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  1. Cheerio Champions League, hope to see you again soon.
  2. Got us at arms length here, we’re so easy to play against for good teams, as said earlier we’re good, but not that good. Hard to imagine that 12 months ago nobody wanted to play against us.
  3. Can handball gives City a penalty.
  4. Same situation as at kick off. But 45 minutes fewer to get the result we want. Should be well in front with the chances we’ve had, unfortunately our forwards seem to need at least three chances to score one goal, at this level it’s not good enough, and I still have the feeling that Madrid would up their game if we get near to taking the result. Perversely enough, if we were, by some piece of the magic, to get 2-0 up then the later the better for Madrid to get back in to it. Think it’s going to be a frustrating night though, we have had the best chances and haven’t delivered.
  5. Do we even practise shooting?? Fuck me.
  6. Benzema would have a fucking field day with those crosses from Trent, we don’t have anyone on the pitch capable of anticipating them, maybe Jota later on?
  7. This is going to take an individual piece of brilliance to score against them, they’re far too savvy for us.
  8. Turning into last weeks game this, after a decent start as well.
  9. Final pass/cross is abysmal.
  10. Sometimes it’s not the ones you score, but the ones you miss that matter. Bad miss by Salah, loads of space to roll it past Courtois. Thankfully there’s plenty of time to make amends. Good start though.
  11. No, I’m coachpotato. Perhaps instead of churlish I should have said unintelligent, which you plainly aren’t!
  12. Dickheads are Dickheads regardless of colour, creed or religion. Every club has them, even us, and to deny that is being churlish.
  13. 27 times in our history we’ve won 2-0 at Anfield in European games. Go on then Reds, make it 28.
  14. coachpotato

    Other football - 2020/21

    Have to say there’s some world class simulation (shithousery?) in the PSG game, can’t believe that they don’t practise doing it given how finely honed it is. We have a lot to learn still.
  15. Early goal imperative. Plants that doubt in the mind that did Barcelona in, Real will know then that we are only one away from going through. Problem being, as it was against Barcelona, we can’t afford to concede one either. I was much more confident about us keeping a clean sheet against Barcelona than I am against Real. However, there aren’t many around that do what we have done in turning around games over two legs, or in a half come to think of it. Never say never was made for us.