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  1. Juniper

    Top 5 Westerns Of All Time

    Back To The Future 3.....
  2. Juniper

    Neil Peart RIP

    This for yet another crazy drum intro Actually makes me piss myself from the sheer audacity of the band.
  3. Juniper

    Neil Peart RIP

    Heard this for the first time earlier, one of the most out there drum intros I’ve heard in terms of placements. Had to play it a few times to make sense of it. Not a bad way to announce your return to drumming after a few years off grieving.
  4. Juniper

    Neil Peart RIP

    I’m reading his book Ghost Rider: Tales from the open road’ at the moment and I’m not getting any Right Wing viewpoints in it. He is snarling at everyone if anything, but that’s probably due to it being written after his Daughter, Wife and Dog died all within about a year and he’s majorly fucked off, quit Rush and buggered off on his motorbike. I’d recommend the book anyway, good read.
  5. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    It’s confusing as it’s an image of Sam Rami’s Spider-Man but clearly referencing Spider-Man ‘killing’ Mysterio and having Adrian Toomes/The Vulture from Homecoming in it.
  6. Juniper

    Prog rock thread

    Just seen this Fuck, sad news.
  7. Juniper

    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    1996 FA Cup Final Chelsea 2014 Europa and Celta Vigo in 1998 Fucking Basle in 2002 Champions League 2007 Final 2018 Final
  8. Juniper

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Alright touchy! Just tickled me you saying that people are easily pleased when watching it.
  9. Juniper

    Rate the last film you watched...

    It’s got 97% & 92% on Rotten Tomatoes too so I’d say it’s not that people are easily pleased.
  10. Juniper

    FA Cup - 4th Round Draw

    Another run out for the kids
  11. Juniper

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    Absolutely hilarious. I explained to the Mrs what was happening and she said "oh, that's got to be so embarrassing for them" Yes, yes my dear it is. Brilliant.
  12. Juniper

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Knives Out - 8/10 Fantastically shot film (felt like a homage to Wes Anderson’s style at times) great cast, good story and some very good plot twists. Just when you think it’s all wrapped up it pulls the carpet from under your feet. Really good murder mystery, we both really enjoyed it. Daniel Craig & Ana De Armas were great also.
  13. Juniper

    Star Wars

    That's ok, personal taste innit