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    • I'm a great believer in minding my own fucking business. If someone in the jungle needs a hand moving a telly or whatever, they can do a smoke signal & I'll happily help them out.   This is completely different to going in there to force my religious (or any other) belief system on them.
    • Almost as if we're not arrogant enough to presume that those people need help from outsiders. Especially when that "help" boils down to - "Don't believe in those gods - believe in this one!"
    • Oh, and, negged. Obviously.
    • Morning reprobates,    Some of you may remember me as the erudite deviant brucespanner, from many moons ago. Many of you won’t and, truly, you missed out!   Anyhows, short and long of it since Dave fucked up the server I can't log in under my old nom de plume meaning I have to use this lurker account I had to keep checks you pricks.    I’m up for one night only and have not been for years and need to know the old haunts aren’t, well, haunted by dickheads.   I’ve got so far, TATE & Roski for lunch.   Then the shitfest begins…Dead Crafty, Ship & Mitre, Sanctuary Tap, Dispensary, Brew Dog, Kaz, Gig at Shipping Forecast, Krazy House.   What am I missing that’s worth seeing as I feel like a stranger now!   I have Sunday morning/afternoon as well if I’m in a fit state, so advice welcome…   PS: Fuck off  Bjørnebye
    • Had no idea you'd negged me (as I don't appear to be getting notifications), you salmonella riddled, Jeremy Beadle handed, tit.   And you are quite possibly the biggest sly revenge negger on the site.