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  1. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    After the last few years of peoole saying, if you are not happy leave and stand on your own. People will do this and then obviously the same people telling them to stand as independents will be condemning them for standing and splitting the Labour vote.
  2. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    The left talk about making people more accountable to the members and are vilified as undemocratic monsters wanting to put their own people in position. I will hold my breath and wait for the outrage from the media about how undemocratic this is.
  3. Scooby Dudek

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    So are we now implying that public sector workers have not had a decent pay rise for a decade has had nothing to do with the cunts in charge of the British government but because we were in the EU? This will explain why public sector workers are now dancing in the streets because having left the EU they will be getting a huge inflation busting pay rise this year. Or maybe not because of the cunts in charge of the British government.
  4. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    It was more a comment on how the leadership sees the North West membership (after reading the Scally conference report earlier) rather than the actual membership itself. I think a lot of North West members, irrespective of political leanings, will see this as a line in the sand that should not have been crossed.
  5. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    Just found this from January 2020, I imagine this will be the official justification that he didn't break any promises; https://labourlist.org/2020/01/members-left-uncertain-over-starmer-stance-on-the-sun/ 18th January, 2020, 7:06 pm Members left uncertain over Starmer’s stance on The Sun At the first of the leadership hustings events in Liverpool this morning, the candidate stated: “I certainly won’t be giving any interviews to The Sun during the course of this campaign.” Later, the Holborn and St Pancras MP sat down in conversation with commentator and former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika at the Fabian Society’s 2020 New Year conference. Hazarika suggested that Starmer would need the support of Sun readers to become Prime Minister. Pushed on whether he would give interviews to The Sun as Labour leader, he said: “Well, let’s get to be leader first, and then you can come back and ask me again.” A source for Starmer said: “There was no rowing back. He was talking in the context of a hostile media environment and the awful treatment by The Sun of people in Liverpool. He then reiterated his commitment, as he stated at the hustings, to not giving an interview to The Sun during the campaign.” After the event, Hazarika tweeted: “Asked him if he would do any interviews with if he won? Surely he needs some Sun readers to make him PM? He said let’s win this first then take it from there. Was his anti-Sun stance in Liverpool today playing to the room?” It is clear that the leadership hopeful will not be giving interviews to the right-wing publication during his current campaign, but the option to do so after the contest has concluded is being left open.
  6. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    Miliband was forced to apologise for having his photo taken with the rag in 2014, let's see what Starmer does going forward; https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-27829958 Ed Miliband has apologised for any offence caused after he posed with a copy of the Sun newspaper. The Labour leader was pictured holding a special edition of the paper which was sent to millions of homes free to mark the start of the World Cup. Labour MPs have criticised their leader for associating himself with the paper, which has long been criticised for its reporting of the Hillsborough disaster. Mr Miliband said he "understood the anger" felt on Merseyside about it. Groups representing victims and survivors of the 1989 tragedy expressed anger at Mr Miliband's actions, one describing them as an "absolute disgrace". Being overly cynical and bitter, Starmers actions seem to be an ideal way to get any remaining lefties from the horrible Labour supporting North West to leave the party. I know if I am not satisfied with his response I will be leaving the party this week.
  7. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    Blair sucked up and the "boycott" from Labour started in 2009, once the rag had announced its support for the Tories https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2009/sep/30/the-tony-ripped-up-labour I remember specifically being upset by the hypocrisy from leading Labour members lining up to slag the rag after spending years either sucking up or saying nothing. A copy of the Sun was torn in half on the platform of the Labour conference today as a succession of senior party figures condemned the paper after it declared that it was backing the Tories. Tony Woodley, the joint general secretary of Unite, received a standing ovation from the conference as he attacked the paper's owner, Rupert Murdoch, and said the Sun had never supported progressive values.
  8. Scooby Dudek

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    I knew there was something about him I just couldn't take to.
  9. Scooby Dudek

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    Just for the record; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Dowling Bridget Elizabeth Hitler, née Dowling (alternative Brigid Elisabeth, or Cissie[2]) (3 July 1891[3][4][5] – 18 November 1969[6]), was Adolf Hitler's sister-in-law via her marriage to Alois Hitler, Jr. She was the mother of Alois Hitler's son William Patrick Hitler. She was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. The couple settled at 102 Upper Stanhope Street, a boarding house kept by the John family, in Toxteth, Liverpool and, in 1911 they had their only child, William Patrick Hitler. The house was destroyed in the last German air raid of the Liverpool Blitz on 10 January 1942.
  10. Scooby Dudek

    Keir Starmer

    Here's my pledges, if you don't like them I 've got some more over here. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/keir-starmer-labour-conference-pledges-b1928605.html
  11. Scooby Dudek

    Brentford (A) - Sat 25th Sep 2021 (5:30pm)

    Really need to do something about this constant time wasting, that is never pulled up or mentioned. Absolute fucking joke. 5 mins extra time, they take 45 seconds over a goal kick, then a defender goes down injured and they play 5 mins and 3 seconds. Mo should have made it 4 2 but scoring three goals and not winning is down to the defensive side of the game. They didn't actually do much in the game but every time the ball was played into the box it was panic stations. 2 points thrown away.
  12. Scooby Dudek

    Ryder Cup 2021

    Just don't expect Europe to make putts. Depressing.