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  1. Juniper

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters 6.5/10 Also loosely based on a true story. It was a bit daft but I got what I expected from it. Simple story, shit ton of massive monsters. Some good action scenes and some nice visuals. Not bad.
  2. Anyone getting one of these? Sega obviously following Nintendo's lead with the Mini NES and SNES but this one also looks very impressive, with a total of 42 games installed. Preordered mine as soon as it was announced but the full games list has been released. Buzzing it's got World of Illusion with Micky Mouse. Spent hours on that game when a kid. I'll be all all over Earthworm Jim and Golden Axe too. Full games list Ecco the Dolphin Castlevania: Bloodlines (Castlevania: The New Generation in AU/UK) Space Harrier 2 Shining Force Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Toe Jam & Earl Comix Zone Sonic the Hedgehog Altered Beast Gunstar Heroes Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Earthworm Jim Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Thunder Force III Super Fantasy Zone Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Streets of Rage 2 Contra Hard Corps (Probotector in AU/UK) Landstalker Mega Man: The Wily Wars Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition Sonic Spinball Phantasy Star IV Beyond Oasis (The Story of Thor in AU/UK) Ghouls 'N Ghosts Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Golden Axe Vectorman Wonder Boy in Monster World Tetris Darius Virtua Fighter 2 Alisia Dragoon Monster World IV Kid Chameleon Road Rash II Eternal Champions Columns Dynamite Headdy Strider Light Crusader
  3. Juniper

    Star Wars

    I agree with how he was killed off but legend is pushing it, more like cult favourite really. He was in ROTJ only for a total of two and a half minutes.
  4. Juniper


    I have a drum/music room. Place to store two of my drum kits/spares with my main kit set up to practice on. Have a certain sports memorabilia framed on the walls too. Would love to move my Xbox and a tele to the room too but I’d never leave.
  5. Not seen it since Saturday night but I think (from memory) it was Ray Haughan, who's the main Player Liaison staff member.
  6. Need to massively improve second half, that was tough viewing.
  7. Juniper

    Ex Arsenal Reyes dead

    Horrible news
  8. Juniper

    Where are you watching the final?

    On holiday in Cornwall, my brother (also a red) came down to stay with us for a couple days yesterday with his partner and my neice. Just been to a duck race for the kids, about to head to the beach before coming back for a BBQ and watch the build up before the game, whilst getting stuck into the beers. Absolutely Ace Each time we've watched a final together we've won so you can all thank us both later.
  9. Juniper

    Adidas Trainers

    Had the same with a leather pair of Samba’s. Bought them about 3 year ago and I’ve probably worn them about 4 times. Been in a cupboard gathering dust. Shame, as they are lovely looking and I’d love to wear them but I’ll rather not sound like there’s a clown walking down the street when out.
  10. Juniper

    Tribute Bands

    Actually, I have seen a tribute band. My previous band supported a Jimi Hendrix tribute band a handful of years ago at the site of what used to be the Marquee in London. Very random gig. The guy 'playing' Jimi was pretty good, but he had the broadest brummie accent I've ever heard - which was hilarious seeing him on stage talking between songs and then chatting to him afterwards. Ruined it really.
  11. Juniper

    Tribute Bands

    That's great, cheers. Happy to have your bank account number and sort code also if you're feeling generous.
  12. Juniper

    Tribute Bands

    I know musicans who do that too, good money can be made if you're good and you're covering a band that appeals to people. People will pay to hear the same old stuff rather than take a risk and go see something new (but those music fans will tell you how their local music scene is shit at the same time!!) I'm off the fence now. Sod it.
  13. Juniper

    Tribute Bands

    Well bloody said, most people can't even support an original band via social media with a simple 'like' so it helps the band out - and I'm talking about some of you dicks on here. Even harder getting people to a free gig or spend 3 minutes of their time to listen to a free song online so that band get their .000429 pence a play on Spotify, or shock horror spend 79p buying a song of theirs off iTunes. I've pretty much given up on that front (until the next single)
  14. Juniper

    Tribute Bands

    I see it from both sides. Can see the appeal as a punter. Looks to be a fun night out, hear all your favourite songs from your favourite band recreated and not take the evening too seriously. Sounds good for those reasons, although I can't recall ever seeing one as I prefer seeing original music. From a musical/band perspective it really doesn't appeal, in fact I find it very cringey in musicians trying to emulate others in sound, appearance and characteristics and not creating any new music. It's lazy but some decent money can be made in tribute stuff so no wonder it appeals, which is cool. On the fence a bit but it's really not my thing.