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  1. Marcas

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 4 2021)

    Agree with all of that Dave, our defence has been ripped up so we’ve had no option but to rip up CM to try and compensate. But it’s the old adage two wrongs don’t make a right. Williams and Phillips have done ok, but the truth is you could take Oscar Pistorius’ blades away from him and he’d still smoke those two over ten yards. So unless cheese-legs Joel gets his shit together last night’s back 4 will start against the scum as the one thing they have up-front is pace - imagine Rashford one v one against Williams/Phillips? Shivers!
  2. Marcas

    Liverpool 1 West Brom 1 (Dec 27 2020)

    Total shitshow. 3 points from WBA, Fulham and Brighton. Granted we got fucked by VAR against Brighton but apart from that...total complacency and really Div (legend for what he did in the ECL) needs to be somewhere else. Fuck me playing Jota in a meaningless match makes my blood boil and Matip/Keita can do one. Doesn’t matter how good they are they’re both worth fuck all in the treatment room. And what an utter waste Naby has been...
  3. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 Spurs 1 (Dec 16 2020)

    Was it just me or was Taylor getting in the way of passes all night long...? I’ve seen a few of them at it but nothing close to that fucker last night...
  4. Marcas

    Liverpool 4 Wolves 0 (Dec 6 2020)

    Totally agree about Wijnaldum, just get it done!
  5. Marcas

    Liverpool 0 Atalanta 2 (Nov 25 2020)

    Good report on a horrible game (and one a bit overshadowed by events earlier in the day), but one part I’d disagree on with Dave, I thought Neco had an awful game. Did he make tackles, yeah, but that’s the bear minimum to expect. He’s often ponderous on the ball, his decision making isn’t there yet and he has an infuriating habit of cutting in-field, trying some of dummy before tuning back to the throw-in line by which time any forward (who’s watched 5 minutes of Neco’s previous games) will be all over him like a cheap suit. Agree on mane though, the bit were he just fell over his own feet summed it up
  6. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 West Ham United 1 (Oct 31 2020)

    Couldn’t agree more about Bobby Dave. It’s sad but the reality is he’s been bang average for a while - I know we don’t ditch our own, but the truth is he’s a one goal in ten games striker at the mo and that’s not what we need
  7. Marcas

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    The sickening thing about Refs and VAR in particular is they have zero fucking accountability. They never have to stand in front of a TV camera and journalist asking them explain a contentious decision (the official line about Virge and Pickford was beneath contempt!), or just why they think some stray hair follicle is enough to fuck a team over. Whatever happened to giving the strikers the benefit of the doubt?? Any technology is only as good as who’s operating it (as Chris Rock said you could drive a car with your feet but that don’t mean it should be done!), but these fucktards are making the game a laughing stock
  8. Marcas

    Liverpool 3 West Ham 2 (Feb 24 2020)

    Keita...shakes head and exhales. Remember back before he joined he was supposed to be some hybrid Kante/Essien wrecking ball who was gonna seriously fuck-up the opposition? Instead we got our version of George Weah’s cousin, albeit with a nicer line in 5 yard passes...
  9. All of the Carra pods were brill (loved Merson’s), but this one was...odd. I can’t forget the sight of him in a Utd shirt, or the fact he fucked off to Real (Question: would we have won number 5 had he stuck with us? Who knows). But at the end of the day he was fucking brilliant for us and the numbers on the wall of Champions would fairly different but for him. So yeah, odd feelings on this one. I can’t say I hate any ex players....except that cunt Diouf of course, I’d have that fucker on the back of the truck in a heartbeat!
  10. Marcas

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    Agree on the 3 you highlighted Dave, they were total balls and I’d be embarrassed if I were in their shoes. No doubt Klopp will have shared his ‘thoughts’ with them. Div as well, I know what you mean about playing out of position, but that ‘chasing back’ in the 2nd half when he looked like he’d been shot in the leg was shocking. Any of the 1st team squad players who haven’t played in a while should be drafted in for the replay. Keita would probably pull another four muscles and be out to the new year though....
  11. Marcas

    Liverpool 1 Wolves 0 (Dec 29 2019)

    Taylor’s a disgrace, illegitimate bastard child of Howard Webb, Mark my words!
  12. Marcas

    Aston Villa 5 Liverpool 0 (Dec 17 2019)

    Gonna add my agreement on Chirivella, it would be a crime if he doesn’t make it somewhere. Excellent on the ball, superb passing skills and plays with his head up. If he’d an extra yard of pace he’d be some package, but regardless, hopefully he get’s a move to decent club where he’ll thrive.
  13. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 Genk 1 (Nov 5 2019)

    Keita definitely isn’t the same player at all. I couldn’t wait for him to join as I was expecting a thoroughly nasty fucker who’d score, create and generally get on the tits of opposition players and fans alike. And we ended up with what exactly? Yeah he’s neat on the ball, but it seems he’s a totally one-paced lightweight. Where’s the guy who would have started a fight in an empty room, the guy who was voted the best MF player in Germany at one stage? Like...What happened??
  14. Marcas

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 5 (Oct 30 2019)

    Spot on on many levels Dave: the Arse players and fans giving it the beans when they went 4-2 (and you’re spot-on, it was it was a Champion’s League semi to hear the way the fuckers got on); VDB looking out of his depth and Keita...looking out of his depth! I can’t remember a more disappointing signing than Keita; injuries or not he’s been bang average apart from a 4 or 5 game spell at the tail end of last season. But we shelled £54 large for this lad band he’s been a disaster.
  15. Did you see what that bell-end agent posted on instagram today....?? Holy good god!