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  1. Given how she and her team blacklist journalists who give negative reviews and some of her fans are absolute nutters, I doubt you’ll see anything negative throughout the entire remaining tour.
  2. Logistic reasons for the stage setup / tear down, I suspect.
  3. Forum’s full of Swifties now Jesus wept
  4. Amazingly it cost them just $15 million to make and they had only 35 VFX artists which is insane, especially as they won an Oscar for its effects. Hollywood needs to take note.
  5. Godzilla Minus One. 8.5/10 Was gagging to see this during its short UK run in the cinemas but couldn’t, so I was thrilled to see this added worldwide to Netflix on Saturday morning, completely unannounced. Fucking ace, brilliant film. Can see why there was such a buzz about it. Proper Godzilla film set in the aftermath of WW2 and the after effects of war and Japan’s part in it. English dub option for those who don’t want subtitles. Good story, good acting, great visuals and score. And none of that King Kong teaming up nonsense in sight. Felt a bit like Jaws in places. Ace film.
  6. Or if they need a manager (in case of an emergency) further down the line then they have Klopp already at the club. Makes good sense, but time will tell if it’s rubbish of course.
  7. Saw this earlier, could be nonsense of course. Lines up well with his next job not being a manager, maybe. More time with the kids and grandkids..etc which he’s alluded to wanting.
  8. Nah. I was going with inexperienced managing a huge club/experienced in the PL and a bit too keen to talking to the press, for my own personal liking. That’s it. Also, the absolute nerve of someone comparing our new manager to one of our old ones! Anyway, now it’s all officially confirmed by the club and we’ve said goodbye to Klopp I’m all in on Slot. Bring on next season.
  9. See, this is the type of well thought out response that gives a different opinion and actually addresses another post. Top stuff. Much prefer this type of approach, rather than some short and snidey bollocks like some others on this thread.
  10. It’s indeed a bit daft of a reaction.
  11. He was openly talking to the press about it (granted when asked) when we were originally linked to him weeks ago and has regularly provided updates on what’s happening since. It’s hardly a huge dislike against the man, I want to see him do well, I just don’t like the willingness to be that open with the press about a move away when employed by someone else. Maybe it’s a culture thing, maybe not. Maybe it’s just his direct style also. I’m just not a fan of that approach with the press personally, regardless of who it is. Like I said, I hope he does well with us and I soon like what I see from him, when we get to know his style more…etc I’m hardly writing him off, it’s just a minor gripe.
  12. Couldn’t really give a fuck if anyone has an issue with what I posted. I hope he proves me wrong and my opinion is only that of someone who knows little about him. I’m not questioning his managerial qualities, just how open he’s been to the press at times the lead up to the appointment. I don’t happen to like that, other people do and that’s fine. When he’s in the post and working for the club he’ll get my support from day one, like anyone coming in or working for the club.
  13. Should just shut up now and let Klopp have his well deserved send off. Somewhat lack of class there from him unfortunately. Hopefully it’s an Isolated incident. See if the club announces it after this weekend also.
  14. Getting Rodger’s vibes from this guy. Plus he likes talking to the press doesn’t he. At least wait for an official statement from the club to go out.
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