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  1. Got Heitinga mixed up with Van der Meyde for a second..
  2. Getting blown out of the water by a skint Man Utd. Swear I read they had to make sales to buy this summer. And apparently signing De Ligt next.
  3. Morata just got cleaned out by a security guard tackling some tit trying to take a selfie.
  4. Only player on the pitch that was better than him was Kante and Deschamps hooked him.
  5. Would I be a massive pussy if I cashed out?
  6. Nirvana were bang average but not many could pull off a cardigan like Kurt.
  7. Been thinking about getting a pair of Reebok classics and a Kappa tracky top.
  8. Hand of god on the 38 year anniversary.
  9. Two second places off 4 bags. Andy Warhol was talking shite.
  10. The new thing with bottle tops attached to the bottle. Get to fuck.
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