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  1. Juniper

    Farewell gift to Richard Scudamore

    So it’s been approved, he’ll receive 5mil spread over 3 years and he’s managed to bag himself a “consultancy role” to The Premier League, guaranteeing him even more money. All you need to know about how those in charge look after their own. The club should be ashamed of itself. Fuck this game.
  2. Juniper

    Farewell gift to Richard Scudamore

    I had the displeasure of having to occasional deal with this guy professionally for about six years. He’s exactly what you expect of him.
  3. Juniper

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Bohemian Rhapsody I'm a bit torn about this one, as although I enjoyed it I was uncomfortable with the elements of past events that have been changed in order to make the film more dramatic, which I found bordering on poor taste at times. Cringed like fuck when it portrayed that they had not received a single donation at Live Aid until Queen hit the stage. Then suddenly they hit their target thanks to Queen. Swear I even heard a background extra say "Thanks Freddie!" in the control room. Come on!! Also that Freddie wrote "Who wants to live forever" about his aids diagnosis. When it was written by Brian May for the chuffing Highlander soundtrack, before Freddie was diagnosed. Then the whole fallout, almost punishment from the band over his brief solo career, failing to mention Brian May broke solo first and Freddie delayed his album to fit in with the latest Queen album cycle. Thought that was poor also. There are more examples unfortunately. On its own it was a decent enough film and the actors were great, the performance shots were done/recreated very, very well and the Live Aid section was breathtaking at times for how well they recreated the performance and Wembley scenes but it looses marks for its blurring of the truth at key points. I'm sure I'll watch it again at some point as it was a decent enough music biog, but I'll keep shaking my head at certain scenes.
  4. Juniper

    Driving Test

    Sorry to hear about your redundancy, I hope you get something sorted ASAP. Honestly, most of what you typed there was true for me until the last mock. Everything would be going great and then I’d forget one basic thing to fuck it all up. For example in a past Mock I was about 500 yards from the end, for some reason I thought I was in second gear approaching a junction but I was actually in 4th. Of course I stalled it and failed. Like you said about the anxiety, I’d agree. I’m a really calm person but driving is like nothing else I’ve ever done, probably the only thing I can remember that’s caused me anxiety in my life. I can normally deal with pressure very well. Which is why I’ve struggled I think as I’m not used to that feeling. Now that I’ve passed that’s given me a major boost that I can and have done it and to no longer doubt myself too much. The kalms helped me settle down a lot though. Have never used anything like that before but they did work. Same with roundabouts, we have an unsually high number of them in Basingstoke and the whole procedure of navigating rounabouts is something I’ve struggled with as I’ve second doubted myself a lot. For example on Monday I was getting mixed up about exiting on the left lane after turning right on a major roundabout (even though I’ve covered it for nearly a couple of years!!) had to go through it and nearly learn it again in terms of memorising the steps as I felt like I knew it but couldn’t visualise it anymore. Also, navigating the lanes on major roundabouts only came together fully and consistently after I booked in the test as I had a focus to try and finally nail it. I’d start to slightly panic in the past as soon as I knew I was coming up to one for the fear of fucking it up/causing an accident. Nailed the hardest one we have here earlier so it just goes to show. Didn’t panic also as I was just determined as hell to pass. Until recently each time I made a mistake I knew it before my instructor said anything which made it even more frustrating!! Again, all that stuff I’d put it down to a pressurised situation where even the most practiced or simple things seem harder work - which is sounds like a similar thing for you. Often thought that if there was some sort of VR with fully feeling actions (ie you could feel the hands and feet in action with someone else driving) that would help learners ‘feel’ what they need to do but I guess it doesn’t cover every eventuality of being safe on the roads with the unexpected and planning ahead. When you’re able to get straight back on it, it’s annoying as hell when you’re in that Period of progress not going how you’d like it but it’s really all worth it when it finally all comes together. For me it all changed when the end was in sight. Fingers crossed for you and if you need any advice when you get back on it just send me a message mate. Will be happy to help if I can.
  5. Juniper

    Driving Test

    Also Rem, I started using 'Kalms day' in the last couple of weeks. Helps with the anxiety and the eventual brain farts a lot, if you can take them Helps settle the nerves a bit so you're not worrying so much about things, even such as if you did a chuffing safety check correctly!!!! Keep at it, you'll get there. Trust me.
  6. Juniper

    Driving Test

    I actually thought of you earlier as we were having the same issues at the same time on the previous thread (tried to find it earlier but couldn’t) Are you still taking mocks? Out of the 8 I did leading up to today I only passed the final one. Everything else I failed and it wasn’t consitant at all and at times my head dropped. One day I made one major, others I did 3 or even 6!!! Wasn’t consitant at all and I couldn’t feel the progress whatsoever. Everything came good for me when despite that (I hadn’t passed a mock at the time) I thought fuck it and booked the test. Instructors are there to ready you for every eventuality as possible, never came across a convoy of cyclists on a bend in a national speed limit country route, in wet weather before today, but I knew how to deal with it from past critique from my instructor. It was actually easier than I thought it would be, the pressure of the unexpected plays a massive part I think - from my own experience anyway. Dont beat yourself up too much. I’ve been in a similar situations and I passed first time with only one minor (thought I’d failed it early on during the test for example). Weeks ago I thought I was months and months away from that. Keep going mate, I’ve been driving (on and off) since November 2016. Been a massive hill to climb and I’ve beaten myself up over it many days and evenings but maybe get that test booked and you may find your extra test situation ‘focus’ comes sooner than you expected.
  7. Juniper

    Driving Test

    Bay park right at the end of the test back at the test centre, had to correct it. (No children/minors were touched)
  8. Juniper

    Driving Test

    At age 35 I just passed my driving test, first attempt with only one fucking minor. Over the moon so needed to share. Getting on the rum in T Minus.....
  9. Juniper

    Leicester City Owners helicopter Crash

    Apparently a statement is coming in the morning. Whether that happens or not is up to the families of all involved & the authorities, as it should be.
  10. Juniper

    Leicester City Owners helicopter Crash

    Lots of eyewitness saying it wasn't on fire before it crashed. Plenty of whoppers trying to make names for themselves on twitter already. Regardless, very sad news this evening.
  11. Juniper

    Red Dead Redemption

    Garrrr I'd love to say I can't wait to play it tomorrow evening but I think that'll be taken up with the install. Away with the band most of the weekend too. Fucksticks
  12. Juniper

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Shadow of The Tomb Raider 6/10 Its a decent game but the poor score is due to the length of the story. Way too short and not as long as the previous two in this current series. Its good but simply not long enough. Swear I only put in about 10hours game time on it. Poor for £50 for a single player focused game. Can’t be arsed to do more tombs and it’s only a matter of time before my copy ends up on eBay now the story is complete. Disapointing
  13. Juniper

    Red Dead Redemption

    My copies been dispatched and I cannot fucking wait for tomorrow now.
  14. Juniper

    Narcos S3 spoilers are all in here

    Can’t wait for this, love this show. The only current show I care about other than Stranger Things ...and also House of Cards before Kevin Spacey fucked it all up.
  15. Juniper

    Political Correctness

    Christ, I hope Yorkie bars aren’t next.