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  1. coachpotato

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Always thought these would give us a problem. More so these than City or United or Leicester, they play good football, they have good players and a great work ethic, we possibly won’t have a harder game after this. Thought we’d missed too many chances to win this, and if there’s one area we could improve, it’s in taking more chances and making life easier! It’s getting to the point where someone needs to have a word with Mo about when to shoot and when to pass. Even for Bobbys goal, he lost the ball but, thankfully, Hendo was sweeping up and picked out Bobby. Both full backs were below par, Robertson wasn’t given enough support at times to be fair, but Trent also gave the ball away too often, and he wasn’t the only one. But, we got the job done again, Hendo was my man of the match for scoring, for Bobby’s assist and for the way he went around mopping up the mistakes of the others, no fuss, just 100% commitment and Guts. Next.
  2. coachpotato

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Sick of hearing “given away by......”.
  3. coachpotato

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Just keep hold of the ball ffs!!!
  4. coachpotato

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    How many fucking chances do we need to score one goal?
  5. coachpotato

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Struggling here. Needs calmer heads. Giving the ball away too much.
  6. Joe Gomez Jordan Henderson Virgil Van Dijk Honourable mention for Alisson Becker for the pass of the game.
  7. coachpotato

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    Evertonians levels of delusion there.
  8. coachpotato

    VAR shit show 19/20

    It’s the excessive level of accuracy that I feel is causing VAR to be so controversial. VAR brings everything down to tiny fractions where common sense or gut feelings don’t count. We’ve never had the game dissected so much. That Wolves goal we conceded, regardless of the shit celebration, had me, and everyone around me in the SKD lower dumbfounded as to why it was disallowed, (as did the Firmino goal at Villa) yet most around me felt the Mane goal against Wolves was never a handball and if anything, was a penalty for a shove on Lallana before Sadio scored. I actually felt a bit sorry for Wolves when I saw the replays after the game of their disallowed goal. Yes, the player was, by a minuscule amount, offside, but in the flow of the game he never looked as though he was, and none of ours appealed at the time either. But offside it was even if thousands didn’t see it straight away. The problem is that what is “clear and obvious” to somebody watching the game at it’s normal speed, is nowhere near as “clear and obvious” to someone with multiple angles and replays in a sterile studio. Does that make VAR wrong? No it doesn’t, it means each decision is surgically analysed, but still by a human, who can still be wrong too, unless the incident is “ clear and obvious”. So are we any more likely to get the right result? Well, yes we are, because sometimes referees and lines people will still miss clear and obvious decisions for whatever reason and at least they should be picked up. I can’t help but think, though, that the custodians of VAR had some kind of an agenda at the back of their minds that the technology wouldn’t be used to show up officials and their shortcomings, and that’s where it falls down for me, if it is being manipulated at all then it’s no more of an improvement than what we had before. Still, if it pisses off City and Everton fans then it can’t be such a bad thing.
  9. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If this prize ballsack is correct, that everything is stitched up to prevent the likes of them, Spurs and City (what???) from ever winning anything, then the majority of those who go through the turnstiles at Goodison are mad, no? Isn’t the definition of madness supposed to be doing something over and over again with the same result, while expecting the result to be different? Why waste your money on a season ticket Jelavic ( assuming you and your other GOT’ers “go the game”), or a Sky\BT\Amazon subscription, when it’s all laid out before a ball is kicked? Seriously?
  10. coachpotato

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Wheels off at Leicester. Danny Ings, brilliant.
  11. coachpotato

    Other Football - 2019/20

    One cheating shitbag Calvert Lewin, knew he’d handled it and then feigned injury, should’ve been two yellows and off, shithouse. Come on Brighton.
  12. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Back then everyone had their share of scallies and shitheads. We’d been in Europe for twenty or so years without any major violence attributed to us, we were more into robbing boutiques and sports shops. Doesn’t excuse us from what happened of course. After Heysel there was a program on Granada with United, Chelsea, West Ham etc. etc. and the host was asking for their “views”. One of the West Ham fans said “This was always going to happen, the Scousers were unlucky it was them, it could have been any English team.” Except Everton of course.
  13. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They terrorised a cross channel ferry fighting with West Ham and United fans (I think) (1986). United fans caused a wall to collapse at Ayrsome Park on an exit gate and it killed two elderly people who were Boro season ticket holders (12/1/80). We’ll always have Heysel hanging over us because, regardless of how circumstances conspired to allow it to happen, it was us who were there and, had our fans not charged, there wouldn’t have been those deaths. That’s the reality and it will never change. You will never, ever, get some Evertonians to change their view that we cost them European domination that night, because it has become the crutch protecting them from the reality that they, and only they, have suffered for thirty five years and they are completely out of step with every other club that were directly affected by the ban after Heysel. For them to accept Heysel didn’t have as much of an effect on their fortunes as they claim is asking them to admit they have been badly run and poorly managed with sub standard players since then, and that this is the real reason for their continued failure to become successful. It won’t happen, and until something does happen to change their fortunes, Heysel will be the only thing they will be able to hang onto for “justification”. We should just get on with it and carry on winning shit.
  14. coachpotato

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Not much of a toss up between Jones and Otamendi for most useless knuckle dragger on a Premier League pitch. Expect them both to contribute towards the score before the end, not necessarily for their own team.