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  1. Juniper

    Your top 5 rewatchable movies?

    Alien Jaws The Thing Ghostbusters The Empire Strikes Back
  2. Juniper

    Rocky IV...

    Just seen there’s a directors cut of this film coming out. Apparently 40minutes longer https://deadline.com/2021/09/sylvester-stallones-rocky-iv-rocky-vs-drago-ultimate-directors-cut-hitting-theaters-digital-1234847353/ Hopefully more montages.
  3. Juniper

    Jordan AKA Katie Price

    I haven't been this disappointed in her since the day I saw her sex tape.
  4. Juniper

    Winter of discontent

    Been down in South Cornwall the last week and it’s been quite civilised here. Only queued briefly once in seven days (been going when we need petrol as opposed to filling the tank / bulk buying..etc) I’m impressed, might come back here again.
  5. Juniper

    Winter of discontent

    Been thinking about this a lot these last few days
  6. Juniper

    america - fucked up

    Warrant issued for withdrawing money from her bank account after her death, ie committing fraud. Not being a suspect in her death. Something very odd about this whole thing. From its handling weeks ago to where things are today.
  7. Girls Aloud? Girls Fucking Aloud?!!? What’s the matter with some of you
  8. Juniper

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    Nah, they’ll take the money and reunite one day.
  9. Juniper

    Best apps for driving?

    I also use Waze also for navigation and it does display the speed limit / speed cameras and notifies you if you’re going over. Can be a bit annoying at times when asking you to interact with the app (asking you to confirm if there is traffic, roadworks, police nearby…etc that other drivers have reported) but it’s free and easy enough to use.
  10. Juniper

    Thiago Alcantara

    He’s your mum?
  11. Juniper

    Nike deal

    The thing is it’s about the kids buying them, or their parents. I currently live in an area where you see a lot of Tottenham fans (which is fun these days) and I’ve only seen young people out and about wearing that gash multi-coloured away kit. Not seen a single home shirt of theirs, yet.
  12. Juniper

    Upcoming Films

    Slightly confused by that. With a scene from the original matrix film appearing on one of the screens behind Neo are they saying that the original film, was a film inside that world? The word a lot of inside folk are using to describe this film is “Meta” so I have a feeling it will divide a lot of the original series fans. Looks pretty decent though.
  13. Juniper

    RIP Gazelle

    Of course mate, you can donate to the pool I set up via PayPal and I can pass it on for you, or you can donate direct to the fund her family set up, if you prefer. My PayPal collection link https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8CnVrigxws Her families chosen charity link https://localgiving.org/fundraising/AmyPurcell/