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Alexander-Arnold: We will still have that expectation to win things next season


Trent Alexander-Arnold admits things will be completely different once Jurgen Klopp departs the club but that does not mean that the team cannot challenge for honours next season.


For many young players who have come into the Liverpool lineup in the Klopp era, he is the only manager they have had in senior Football.


The lessons learnt under the German’s tutelage will keep them in fine stead for the rest of their career, but just like life in general, time waits for no-one and they as individuals and the team in general will soon move onto a new era.


It is always an uncertain time when a new manager comes in as they will have their own methods that they want to implement and some players will not suit that system.


While it is way too early to predict the incomings and outgoings during the upcoming summer transfer window, Alexander-Arnold is upbeat and optimistic personally about what lays ahead for this squad as he told The Overlap podcast per The Echo.




(Previously) I’ve been on the fence with regard to my feelings on a new manager coming in. It’ll be a completely different situation and it’s going to be weird to then turn up to pre-season, having to adopt a new playing style.


"Whereas now, without anything getting said to me, I know all the manager wants me to play, and I turn up to pre-season, I know to jump there, I’m to press there, but for this summer, my next preseason will have a completely different message.


“It’s going to be strange, but I think I like the idea of a new challenge for the team, the players and the club. The way I look at it is of course the manager is going to come in and change the way we play and it'll be a different type of culture and new messages.”


Despite the change in who is on the touch-line, the full-back says there is no reason why the standards would drop amongst the playing group, and that desire to keep pushing themselves to achieve ultimate success is ingrained in their psyche.


"As players, the mentality and eagerness to win - not the pressure, but the internal pressure on ourselves and the demands to win things and be in a title race next season no matter who the manager is - that's what we expect from ourselves.


"Of course results might not go our way but as long as that mentality is there - not that it doesn't matter who the manager is, but as long as the dressing room has got that desire that we're going to win, we're trying to win things, it's not a 'transition season', the manager comes and within his style of play is that winning mentality - that's how the transition needs to happen."




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