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  1. Totally agree with you on the first thing you’d do if you ruled the world by the way!
  2. Marcas

    Napoli 1 Liverpool 0 (Oct 3 2018)

    Short and sharpe Dave but on point, although I think you were a little generous with Trent. If Moreno had thrown in a performance like last night he’d have been found swinging from a Neopolitan lamppost this morning. And for the first time Robbo actually looked like a guy who played in a relegated team not so long ago. Bang on about the front 3, they haven’t at it all so far. And is this really the Keita we’ve been hanging on for since last summer? Listen to Journos and he’s supposed to be a mix of Kanté and Modric, but apart from an hour against West Ham he’s done fuck all squared. Maybe it just needs a spark, but where’s it coming from?
  3. Marcas

    Liverpool 1 Real Madrid 3 (May 26 2018)

    Agree on all of this. Special mention to Dejan - this was the guy who I hoped we were signing. He was fucking immense all night long and if anyone in the history of football didn’t deserve to be on the losing side it was him.
  4. Marcas

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 7-8 2018)

    Would you take Zaha in the summer??
  5. Marcas

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2018)

    Excellent stuff Dave and you’re spot on about their ballbag keeper. Two other things: wouldn’t touch Sterling with a septic barge pole even if they offered him for free; de Bruyne, however, can you imagine the damage we’d do with midfield of him and Naby next season....?
  6. Marcas

    Everton 0 Liverpool 0 (Apr 7 2018)

    Everyone’s nervous. There’s no in-between in this one: it’s either going to be great night or one of the worst...
  7. Marcas

    Liverpool 5 Watford 0 (Mar 17 2018)

    Harry Kane = ‘cockwomble’. Genius!!
  8. Marcas

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 10-12 2018)

    Given the way Vardy runs, harries and chases non-stop, plus bags more than a few goals, I’m genuinely surprised he’s not been snapped up by now. Let’s face it, he’d be a better back-up to Bobby than anyone we have at the minute and he’d suit Klopp’s style to a tee....
  9. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2 (Feb 4 2018)

    No doubt we got fucked over by Moss. On a different note, Mo: how soon do you think it’ll be before the Spanish ‘press’ start the shit-stirring over Mo? Obviously it’s Real’s turn to fuck us over (although wouldn’t put it past those other shitbags to try it on again), so it’ll be quotes from Zidane, messages on Instagram from Sergio fuck-head Ramos about how Mo would fit in so well in La Liga...blah, blah fucking blah. Seriously though, if Mo continues like this our ability to keep him will define the club....
  10. Marcas

    Swansea 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 22 2018)

    Agree with that, especially Gomez. I know he has the potential to be brilliant, but as of now there’s hardly a match goes by that he doesn’t have a complete brain-fart meltdown. He did it again last night, diving in for a ball he hadn’t a prayer of intercepting. Ok, unlike City, Arsenal, West Ham etc, it didn’t lead directly to a goal, but there’s no doubt he needs taken out for a few and let Trent have a run. Oh and remember our first choice right back? You know, the guy from the Head and Shoulders ad campaign? WTF happened to him, was he hit by a bus when no one was looking??
  11. Marcas

    Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3 (Jan 14 2018)

    Top notch Dave!
  12. Marcas

    Liverpool 2 Everton 1 (Jan 5 2018)

    Thought VVD and Robertson were both excellent. As for the wee ballbag who’s left, I’ll miss his talent but I won’t miss him, the Judas little shit. This was a guy who couldn’t get a game in an utterly shit Inter side before we rescued his career and he couldn’t/wouldn’t give the club and fans 5 months as a thank you...?
  13. Marcas

    Leicester City 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 19 2017)

    Haven't a clue what anyone ever saw in AOC, always thought he was a slightly less shite version of Jordan Ibe. But I may have changed my mind on that after last night, come back Jordan (nah, not really!). But at least we didn't pish £40 large on Ibe. Troopz must be laughing his blud off....
  14. Marcas

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Jan 31 2017)

    There were definite signs, so I'm in the 'glass half full' camp at the mo, until Hull at least. And - hey! - it could worse. Gentlemen, I give you Arsenal Fan TV...it's the gift that just keeps giving!
  15. Marcas

    Liverpool 0 Southampton 1 (Jan 25 2017)

    Other teams have figured us out, plain as. Fuck sake Plymouth did a number on us twice, Sunderland, Swansea and Southampton, all the same. Sit deep, hit on the counter when our play inevitably breaks down. Where was the creativity, We were crossing balls into the box left right and centre last night like we still had Andy Carroll up front. Agree on Sturridge, he's a busted flush at Liverpool and he'll be gone come summer. As for summer signings, it'll be the same, £20m bracket 21yo with "bags of potential", one that "Barca and Real are sniffing after"...like fuck! Apart from Mane and TAA our side has zero pace, and pace is a fucking killer when it comes to winning football matches. Our midfield 3 have none, and while it's good to have Hendo back in the team would it really fucking kill him to look up and play the ball, like, forward!? Just once a game Jordan, surprise the shit out of us and hit a zinger of a pass forward. I totally saw last night coming but fooled myself into thinking, nah we'll be grand! Bollix! After 25 minutes I knew we were fucked. Christ, how can this happen in the space of two months..?