrid (H) Champions League 11/3/20 - 20:00

    They already have mate if you read some of the sports pages comments.
  6. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Cunt blueshites have been, posting 'Justice for the 41' in a few comments today.
  7. dockers_strike

    On this day...

    No probs, I'll take your word.
  8. dockers_strike

    On this day...

    Does he? I've watched the replay many times and it looks to me like he skied it. Obviously I wasnt in the stadium though.
  9. dockers_strike

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Not for me, bob.
  10. dockers_strike

    Random Football Observations.

    The back pass rule is fucking shit. Let keepers pick the thing up.
  11. Bournemouth announce one of their players is one of the two positive tests in the last round of testing.
  12. Hope the lad gets a better club and one that's better run than the shithouses who run Besiktas.
  13. I watched a bit to see what they were saying. Burt was quite positive. Ruddy looked as rough as a bear's arse fresh out of hibernation. Didnt really hear much of what Custis said but yeah, he was a bit more negative than Burt. Has a very punchable face but it was his brother on today. Yep. Said Anfield was 'built out of lego' and Jurgen was a 'serial loser' which even outraged Sam Wallace.
  14. dockers_strike

    Death Row Last Meal?

    Starters, garlic mushrooms with sour dough bread. Main, T Bone steak, onion rings, chip, none of those french fries shit, peas and sweetcorn. Dessert, black forest gatteau with a blob of smooth vanilla ice cream. All washed down with Theaks XB. Id go pissed as a fart and a happy man!
  15. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yeah, ferguson lost all those finals with supposedly superior teams yet the mancs call Jurgen 'floppy' because of his final losses. ferguson had a great run, no denying that but he also lost his fair share. Anyways, Im just coming across as a bitter cunt!