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  1. PrivateParts

    Intense/Suspenseful Scenes in Movies

    Moorfields on any given Friday, that.
  2. PrivateParts

    Super League Poll

    Fuck it to death with a diseased elephant cock. Hack it's corpse to bits and burn the bits in the street. Then fuck the ashes with a diseased elephant cock, just to be sure.
  3. PrivateParts

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That's the start of the afternoon that ended with "We want Moureeeeeenho, Lad! Everton aren't we? Eh! Eh!" Cry-laughing emoji, indeed.
  4. PrivateParts

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I can't get past this.
  5. PrivateParts

    Keir Starmer

    Also, he's a QC who writes questions with no capitalisation or question mark. I just thought those pics were a bit silly, though. Not the biggest deal in the world.
  6. PrivateParts

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    New research shows (as I thought the 2016 research showed) that the Leave vote wasn't driven by the disaffected poor. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/half-of-brexiteers-comfortably-well-off-not-left-behind-red-wall-voters-265503/ One depressing feature of that article is the prevalence of the bigotry and division promoted every day by the tax-dodging billionaires who own our shit rags.
  7. PrivateParts

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Like almost everyone in the country, I'd never heard anything about toner cartridges; so much for a "resilient factoid". Even if he wasn't actually the lowest, he was certainly reported to be the lowest (even the usual hate-mob didn't attack him on those grounds... for some reason) but that didn't cut through the "they're all the same" perception, so my point still stands.
  8. PrivateParts

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    We've used a lot of words to describe the Tories on here. Here are a few we haven't used.
  9. PrivateParts

    Keir Starmer

    Catalogue Man!
  10. PrivateParts

    Keir Starmer

    I'd forgotten all about this cunt.
  11. PrivateParts


    What's the coolest thing? Racism.
  12. PrivateParts

    Global Warming

    Capitalism is a bit shit, really.
  13. Way Out West The Maltese Falcon Arsenic & Old Lace It's A Wonderful Life The General
  14. PrivateParts

    Is today's news the end of the "Socialist club" idea

    The club has never had Socialist owners. (I don't think any English top flight club has.) The Socialist character comes from the fans, the community and from some of the managers and players we've had over the years. That hasn't changed overnight.
  15. PrivateParts

    What's the Coolest Thing?

    I've just seen something on the news about a helicopter on Mars, which is about the coolest thing I can think of. Is anything cooler than that?
  16. PrivateParts

    Nathaniel Phillips

    Also lacking a wee bit of Fabinho in midfield.
  17. PrivateParts

    Leeds (A) Premier League - 19/4/21 - 20:00

    No way is the ref to blame for that.
  18. PrivateParts

    Nathaniel Phillips

    He's become a player whose absence costs us points.
  19. PrivateParts

    Leeds (A) Premier League - 19/4/21 - 20:00

    Well, who could have seen that coming?
  20. PrivateParts

    Leeds (A) Premier League - 19/4/21 - 20:00

    This. Maybe Shaq for Gini too.
  21. PrivateParts

    Leeds (A) Premier League - 19/4/21 - 20:00

    Get a fucking grip, Reds.
  22. As a counter-balance to the other "Little things" thread, what stuff is guaranteed to make you smile or give you a bit of a lift for a few minutes? I'll start with buskers playing unexpected song-choices. There was a bloke in town last week doing eclectic stuff like Alabama Song and The Man in Me. What's not to love?
  23. PrivateParts

    Mourinho Sacked

    Chocks away, Scotty!
  24. PrivateParts

    Leeds (A) Premier League - 19/4/21 - 20:00

    I'm so glad I changed my name!