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  1. cwoods

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    20 mins to go and the queue to get in the Anfield Road end is back to the Kop end...
  2. cwoods

    Other Football 2021/22

    Have Arsenal become the first side to go from Top to bottom of the league in single game then?
  3. cwoods

    US Election 2020 Thread

    I wish that service was available at my shops...
  4. cwoods

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Press Secretary giving a Press Briefing in a Briefing Room. Normality is restored...
  5. Many years in the future, when an elderly gentleman named Dave is about to breathe his last, surrounded by family, he takes one last breath and shouts with all the strength he can muster "Fuck David Coote!!!"....
  6. cwoods

    FA Cup draw

    It would appear that the BBC Football Dept. is still run by Brian Barwick. Done like a kipper....
  7. cwoods

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 26-30 2020)

    Anthony Taylor did produce the second yellow when sending off Mings on Boxing Day. The live match coverage showed it on a replay, as when it was live they cut to the shot a bit late and he'd then pulled the red out.
  8. And so is the Madrid one. All winners since about 2009 get a full-size replica which is the one that gets engraved and presented as the trophy at the final. UEFA have two which are used for promotional purposes. So we have four 80% replicas which we commissioned ourselves, the 2005 original trophy and the full size replica from last year.
  9. cwoods

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Yes he is. Boyhood red who was at H****borough on that fateful day and ended up with a ticket with a seat, but could have been in the pens...
  10. cwoods

    Site plans during the lockdown

    P.S.U. = Power Supply Unit Doesn't sound hopeful to be honest but I've seen similar laptops and such like work with a proven working power supply after the existing one wears out and can't properly charge the battery anymore. Last thing which could work is to swap the circuit board on the Hard Drive Unit itself for an identical one, but it is major surgery, not guaranteed and can be quite expensive and I politely suggest it's probably not for you.... Looks like a new computer is in order and we'll have to wait for the report instead ....
  11. cwoods

    Site plans during the lockdown

    Can you find an alternative battery and PSU for it? It might not be able to provide enough juice to power the Hard Drive. Swapping for an another could work...
  12. cwoods

    Site plans during the lockdown

    Does it spin up at all ?? If it does then trying to keep it as cool as possible might do the trick. I've kept them in a fridge for hours and if your quick when you start them up and you might get lucky...
  13. Danny Makkelie (NED) is the ref.
  14. cwoods

    Club announce change in ticket buying process.

    I don't think the touts are that big a part of the reason why tickets are so hard to come by, but there'll be a part of that of course. With concerts and such like, you get a ticket or e-mail one sent to the address you specify, whereas for us, our cards get activated linked to an address we'll have had for years. I'm sure the club would take a dim view of addresses with large numbers of members in them. The exercise with 13+ games members run last autumn, apparently weeded out a few hundred members who couldn't provide any sort of proof of ID at all, so they are trying. Its just overwhelming demand, pure and simple. And has been for well over twenty years. Apparently, I've heard that for next summers sales, the normal member sales, after the 13+ games, will actually be a draw, in which those entered will be put into a series of ballots for each game available, like happens for finals and such like. Then those who are successful, will then have a week or so, to buy the tickets they are entitled to. It's not ideal, but it might spread out the available tickets to a wider range of members. Until we have a ground which can fit 120,000 in it, it will always be a problem....
  15. This ones for a game 10 years ago... Would you like a 3rd attempt at it?