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  1. Juniper

    Star Wars

    Looks like we might be getting news of the Kenobi series that’s been rumoured for Disney+ since February. Apparently it was originally a film and was supposed to be announced shortly after the premiere of Solo (which is why Ewan McGregor attended) but changed to a 6 part series. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/obi-wan-kenobi-series-ewan-mcgregor-disney-plus-1203304387/amp/
  2. Juniper


    And all those hours you spent 'practicing'
  3. Juniper


    Knife and fork with fried chicken? Fingers with those little napkins thrown straight in the bin, grease everywhere and a village burned to ashes on the way home.
  4. Juniper


    Gagging for some fried chicken now.
  5. Juniper

    Great drumming performances

    Great stuff. Just goes to show if you put the hours in that's all that matters, not the gear you're playing on. When I was over in Cuba back in 2016 I saw some ridiculous players on many a street corner/music club playing for cash. Most of them sounded unreal playing on similar looking kits, Was a real eye opener and unreal most probably won't ever leave the country for other people to see their talent first hand.
  6. Horrible story, heartbreaking for the family.
  7. Juniper

    Good Music Documentaries

    Sounds good, I’ll check that out. The Beastie Boys were pretty candid in their recent autobiography book (great book btw) about him fucking them over back in the 1980’s and a big subsequent fallout.
  8. Juniper

    The Railways

    To do with Virgins partner (Stagecoach) pensions setup. Simular thing happened with Stagecoach with the East Midlands Railway franchise rebid in recent months so they would have known in advance things weren’t looking good.
  9. Juniper

    Good Music Documentaries

    Looking forward to watching this, seen earlier it’s available on Amazon Prime Video. Looks great
  10. Juniper

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    Listened to it earlier, not bad at all. Will be going in for more listens for sure. Stand out track for me after one listen is ‘Birth of the Cruel’. Great track and some great playing on it.
  11. Juniper

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    Not listened to the new Slipknot one yet but here’s hoping they have put aside the ballads. The Gray Chapter and All Hope is Gone were full of them.
  12. Juniper

    TV Licence

    Found myself watching that the other day for the first time as a family I know were on it (Hazel and Kenneth), probably the first time I’ve seen ITV in years. Dont get me started on ITVBe though.That station needs nuking from orbit as if it’s LV-426. We should be reimbursed for having a tv license simply due to that station existing.
  13. Juniper

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Exactly, I can’t get my head around it. Especially worse are the lads that have no Scottish heritage or even if they do have never shown any affiliation to Scotland in all the years you’ve known them, seems to be they wear them to get attention and hope a girl will ask them if they are wearing boxers. The big, massive Virgins.
  14. Juniper

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Anyone that wears a kilt to a wedding that wasn't born up in the highlands on a sheep farm, washes their teeth with Iron Bru and Haggis and hasn't fought at least 20 Englishmen. Attention seeking gobshites.