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  1. The Golden Eel

    Online food shopping

    Yeah, that's the trouble really. There's so many fucking idiots about that it makes shopping a very uneasy experience. I don't like ordering food online anyway so it's a moot point for me personally but you do feel like you're exposing yourself to dickheads who you can't predict.
  2. The Golden Eel

    Your favourite bands of the 1980s

    The Replacements
  3. The Golden Eel

    Your favourite bands of the 1980s

    The The is another one I'd definitely be including. REM and Depeche Mode also.
  4. The Golden Eel

    Your favourite bands of the 1980s

    Bands that had their first album in the 80s or what? The Smiths and Pixies would certainly be two anyway. Those are two of my favourite bands of any decade.
  5. The Golden Eel


    It's a scientific fact that 94% of people called Doris can't use the Internet.
  6. The Golden Eel

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Perhaps slightly more than usual but nothing excessive. I've never been one to drink on consecutive nights really, one night a fortnight or so is hard enough these days. Just leads to eating a load of shite, tiredness, weird sleeping for a few nights and the mental effects others are talking about. Even at times like this when I have more opportunities, I just don't fancy the hassle that comes with it.
  7. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

  8. The Golden Eel

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I'm nearly finished series 2, probably finish it today. Best show I've seen in a long time. Also finished rewatching the third and sadly final series of This Country. Really love that show. Best British sitcom of recent years for me. Stands up to repeat viewing really well.
  9. The Golden Eel


    Mine has taken to it better than I expected actually, though he's only eight. I'd thought a teenager would be a much tougher prospect. No hassle from the school either. The teachers just send out messages that are supposed to help, tips, ideas, etc. They've got a folder with work for four weeks (not including the two weeks for Easter), which he gets through pretty quickly, and the rest of the time I'm making up my own school stuff (maths using darts, spellings, etc) - luckily, he'd started to enjoy reading of his own accord about a month or two ago, so that helps. We're doing that Joe Wicks PE thing every morning (though he's more interested in getting a shout out than the actual exercise), drawing, etc. He got a guitar for Christmas, so that's something I want to get him doing but that's about the one thing he's currently resisting.
  10. I watched it all. It's much longer than it needed to be, for a start, and yeah it's not great, as you'd expect.
  11. The Golden Eel


    I personally won't believe this until I've heard it from Turdseye
  12. The Golden Eel


    Missed opportunity there for him to say: "It travels... from me... to you..."
  13. The Golden Eel

    Football Team Names Quiz

  14. The Golden Eel

    Great Sporting Photos