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  1. They both had him above Juninho ffs. Well above in Wright's case.
  2. Something I saw the other week comes to mind for this - it was one of those MOTD top 10 things. Granted, it was Wright and Shearer so I'd expect some English bias but it was about top 10 players in the Premier League who had never played for one of the current "big 6" - Wright had Kevin Phillips at number 4. I thought that was pretty strange, even for him. Apart from that one season where he scored a shit load, his next highest goals in the Premier League was 14. Eight England caps, no goals. Seems to have generally a higher reputation than he deserves, in my opinion.
  3. The Golden Eel

    The Stone Roses

    The Stone Roses were by far my favourite band for a decent period of time in the late 90s when I first discovered them properly. I can barely listen to them now unfortunately, because I still do really like the music, I just think Ian Brown is an absolute cock.
  4. Has there been a legitimate answer to this question? Is there even one?
  5. That might be why, but it's ages since I saw it anyway. The point is basically this: I'm not saying he's shit in everything else he's been in because I honestly don’t know but it seems to me, possibly ignorantly, that Platoon is by an absolute mile his career highlight.
  6. Yeah, I honestly think so. Looked up his filmography - I've seen Training Day and Inception, both only once, don't remember him in either.
  7. The Golden Eel

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Yeah, I didn’t like Killing Eve either.
  8. Not sure if he was good in anything else because I haven't seen him in anything else so I'm not saying he's necessarily shit, but the first name that came to mind was Tom Berenger.
  9. The Golden Eel

    UEFA Cup/Europa League Draft Final

    Costa > Hagi. It's not even a contest. One was consistently one of the best players in his position in Serie A at a time when the league was the strongest in the world (and possibly ever) and the other was good in Romania and Turkey and scored some memorable goals in the World Cup.
  10. The Golden Eel

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That's a classic. It's like a lunatic asylum over there. Make something up and as long as it has a dig at Liverpool, you're laughing.
  11. The Golden Eel

    Death Row Last Meal?

    A big plate of chips with mayonnaise
  12. The Golden Eel

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    I sometimes wonder what the process is actually like for getting people to answer, that could be a reason why things like this happen. I'm fairly sure I did see a correct answer score 100 before but I can't remember what it was.
  13. The Golden Eel

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    There was one on Pointless the other day, topic was Australian Birds and they had pictures of the birds with letters missing. Kylie Minogue scored 63, Natalie Imbruglia scored 11. Boom boom. Seriously though, one of them was E_U, with a picture of a large bird above it and it scored 55?! Thought that was bizarre.
  14. The Golden Eel

    What's the best tv who-dun-it ?

    Cracker is along the lines of Columbo in that you know who has done it. I've heard it described as a "whydunnit".
  15. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    Yes. Correction to the above - Grobbelaar and Marsh weren't sent off in the same game - it was different legs of the same tie
  16. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

  17. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    Yeah... Just the 92 ones left
  18. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    No... Years = 1992 x 3, 2004, 2017
  19. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    Yeah, 5 left. Markovic's behaviour was abhorrent
  20. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    Yeah, that's 4 of them... 7 left
  21. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    Name the 11 players who have been sent off for Liverpool in Europe since 1992?
  22. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    I'd say that's almost guaranteed
  23. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    It'll most likely be a sub goalkeeper
  24. The Golden Eel

    Trivia question

    That's what came to my mind, along with Van der Gouw, but I doubt Greening debuted as early as that and VDG didn't play for anyone else in England that I'm aware of. That's a tough question. Almost seems impossible.