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  1. Good isn’t it Karl, quality night out. I drove past the area recently and a shame to see it all closed. Nearly went all season ticket holder a couple years ago. Live in Basingstoke so check out a few Bison matches a few times a season, typically.
  2. So the town I now live in has a top tier English team (regular champions) and the crowd are always vocal and loud. It’s actually a great Saturday or Sunday night out. Watch some (occasional) fights. Drink Ale before the match and then between periods. End to end stuff. Can’t really fault it from going to the occasional game in the past. Anyone visiting who I’ve taken to the arena has wanted to come back and see more. Good night out actually.
  3. Juniper

    Random musical chat.

    New Idles album out today, fuck me the opener blows the Monday cobwebs out of your ears.
  4. The Doors are one of the most overrated bands ever.
  5. Ah yeah the Beach Boys, the band that mostly used session musicians in their prime....
  6. Juniper

    The Mandalorian

    Grace Randolph wasn’t it? Apparently completely nonsense.
  7. Juniper

    Great Documentaries

    That and NASA refused help from the US government to look at the damaged wing with one of their spy satellites to see the extent of the problem, before they attempted re-entry. Again, completely avoidable as they also had another shuttle that could have rescued the crew, or the ISS being used as temporary shelter. NASA’s decision making process completely at fault for that one also. Unfortunately they didn’t learn from Challenger. I remember all that talk of the wing in the days leading up to them returning, low and behold they perished also. Horrible stuff putting lives at risk all over chance.
  8. Juniper

    Great Documentaries

    The Columbia crew was thought to have been unconscious fairly quickly from which I hope is true. Reason for that there’s apparently evidence they would have died from blunt force trauma with their heads effectively bashing inside/against their helmets from being whipped around in their seats - before the ship disintegrated - as the upper body restrains weren’t that efficient. Which is even more horrific for the families.
  9. Not sure if I’ve said this before but.... The Monkees can get to fuck
  10. Juniper

    Great Documentaries

    Yeah really bad. You've have thought NASA would have ensured nothing like that would have happened again, but the same failings in decision making and risk taking with people's lives resulted in the Columbia disaster in 2003. Unfortunately that was also avoidable.
  11. Probably the mid 90's Not paid attention to the charts since around then.
  12. Of course they’ll say that about One Direction. The kids who grew up with them will remember them as it’s part of their childhood. The Millions of people who are fans of Van Halen will still keep playing their records in 2 years time when that band turns 50 - plus they currently have more than double the amount of monthly plays on Spotify than the Monkees (4million vs 9mil) for example. But we’re moving away from my original point in that they aren’t a real band, in my view.