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Club solely for those who play the drafts. Anyone can join.
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  2. Stig MegadriveMan Babbs John Can we get 4 more? @MegadriveMan @Allan @John102 @Sugar Ape @Lee909 @lifetime fan @Babb'sBurstNad @Remmie
  3. I’m in France next week so doubt I’ll have the time.
  4. Ill have a go, even though theyre shite
  5. Not for me,bit busy at the moment
  6. 1 player per nation from the current World Cup squads only. Who is in? @MegadriveMan @Allan @John102 @Sugar Ape @Lee909 @lifetime fan @Babb'sBurstNad @Remmie Feel free to suggest any other caveats

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