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  1. Mo’s agent is a total knob. That’s all
  2. Marcas

    Man City 2 Liverpool 3 (Apr 16 2022)

    Great report Dave. This is the team/manager of our lives, make no mistake. I thought the 87-88 team (5-0 Forest) were the best but this lot are on another level. Thiago, oh my god what a player! Trent, the guy who ‘can’t defend’ - what a pile of balls! If Salah can throw the switch then who knows where this will end up…
  3. Marcas

    Burnley 0 Liverpool 1 (Feb 13 2022)

    The point about Bobby is fair and well made. I had exactly the same conversation with my mates and it’s fair to say I really hate it myself for thinking it as the guy is a genuine club legend. But Bobby is goosed. Zero goal threat, can’t pass 5yards and gives the ball away what feels like all the time. Can you imagine If this was some new guy coming in playing like this? Next time out I hope he proves me wrong, but it’s painful watching him…
  4. Marcas

    Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2 (Jan 20 2022)

    Spot on report Dave. My neighbour (an otherwise top bloke) is an arse fan and whatsapped a pic of himself in his Arsenal shirt having a beer and all smiles before the match. I replied, “feeling confident big lad?” He came back, “That’s 100% our strongest team, so yes feeling great about this”. Just goes to show even nice guys become deluded fuckers when they support Arsenal. Speaking of deluded fuckers: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-fan-tvs-mr-dt-26005724 Seems that offscreen he’s not “Goodenough” (sorry!)….
  5. Marcas

    Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0 (Jan 13 2022)

    With the front 3 and MF I knew we wouldn’t roll-over them the way we usually do but fucking hell that was grim. At no point did I think we’d score and Taki’s miss summed the whole thing up for me. Agree that the 3 chosen for MF totally baffled me as there’s zero creativity or goal threat from them. Disagree that Jones or Ox did any better though - apart from a couple of neat flicks etc when he came, Curtis disappeared up his own arse (again) and Ox looks every inch a busted flush. With one MF sick note away in Africa and the other MF sick note being, well, injured of course, we have nothing going forward from midfield….
  6. The thing that bugs the shit out of me is there is zero accountability. They can make any decision they fucking like and no matter how bad/incompetent/bent it is there’s no microphone waved under their nose asking for explanations. Yes the referee has to do a report but what’s Tierney gonna say about refusing the pen? “In my judgement…” blah fucking blah and that’ll be the end of it. Where is the accountability? Who is going to take that prick to one side and say “here lad, you fucked that one up, don’t do it again or your toast.”? And as for that ballbag on VAR….
  7. Marcas

    AC Milan 1 Liverpool 2 (Dec 7 2021)

    Amazing that virtually every report in the mainstream media starts off by detailing how poorly Liverpool’s opposition played. Never enters their head that Klopp and his back room team have probably done a number of them before a single player walks on the pitch, or that this current side is good enough to work out how to adapt during a game to get the job done.
  8. Marcas

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 6-7 2021)

    With you on the Arse thing 100%
  9. You’re totally right though Dave, summer’s are shit for Liverpool fans as we have to sit and watch the Mancs and Chavs hoover up anything decent with a pulse while we do fuck all apart from being linked to no-marks or (laughably) Mbappé! We really haven’t had a stellar transfer window since 2018 while the rest (especially the scum) have been getting their shit together - Sancho and, more importantly, Varane, on paper looks excellent business (hope they’re shit on grass!). So 3yrs of pretty much sitting still instead of building on success. Oh, and does anyone really believe we bid that amount of money for Chiesa…?
  10. Marcas

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Round of 16)

    Nope, nada….
  11. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 Palace 0 (May 23 2021)

    I simply could not agree with you more on Gini and Keita Dave. One a club legend (yeah I said it, any player who wins the ECL and Premier League within 13 months is a legend to me) who obviously loves the club; the other a complete fucking waste of space. If there’s a shred of truth that he’s been pimping himself to Athletico I’d carry the bugger to Spain
  12. Marcas

    Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1 (Apr 24 2021)

    Great report in trying circumstances Dave, pretty much sums up what we’re all thinking at the minute. As I posted in the forum, I’m embarrassed to admit I hate watching us at the minute, I dread match day because I know my blood pressure will go through the roof and I feel like fucking the TV out the window! Personally I think we need two possibly 3 new players in, with a particular emphasis up front. I kinda think that Mané will come good again, but Bobby’s been getting progressively worse for nearly two years, that’s who he is now. The thing with Liverpool in our heyday was legend or not, if you were no longer doing it you got fucked out. You lifted the European Cup Thommo? Fuck you meet this young lad Hansen. That’s the way it should be
  13. I posted this on Facebook to get a reaction: Let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a second. Here’s a quote from the Guardian back in 2016: “Liverpool’s demise – their relative demise – has some roots in off-field factors. Despite being at the forefront of shirt advertising in the late 1970s – Hitachi television sets, for the record – the club were woefully unprepared for the freewheeling capitalism of the Premier League, a bandwagon which set off in 1992 and left them choking on dust.” There’s a ton of articles with that slant all over the web. So just saying, what if this whole thing had taken flight and Liverpool weren’t onboard and sat by watching as Utd, City etc, etc raked in £300/400 million a year more in revenues, sucking up every decent player and leaving everyone else with nice memories and zero hope of competing. What then? Would we be reading articles in 2031 decrying Liverpool’s (FSG’s) lack of foresight and ambition for us trailing in the ‘Big 5’s’ wake. I don’t know the answer here, but like everything, this whole thing isn’t binary...” I must confess I’m sick of this ‘FSG OUT’ shite. Yeah they got us for cents on the dollar, but where would be right now without them? Did they deliver on their promises? Fuck yeah and then some. And to listen to those sanctimonious cunts Sky/BT/Neville criticise our club for having the gall to not want to fall behind the rest? We’re not owned by human rights abusers; Russian mafia; leveraged debt experts...sometimes I wonder what it is some people want. Standing with an FSG out banner, to be replaced by whom exactly?
  14. Marcas

    Leeds United 1 Liverpool 1 (Apr 19 2021)

    Depressing times. Last June / July seem like light years ago. When you’re talking about the sums of money involved in ‘protecting’ the ECL and Premier League, then anything could happen in the next few days/weeks. VAR being operated by clowns, empty stadium football, pandemic, this...you could fall out of love with football very quickly.
  15. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 RB Leipzig 0 (Mar 10 2021)

    Kudos to the lads, it really, really did look like everyone stepped up a notch because Fab was back playing where he should be. Agree on Phillips also, seems like a great guy with utterly no pretences whatsoever. And a line I never thought I’d write: the officials were like a breath of fresh air; zero bullshit, very, very few mistakes, no “look at me camera, look at me!!” crap and a common-sense approach. There were some tasty, and a few niggly, fouls last night which would have seen any of the fucktards in the Prem lavash a bucketful of yellows and reds (usually while having some contorted look on their face in the hope the camera’s on them), but the guy last night let the game go and it was a joy to see. Back on Fab playing MF, I actually think that will help us breakdown packed defences also, he makes the rest feel secure and can play a killer pass himself (or rifle the odd one in from 25yds which we’ve had none of this season).