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  1. Clem H Fandango


    A Polish man walks into specsavers for an eye test. The optician shows him the test card, and on it says: "C Z W J X N Y S A C Z" The optician then asks him "Can you read that?" The Polish man says "Read it? I know the cunt!"
  2. Clem H Fandango


    Two old communists relaxing at a nudist resort; “Tell me, comrade, have you read Marx?” “Yes, I think its these wicker chairs”
  3. Clem H Fandango

    Whats your favourite war film ever?

    come and see. great film and hard to stomach.
  4. Clem H Fandango

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    toenails. how have we evolved to still need these wretched things?
  5. Clem H Fandango


    I've got a french stepdad. he's my faux pa.
  6. Clem H Fandango

    Great t-shirts

    got this beauty. from the fight for your right to party video.
  7. Clem H Fandango

    Insects and Bugs etc

    Sounds like you need a honey badger.
  8. to have and have not. casablanca.
  9. Clem H Fandango

    Working from home excuses

    My bad. Where I work, if you're sick you are expected to work from home unless it's really serious.
  10. Clem H Fandango

    Working from home excuses

    Just mention that covid has affected your mental wellbeing and you wont come into the office until everyone has had 2 jabs.
  11. Clem H Fandango

    Sliding mitre saw good for DIY

    I got a sliding compound mitre saw with 300mm slide in lidl for £80. Has a laser line too and has the same power motor as top brands.
  12. Clem H Fandango

    Intense/Suspenseful Scenes in Movies

    Saw joker at the cinema with the missus and we were on the edge of our seats the whole film the first time of watching. Just an assault on our mental wellbeing and we were both speechless for 10 minutes afterwards. Watching it on the tv didnt really have the same effect, but nonetheless captivating.