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  1. Jamie H

    Things that really fucking hurt.

    Been mentioned a lot but toothache, had a abcess and the waves of pain overnight before I could see an emergency dentist were brutal. Also, stepping on an upturned pistachio shell.
  2. Jamie H

    Funniest TV Scene Tournament - Nominations

    https://youtu.be/sLNMSTQnSyk Hope the link works not sure how to do it tbh
  3. Jamie H

    Liverpool 3 Benfica 3 (Apr 13 2022)

    Agree on the macro / micro view, we ain't played to our very best in the last 10 or so games, but the points/ qualification have kept coming.
  4. Jamie H


    Anyone do the BTR Half Marathon this morning? My calf went about 7 miles gone, was in survival mode after that - gutted! I was going well until then.
  5. Jamie H

    Greatest Movie Villain - Nominations

    Wild Bill - The Green Mile John Doe - Se7en Anton Chigurh - No Country for Old Men