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    Thiago Alcantara

    Not sure the right substitution was to take off Curtis, no matter who was available. He was one of our better players. I would have looked at Robbo or Mane, who were both rubbish, before thinking of taking Curtis off, who I thought did well.
  2. Today was a wasted chance to do this though. We had a lead twice and let it slip, that isn’t the stuff of champions.
  3. DJLJ

    Mohamed Salah

    Great goal. The miss though
  4. That was utter utter rubbish. Can’t defend a lead to save our lives. Getting carved open like fucking U10 teams. Utter utter rubbish.
  5. They are carving us open time and time again. Total shambles at both full backs.
  6. Keystone cop defending there. Fucking hell.
  7. Not that high a bar though. We have been poor overall.
  8. DJLJ

    Have a rant thread

    The Christmas shop in BT was up at the end of July here.
  9. Wait, didn’t Klopp say Keita kicked the ground and that’s why he came off? Most likely out for the season that lad…
  10. Amazing the numbers he has been putting up over the last 2 decades and counting. Greatest of all times, whenever he decides to stop.
  11. DJLJ


    Are they insinuating that NHS is sleeping on the job or what are they saying there?
  12. Disagree, to me it shows he picked the money over everything else.
  13. On Premier sport they said he was due back in training next week
  14. Our conversion rates must be the worst in the pl.
  15. And still he took the money from PSG over the smaller amount offered by Barca, makes you think it might be higher on his wanted list than you suggest.
  16. I guess his 8 million per year salary at PSG was what made him feel more wanted there…
  17. DJLJ

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Not saying it is good at all, but not difficult to find a song for him, it just need to add a z. Personally I think it is crap, but difficult, nah.