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  1. Stand opens in part, from Man U game, subject to Test Event completion. And sale dates announced. Just announced. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/anfield-road-stand-update-upper-tier-opening-plans-and-members-sale-details
  2. Carillion was the main contractor on the main stand, but as they went bust, we couldn't have used them again even if we wanted to.
  3. I'm told that the weather has not helped in recent weeks and that the whole project is as far behind schedule as it was earlier this year. There isn't a cat in hells chance that we will be playing in it in under a month. As said, it needs to pass safety checks and get a certificate and you can't do that on what is very much a building site rather than a safe, completed stand. It should, and always should have been a September opening, but for when in September is still very much open to question. I expect the Villa game to be gone too, the first European game would have to be away but with luck, a lot of work and a nicer August, it would be ready for West Ham on the 24th. Failing that, then it's the Blues in October and we'd have to play a second European game away and would have to forfeit any home draw in the League Cup.
  4. Greetings from Villa Park. Filling up gently. The fact the place isn't that big by modern stadium standards, might be to the gigs benefit. The stage isnt dwarfed by the surroundings, traffic was light, no delays and got parked easily. Ten minutes walk and straight in. Once again, many thanks to the villain who sorted us out with presale tickets.
  5. It's about 77k. It was over 80k in 2005, but has had a bit of work done in the intervening years. The club allocations in 2005 were 25k each, so I'd expect something similar. However, don't forget that tickets were available in 2005 during the couple of weeks before the game too and it never went to a ballot either, so while we may laugh, and I'm no apologist for MCFC, It's happened before...
  6. My understanding is that it was quite a bit behind schedule, at the beginning of the year, but that decent progress has been made since then. However, we have asked to start with TWO scheduled away games, which currently means the first home fixture for us, would be August 26th. The fixture list is released on June 15th, so we'll know more then, but the real deadline if it needs pushing back until after the September international break isn't until mid July, when tickets would need to go on sale and we'd all need to know what's going on by then. It wouldn't be the biggest surprise, if it does end up being September. I still can't believe how they did what they did in 2016 !!!
  7. Many thanks for all the replies. It's not surprising he couldn't remember Frank and Trevor due to the limited appearances of them and the fact my work mate is well into his sixties! In fact, If I can remember all but two from a picture taken in 1983 in twelve years time, I'll be doing well.. P.S. When he initially showed me the picture, he said it was from about 1971. It was after a good hour or so of looking for names, that I suddenly realised the large shiny thing on the left, was the UEFA Cup!! Unless, UEFA were allowing all and sundry to have pictures taken with the trophies, it was pretty obvious it was from the summer of 1973. Once again, many thanks....
  8. He has had this photo of our 1973-74 squad for just about Fifty Years. Doesn't time fly??? However, he cannot recall two of the squad, firstly the bloke on the back row in the middle who looks a bit like Souey, and the player on the middle row with the Ginger hair. I've offered a few names myself, but he doesn't think they are correct. Can any helpful soul put his mind at ease? Ta..
  9. Could be awkward for them in the event of a collision? I wonder what the plod would make of that... So, if you're an Evertonian, which horse won the Grand National three times ??
  10. What do they do at traffic lights ?? Do they just sit there and seeth when they're at red ?
  11. I'm so glad that Jurgen got a red... I'm so glad that he said what he said... Jurgen said to the ref, you know, you're a f***ing bald Manc Cnut, you know... I'm in love with him and I feel fine...
  12. Yes. Mine is now showing as a 22-23 pass, but still shows seat details from last season. I assume they will get updated a couple of days before my first game.
  13. No. It's only on One. Two hour highlights. Blame Paul.
  14. 20 mins to go and the queue to get in the Anfield Road end is back to the Kop end...
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