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That was the Week that Was (Apr 8-12 2024)




Monday Apr 8:


“Amorim has verbally agreed to join us”, say a load of twitter bluffers. “No he hasn’t, the Reds are still doing their due diligence” say the LFC reporters. I know who I believe, and it’s not the likes of that Pletigoal jabroni from Sky Germany, who two weeks ago said Alonso was joining Bayern. It probably is Amorim, it feels inevitable now, but it won’t be finalised as up until a couple of weeks ago we were still in talks with Alonso.


Sporting are going for the title, he won’t be finalising anything with us for a little while. He’s probably said he’s interested and now his agent will be dealing with most of the talks while he gets on with winning a title, while Klopp tries to do the same with us. I like Amorim’s chances better at this point, but at least we don’t play United again so there’s that.


Everton get another points deduction, although it’s beginning to feel like the determining factor in what punishment they get is “what’s the most we can hit them with without it relegating them?”. Two points for a second offence is a fucking joke. It was bad enough they got four points back from their initial penalty, but this just sends out an awful message. Break the rules and get punished. Cry about it and we’ll reduce the punishment even though there are zero grounds to do so. Break them again and we’ll give you an even smaller punishment.


I’m so sick of Everton fucking crying about this shit and how it’s PL Corruption, it’s the Sly Six trying to keep them down, it’s Covid, it’s the war on Ukraine…. No, it’s none of that shit. It’s that Kenwright sold your club to a dodgy as fuck Russian who wasn’t allowed to own the club, so he put his accountant up as a frontman and you all lapped it up thinking you were oh so clever and would be the next Chelsea or Man City.


He ploughed in a load of dodgy money, illegally, and although he didn’t cover his tracks very well (those artificially inflated sponsorships paid for by Usmanov were straight out of the Man City playbook) none of you cared because you were splashing the cash, buying the Liver Birds and acting like you were going to be relevant again.


But the players you bought were fucking shit and massively overpriced, the managers you hired were shite, then sacked and needed to be paid off and then the dodgy money tap was turned off when Usmanov got sanctioned. Yet still you bought players when knowing you’d be in breach of the rules. These are the facts. You cheated, blatantly, and this is nobody’s fault except the people who were running Everton. Who really should be in jail for what they’ve done to the club. If Evertonians were targeting their anger at those people I’d be supporting them. Instead they’re blaming everyone else and crying about how unfair it all is. They should be thanking the PL for going easy on them.


Finally today, Serge Aurier has launched a bizarre but amusing attack on Zinchenko. The Ukrainian had said that if he was called up to defend his country and fight the Russians he would do. He also said he was going to go over and fight but his family talked him out of it. Leaving aside the fact that Ukraine probably don’t trust him to defend anything, it does feel like he’s full of shit. I’m not judging him for not fighting, as I wouldn’t either if I were him. He just seems to talk a lot more than Mudryk and Mykolenko for example, and Aurier has had enough, saying 'Stop your cinema and go there right now [to Ukraine]. A real volunteer doesn't need anyone to call him up.'


I’m a little conflicted here as I agree with Aurier, but I also think it’s one of those things a lot of people will have thought but we all know better than to go public with it, especially when you’re a fellow footballer. Seems like a dick move, but it did make me laugh and I think he’s got a point. Imagine Zinchenko in the war. They’d send him to defend a specific location and you’d find him everywhere else but there, and in the end they’d have to call in that big Polish lad Kiwior to take over from him.

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Great diary as usual Dave, but Aurier is a prick, he has no right to tell anything to Zinchenko.


The Ukrainian has probably relatives and friends in Ukraine, his parents certainly.


For more than 2 years, he’s been waking up every morning, wandering whether some bombs have killed the people he loves, the people he knows.

What’s going on in Ukraine is horrible, it’s like WW2, many have ran away and live abroad. It’s still hard for them though.

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Good to see clubs coming out to challenge the lenient deduction from the PL for Everton.

Need a few more to get restless at this and start pressurising the PL to get its shit together and sort it out mostly the 115ers. More dissenting clubs please

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