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Captain Turdseye

State of Georgia vs Denver Fenton Allen

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This is a few years old but I’ve just seen it now so suck my dick. A real court case immortalised by the makers of Rick and Morty. 

Georgia judge loses it over vulgar courtroom exchange

Thursday, Jun 23, 2016 at 10:30 AM
By Bill Rankin, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
This story was originally published June 23, 2016.

A Superior Court judge in Rome last week completely lost it on the bench during a hearing in which a murder defendant shouted repeated obscenities at the judge and then threatened to kill members of the judge's family.




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    • I dont believe what the club's offered and what Gini wants can be a massive difference unless he's looking for something approaching parity with Mo. And in my opinion, he's not worth that.   I like Gini but his game lacks finishing and goals. it's not a question of he doesnt get chance to get forward. He does but he then frequently mishits his shots.   Im convinced Gini wants to leave and get a big pay cheque a free gives him. I dont have a problem with that but am disappointed if that proves to be the case.
    • all the noises before christmas were there was a compromise could be made - which doesn't lend itself to the idea he feels he needs to play in another country. as you say, if he wants to, good on him - i would sooner play somewhere a bit warmer too.    but in terms of any distance between him and the club, i think my point is it will be widening by the day. clearly LFC's message here is either you're not worth what you're asking or has has been reported, you're getting on a bit and we won't offer a long deal. this season he has more than proved he is one of that breed of footballer who is incredibly physically robust, so if anything, his position will have hardened. 
    • Says it all when our all conquering midfield club captain being injured adds to our defensive woes.
    • Henderson’s first game in defence was against Southampton, but we’d put in largely stale performances against WBA & Newcastle leading up to it. 
        I don’t disagree on that we should have been looking to invest come 1st January but we were always on a hiding to nothing as soon as VVD was injured. 
        Would signing Kabak or Davies on the 1st January have made any difference? Who knows. It’s likely they wouldn’t have played until the mancs on 17th January and we won 2/4 games at the end of January.   Obviously, there is another conversation on whether Kabak & Davies are of the required quality for us. 
        We don’t know what happened behind the scenes in terms of attempting to sign somebody.
        We seem to be heavily in for Konaté of Leipzig, but he has a reduced buy out clause come the summer & why would RBL sell to us before the CL match?    Would Brighton have sold us Ben White in the middle of a relegation battle? Or at least absolutely pulled our pants down in the process of doing so. 
        On the squad rebuild, it’s not as disastrous as is being made. Yes, players will need replacing in coming seasons, but we don’t need to ship half the squad out in one summer.
        If he comes back from his injury as good as he was, IMO VVD can continue at this level, like Ramos, until he’s 35/36. Salah and Mane only turn 29 this year and are still contributing on the pitch. Hendo will likely be the oldest player come August and he’ll only just turn 31.   I agree with Carra about strengthening the spine, I put similar a page or two back. IMO, we don’t need a wholesale sweeping change. Returning players and quality additions (ie straight into the first 11) in defence, replacing Wijnaldum and another striker will, IMO, see a new impetus. 
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