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  1. coachpotato

    Tommy Smith

    One of those that help forge this club into what it is today. True legend. Sad. RIP Tommy.
  2. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Such an emotive subject still, and always will be. I go along with everything Doctor Troy said above. The year before our fans were battered in Rome by police and fans after winning there and so were wary of what to expect off Juventus fans. Some might even have been expecting violence and so were on a hair trigger. The Club and Merseyside Police had tried, and failed, to convince the authorities that Heysel wasn’t fit to stage a final of such magnitude. People, Evertonians included, conveniently forget that it was pretty much standard for there to be fighting at games in those days both outside and inside stadiums, at home and abroad, by fans of many clubs, Evertonians included, in fact at least one of those found guilty of manslaughter was believed to have been a blue over there with his mates. I spent the day in Brussels and didn’t see any trouble. In fact, we swapped stuff with Juve fans and I could post photo’s of me and mates doing that. The rioting was surreal, there was some back and forth shite, the Belgian police (cadets) stood and watched as it got worse and then the fence came down and there was a rush forward by ours. Their fans, in the main, turned and ran and the poor bastards at the back were crushed up against a wall that gave way because of the bad condition of the general infrastructure that the club had warned about. In the aftermath of the final there was a debate on Granada TV where a select bunch of “hoolies” were invited to give their thoughts. One West Ham ICF member said “The scousers we’re unlucky really, something like this was always going to happen, they just happen to be the ones it has happened to”. Ironically, we had been in Europe for about 20 years at that point with little violent trouble attributed to us. Despite all this, sadly, had our fans not surged forwards, there wouldn’t have been a crush and quite probably nobody would have died when the wall collapsed. But if it hadn’t have happened at Heysel, then that West Ham fan could have been right and it could have happened to Everton or United or anyone else before action was taken. It was us though, and we’ll have to live with that as part of our history.
  3. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    “Bjorn not Manufactured”
  4. I was as mystified as everyone else when Lallana came on against Everton rather than Shaqiri. Only explanation I could think of was that Silva had opened the game up by putting on two attackers for the last 15 and was seemingly going for the win, and that Klopp thought there’d be space for Lallana to perform his twists and turns in. Shaqiri is much more of a threat from open play and with free kicks too. Obviously it’s why we’re not managing the club and Jurgen is.
  5. coachpotato

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    Always loved Zeppelin, everything they’ve done, I don’t do regrets (life’s too short) but I do regret never having seen them live. I like the Who, have seen them live (without Moon) and Join Together is one of my favourite ever tracks. Man for man Zeppelin win though, only JPJ and the Ox are close in my opinion, there’s never been a better drummer than Bonzo, fact.
  6. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Apparently, Gomez will miraculously be back in 2-3 weeks and the “fracture” story is just to justify Klopps bitching about the tackling from Burnley. We invent this kind of thing all the time, like we did with Karius you know. According to one of the blues I work with. He trains apprentices. Scary isn’t it.
  7. coachpotato

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Clodoaldo Tavares de Santana, or Clodoaldo for short. Anyone? Some will know he was the third midfielder with Gerson and Jairzinho in the 1970 Brazil World Cup winning team that is considered by many to be the best team to ever win the competition. He was a workhorse, defensive midfielder, who’s hardly ever mentioned, but Zagallo, the manager always picked him in the team of superstars Brazil had at that time, including Tostao, Carlos Alberto, Rivelino and Pelé. My point is, of course, that every team, even the great ones, needs the water carriers, workhorses, whatever you want to call them and Henderson fills that role in our team more than most do. I agree we look like we need more from our midfield than he, Milner and Wijnaldum can give collectively. They are neither creative nor quick enough in my opinion as a three, but individually they have qualities we need against most teams. Milner isn’t getting any younger, Wijnaldum never seems to me to have full control of the ball, which leaves Hendo, who’s effort is never less than 100% and who has surprised me as Captain with his obvious enthusiasm and desire. Something that Klopp also appears to recognise as well.
  8. coachpotato

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    I’ll put a fiver in! Brilliant idea.
  9. coachpotato

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    I reckon Pickford tried to catch van Dijks attempted shot/cross/volley, but didn’t take into account the ice on the ball after it had gone so high. Thankfully Origi was the only one who didn’t give it up and we won a game that they probably deserved a share of the points from. If they play that well against some of our fellow contenders then they might take points off them, and that might stick in the throats of the “born not manufactured” “chosen” deluded shower of idiots more than today’s heroic defeat obviously does. Thanks for the 3 points. . . . again.
  10. coachpotato

    Liverpool 1 Real Madrid 3 (May 26 2018)

    Two mistakes and a worldie beat us. Even then I'd say it was Bales first goal that took the wind right out of our sails. We'd just equalised against a team that hadn't threatened (they'd hit the bar and that was it) and we'd scored a decent goal from one of several corners we'd forced. We were arguably getting back on top and possibly could've forced extra time or even a win. That Bale goal, while brilliantly taken, was the moment I thought we were done for. T see that fly in after giving them the first one and fighting back.....well. The third was academic really and a real kick to the nuts for Karius and the rest of us. I guess we'll never really know about Ramos' ability to injure opposition players to the point where they have to go off, I thought initially he'd meant to foul Salah and the injury was (to them) a bonus. Perhaps someone could do a fact finder on whether he's got history for this and, if so, expose it. He's a massive shithouse anyway (holding his face to get Mane booked later on as an example), and Madrid have that side to them, which, like it or not, is one reason why they've picked up the cup. We kept CR7, Benzema, Isco etc quiet with a brilliant defensive display and still came up short because when one of our best players went off, we couldn't substitute with anything like equal quality and because obvious shortcomings that have been there for far too long weren't addressed. We'll kick on though, Madrid will just get older and less effective. The future is ours, if it's managed properly.
  11. coachpotato

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    There’s a Polish internet station I stumbled across called PolskieRadio-LED Zeppelin, it’s all Zep but with the band and covers done by all kinds of artists. Bonamassa doing Tea For One is a favourite of mine for instance, it’s either that or Planet Rock on during the day in our house now.
  12. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    When Heysel occurred, everyone with any responsibility tried to distance themselves from the disaster in the blame game that followed. For years UEFA, our Football League and FA, the Police, supporters, everyone had gone around fully aware that there would likely be people killed one day in such a disaster, but it didn't stop heads going into the sand or blinkers being put on. I was at the game and it looked like a "typical" rush at the time from where I was, following missiles and taunts being thrown backwards and forwards across that chicken wire fence that was never going to be enough to prevent the violence. We didn't find out until half time that there'd been fatalities, we were dodging bits of concrete being thrown by Juventus fans who'd come out of their end and down the running track and once the game got under way I don't think many knew what had happened. I remember just wanting to get out after we did find out, it was surreal listening to news filtering through and many didn't believe it. In the days after, there was all kinds of recriminations and I recall seeing a program on the TV where there were several "hoolies" from the more notorious "firms" at the time being quizzed about all kinds. One statement stood out and I've always remembered it, a West Ham ICF member was asked what he thought and he said "It was always going to happen somewhere and sometime, the Scousers have just been unlucky its been them". Just unlucky? When 39 people died? Bottom line is that had ours not rushed the supporters in that end, they wouldn't have turned and ran, wouldn't have caused a crush and the wall would never have collapsed and its possible we would've won number five there and then instead of in Istanbul. The authorities would've likely slapped themselves on the back for having staged another successful final, regardless of having dodged a bullet yet again, and life would've continued as before. But it did happen to us and there's no getting away from that. However, had it not happened, Everton would've been in the competition the year after.as our representatives. And they would never think this, but who knows, they might've had a disaster befall them instead of us . Ifitadnerbinferheysel ....indeed.
  13. coachpotato

    Liverpool 2 Swansea 3 (Jan 21 2017)

    Stark stuff from the editor there, and entirely justified. Everyone's entitled to their opinion regardless of whether they think we were in with a shout of the title or not. I never did think we were in with a shout and am in the "fourth and a cup will show progress" camp. Every other team in the top 6 or 7 have at least one top class striker, we don't. Sturridge is a busted flush, both mentally and physically, Origi has gone backwards, Ings has never had the chance to shine, not his fault, Mane and Firmino are forwards, but not what I would call a striker worth the name. That is, 1 goal in 2 games average and not taking 3 or 4 chances to score a goal. I know Firmino can do what he did on Saturday, but he doesn't do it enough for me and certainly doesn't seem to want to go in where the boots are flying. Mane has pace as his biggest asset, but not taking chances. Jermain Defoe has been scoring for a shit team like Sunderland on scraps, what would he do in our team I wonder? Don't laugh, he's probably a better option than anything we've got as a striker at this point! We, fundamentally, haven't improved our defence in 10 years. There have been plenty of players in and out of defensive positions, but have we had a better centre back than Sami Hyppia or Jamie Carragher in the last 10 years? No. Matip might prove to be a great find, or he might spend half his time injured. Jury's out still. I also think we have to get away from having full backs who's primary function appears to be that they can attack. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Their primary function is to defend and prevent us conceding, as is the centre backs, as is the goalkeeper, 3 shots on target Mignolet had to deal with on Saturday, 3 goals scored. Title winning teams have goalkeepers who actually make a fucking difference in that, with their save, they turn defeats into draws, or draws into wins. hate to say it but Schmeichel got united between 8 and 10 points a season with his save, regularly. Tirle winning teams also don't play 2 or even 3 defensive midfielders at home. One in front of the back four should be more than enough, leaving the other two to attack with the forwards and world class striker, y'know, like Arsenal, or Chelsea, or . . . you get the point. No, we were deficient from the start of this season, hence my belief that top four and a cup would show progress, and it has to be top four to even stat to attract the type of players we're going to need to go the extra step and win the title. Our record against the "better" teams is because, mainly, they play into our hands and attack us, unless you're manchester united at Anfield, where you just shit your pants and park the bus. But that game should've sounded alarms. Teams have started doing that to us, and are having success, because we don't seem to have a plan B and they know, pretty much, that when they attack us, they'll likely score. SO what is the answer to our ills? Pointless me pointing out my perceived problem areas without offering something as an alternative. Well, if we stop conceding, we'll stop losing, and if that compromises our attacking options somewhat, so be it. No team has ever won the league without being able to defend first and, negative as that sounds, its where I believe we have to start. We've tried the all out gung-ho attack with both Rogers and Klopp and it doesn't appear to work. Although I really do hope Klopp can do something because I happen to like him a lot. Rafa had the next closest go at winning the thing with the team that had Reina, Gerrard, Hyppia, Carragher, Mascherano, Alonso and Torres. Now that team could defend, and we had a top class striker as well, and I thought that was going to be the team that broke our duck. Circumstances contrived to break the team up and that was that. So, sort out our defence, try and get a striker in worth the name, and see how that goes. Until then, top four and a cup will have to do.
  14. coachpotato

    Swansea (H) Sat 21st ye swanny play better reds

    Seems sides have worked us out, certainly the ones who set out to come for a point. Always seems to be the case that the opposition have the same number of goals as shots on target. Serious look required at how we defend, but how long have we all been saying that?
  15. coachpotato

    Liverpool 1 Sevilla 3 (May 18 2016)

    "What we need isn't just quality now but consistency. . " Spot on Section. The most consistent team won the league this season, ahead of "big teams" like City, Arsenal, Chelsea, united etc. etc. all who struggled with consistency even with better players. I agree that skill, correct mentality, etc are required, but thats a given surely, and despite the disappointment in Basel, we have shown we can produce performances as good as any team this season, but not consistently enough. How you get that consistency, i'm not sure. Training and tactics repeated until you can follow them blindfolded? Players who have a certain level of intelligence? Born winners who know naturally how to overcome and deliver? Maybe all 3 plus more. Its no good having a way of playing, specific tactics, will to win or any of the attributes already mentioned unless you can deliver them consistently. A bit more consistency last season would've given us a completely different end, and might even have kept Rogers in a job.