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  1. Clem H Fandango

    Boxing 2021

  2. Clem H Fandango

    The Darts Thread 2021

    He relentless on the 20's and doesn't switch down to 19's. Also his double 16's are game over. Seems like a nice guy too.
  3. Clem H Fandango


    Most of the stuff I've heard from them is instrumental. Funktastic.
  4. Clem H Fandango


    Excuse my fat fingers and tiny phone. Yes the meters are amazing. A lot of there tunes and riffs get sampled.
  5. Clem H Fandango


    Nothing beats the meteors.
  6. Clem H Fandango

    Which drugs should be legal (supply and possession)

    I'm no conspiracy theorist, but having been jabbed twice with an unknown substance maybe there is an argument for heroin...at least I know it comes from poppies.
  7. Clem H Fandango

    Greatest 10's Film - Round 1 - Group F

    Paddington? How old are gf members?
  8. Clem H Fandango

    Is it time to start to question what's really happening?

    Leave it. Going grey is a sign of maturity.
  9. Clem H Fandango


    Funny you say that. My employers which are part of a county council, have opened up the pedestrianised Town for traffic again which reduces the distance that people can shop apart. And yet they will not fill my office back up with staff until at least September. Anyway, I'm still wearing my mask to protect others as cases are on a major rise down south here.
  10. Clem H Fandango


    A solar panel is talking to a wind turbine. The solar panel says, "So what do you think about this whole renewable energy thing?" The turbine replies, "I'm a big fan!"
  11. Clem H Fandango


    When you see geese flying overhead in a ‘V’ formation have you ever wondered why one line is always longer than the other? It’s because there are more geese in that line
  12. Clem H Fandango


    I ran into the vets this morning and said to the receptionist, "Quick, I think my hamster is in serious trouble.""Hamster?" she laughed, "That's a snake."
  13. Clem H Fandango


    Had to go to the doctors yesterday, after I became breathless while eating a bowl of rice. He thinks I might be Basmatic.
  14. Clem H Fandango


    Just started the Adam ant diet...... Don't chew ever Don't chew ever