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    Chelsea (H) PL - Thurs 4th Mar 2021 at 20:15

    The highline is so that we can press up the pitch, but we don't seem to be pressing much at all. At least not compared to last season when we were a pack of hounds chasing any ball. This half arsed effort just gives them time to pick out a ball over the top.
  2. M_B

    Chelsea (H) PL - Thurs 4th Mar 2021 at 20:15

    Need a new PEDs supplier for sure. Everyone just looks a bit half arsed.
  3. M_B

    Mansfield Pursestrings Holder.

    Taylor Swift would not approve of this thread. But I doubt she browses the General Forum, so I think we're safe.
  4. M_B

    Cinema experiences

    The Tivoli in Bath and the Electric in Notting Hill are both lovely. There is a small boutique cinema in Hampstead that is pretty good too. They are worth paying the extra just to avoid annoying fucking teenagers.
  5. M_B

    Signs that you're behind the times.

    I still read books. As in paper ones. And I sometimes pay for things with actual cash.
  6. They are an industry. Create a conspiracy theory and you have a paying audience for t-shirts, books, and appearance fees. Surprised Dunk hasn't thought of one yet.
  7. M_B

    GB News

    I think many have come to realise that news is an industry, peddled to make cash at your expense. It sucks you in and aims to keep you sucked in, largely by making you angry. And people can see that every news service in the entire world has an angle, whether it be private or state provided, which seeks to manipulate its consumers. Life is much calmer and simpler if you keep abreast of headlines and events, are aware of the bias in the reporting, and avoid getting stuck in the mire.
  8. M_B


    The highlight of my week.
  9. M_B

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Nice! It isn't easy at first. Even taking off in some of the planes is difficult, but you'll soon get the hang of it. All the planes are modelled on historical reports of flight performance and have as realistic damage models as you can get with current tech. The graphics are marvellous and the effects on the pilot are even modelled - turn too tightly and at speed and you'll pass out and end up a lawn dart. The single player campaigns are historically modelled too. My only criticism is that some mission require a lot of flying to get to the target which can soak up time. To avoid that, pick a squadron nearer the front lines. Have fun
  10. M_B

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Yeah the sales are well worth waiting for. The older battles usually get 75% off. I'd recommend always getting the premium versions. Flying a campaign with the Tempest at the moment. It's an absolute beast of a plane.
  11. M_B

    Flying. Everything planes.

    COD is the old game version which is unsupported - the damage model, flight model, physics and graphics are all far better in the new version (used by the Battles series: Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban, Bodenplatte, Normandy). Also cliffs of dover has a quite a few bugs, the most important being the need for the player to fully manage the engine (cause the AI does a bad job). It's a learning curve to get that right. That being said, COD isn't bad at all. It's just not in the same league as the Battles Series, which is hands down the best WW2 flight sim on the market. You are in for a treat - it's brilliant, and VR is sensational.
  12. M_B

    Flying. Everything planes.

    https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-normandy/ For anyone into WW2 flight sims. If you are thinking of buying then wait for the sale - most of the battles are half price to 75% off during a sale.
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    haha no. Would have been on the next bus to Wales had I done that. Fuelled a lifetime of fantasies though.
  14. M_B


    haha - that's what I did before I discovered sitting about in an office pretending to do IT was even easier and better paid. Wasn't all bad - teaching a class of 18 year old Czech girls for 2 hours each day when I was 21 was a highlight. Certainly better than staring at a screen all day.
  15. M_B

    GameStop Taking Down A Hedge Fund

    Or another way to put it - Time to look for the next morally veiled pump and dump.
  16. M_B

    GameStop Taking Down A Hedge Fund

    Yeah. Hopefully nobody lost anything significant in that crash.
  17. M_B

    Board Games

    Ace I have progressed onto The Lord of the Rings card game which isn't bad, but not quite as good as Arkham Horror.
  18. M_B

    GameStop Taking Down A Hedge Fund

    He created seller anxiety, which caused people to sell off their holdings. He then used the government's planned fiscal stimulus to buy cheap shares. But the real problem here was the impact of coronavirus on the hotel industry, which without government intervention would have collapsed. He wasn't saying anything that wasn't true, and he wasn't forcing anyone to sell their shares. Is it morally wrong? Partially, because he knows he will profit from his words. He would argue that he was the one taking the risk, and that in helping to adjust the share price to fair value, he was doing a service to folks looking at buying the share. He would also say that by putting the spotlight on it, he forced the government to intervene and in doing so he helped to save the industry. But yes, in a world where medical staff are risking their lives each day for a comparable pittance, it is unpalatable.
  19. M_B

    Marcus Rashford

    It isn't good for anyone I don't think. A massive time sink that attacks your mental health. This forum is the only social media I have remaining in my life after binning twitter and facebook, and I've been debating my use of this too. News is the other - I can waste massive amounts of time with that. If you're reading something each day that you have no control over which makes you angry, envious, and dissatisfied with what you have in life then it's just going to take you down a path that ends badly. The arguments you see every day in threads on this forum for example, usually by the same people - what's the point? There's no prize for winning the argument, and you can't control what other people do and think. For famous people it must be terrible - just never ending abuse.
  20. Dear god Tyler is tiresome to listen to.
  21. M_B

    GameStop Taking Down A Hedge Fund

    The shorter will have to pay interest and keep funds in their margin account while they maintain the short position. They won't be happy doing either of those. If the shorter doesn't maintain a minimum amount in the margin account then the broker will force them to close their short position. But I would guess the broker is happy enough to allow it to continue while it's creaming in the interest and the margin account is maintained. The broker is the real winner in all this. Christmas has come early.