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  1. gumps

    Xbox One

    Have to say, not the prettiest looking machine! Unimaginative design really, looks like old DVD players.
  2. gumps

    Other football

    Typical ITV! They are so seldom in the limelight that they really try too hard when they do have any matches on. I know they are a commercial channel but they always seem so overkeen on self-promotion when on screen. "check out all the football on ITV.com" or some shit!
  3. gumps

    Ferguson retiring Imminent.

    While I'm joyful of the fact that the oul cunt is finally retireing, the fact that he will still be about as director/ambassador leaves me a little bit fearful that his influence will still hang about. As Lurtz says, until he's dead! It's a first step though.
  4. Interesting that vinyl has managed to hang on in there while cassettes had their time and just disappeared. Whenever I started to buy music, tapes were my choice for convenience and durability as I was always shit scared of scratching the vinyl records! I came across an old box of tapes a while back and looked at them as if they were from the middle ages. Really strange technology.
  5. gumps

    Car Insurance

    Unbelievable story that nastylizard. You can just imagine "alice" sitting there with a plastic smile on her face reading from a script. I've said before the car insurance model in UK is ridiculous. Their is no personal risk assessment, people are just lumped in together with massive assumptions made. There is no loyalty either as new customers are offered the big discounts, so the companies are just stealing customers off each other every year. And the recent EU ruling about the removal of discrimination between males and females seem to have just resulted in big increases for females and modest ones for males just to even it up.
  6. gumps

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Looking good. Can't wait! Only 1 month to go. I think with this series that the books may start to mingle up a bit, bits brought forward and stuff for TV pacing.
  7. gumps

    What height are you?

    This. I'm 6 4 and a quarter or something but just erred on the lower.
  8. gumps

    Playstation 4

    I just don't think that the infrastructure for cloud streaming is there or stable enough yet. It's all right saying that music and video are already being streamed, but they are one way, gaming is a 2 way interactive experience. Plus more and more users online at the same time is bound to put pressure on a lot of peoples bandwith. We all know how laggy multiplayer is now and also shitty streams for f*****ll. Maybe an age thing, but I'm uncomfortable with a licence/download/streaming model with current tech. What I like about console gaming is that yes it is not cutting edge, but you don't need to be upgrading and the game invariably works when you insert the disc.
  9. gumps

    Other football

    They are a classic team that is greater than the sum of its parts. Plus a 20 year winning mentality thats been drilled into them by the oul bacon-faced cunt. I'm afraid nothing is going to change until he goes.
  10. gumps

    Playstation 4

    One thing that puzzles me about the seemingly inevitable rush to downloading games rather than the physical disc, is where are you going to store these games? I don't know if I'm typical, but I never trade in my games. I like to keep them, collect them. I have upwards of 50 odd PS3 games at the moment. What is the capacity of a Bluray disc, 50GB isn't it? Not to mention games add-ons and DLC. So, I would need upwards of 2-3 TB of HDD storage.
  11. gumps

    Playstation 4

    Constant internet connection? Blocking 2nd hand games? Oh dear. An oppressive Microsoft OS? Who'd have though it. Oh and another thing, I wish motion control would just die the death it deserves and fuck the fuck off!
  12. Wholeheartedly agree with the majority on the thread. Any remake will only be similar in name. It will not be the same programme, how can it be in this day and age? With CGI, it will be like a videogame cutscene. Like fellow Andersonphile Mike D, the main man responsible for the whole look and feel of Anderson's shows was Meddings and his understudy Mike Trim. Brilliant designs. Less said about the recent movie the better.
  13. gumps

    What's your favourite type of bus?

    Ace! Looks like something from Thunderbirds!.
  14. gumps


    Who is bankrolling this lot? First Sneijder and now Drogba. Must be paying mega-wages for both.
  15. gumps

    Andy Murray

    No shame really. Both men were going for records. Djokovic for 3 in a row and Murray for the first man to win a Slam after his first one, so odds were against him. Better player overall and on the day won. At the moment, Andy really needs to be at his best and Novak to be a bit below par for him to win. I came to this match late. Was Murray injured? He certainly wasn't moving great. Not looking for excuses but if you're injured you can't be at your best.