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  1. 40 points. Should be safe for another season....
  2. cwoods

    2019/20 Fixtures

    Yes. We should get up to the end of Sept confirmed this Friday.
  3. cwoods

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Does this mean that VVD is no longer the world's most expensive defender then ???
  4. cwoods

    Members ticket sale 2014/15

    I spoke too soon, it's broke...
  5. cwoods

    Members ticket sale 2014/15

    10 years of loyalty gone for me too, won't get enough this season to get a shout at early tickets next season. Thankfully i'm already sorted for Everton,WBA and Arsenal but I was hoping to go to another five games with my mum, but she only goes to about 7 a season, due to not being a millionaire like most of us, me included so I waited til today for those games and I'm going to have to tell her she won't be going at all..... I suppose we should congratulate the club for building a system which can actually sell 100,000 tickets in an hour or so....
  6. cwoods

    Members ticket sale 2014/15

    Nowt happening here either.... We need an 80,000 seater and I'm serious....
  7. cwoods

    Members ticket sale 2014/15

    35 mins waited, still over an hour to go. Basically, this process is a random draw in which you've only got about 2 seconds at 8.15am to enter, 2 seconds being the time between refreshes from the "Sale not Started" screen to actually joining the queue. I'd be interested to see if anyone does get a lower wait time than an hour...
  8. cwoods

    Other football

    ITV and Sky still have another season of live Champions League to go. BT's deal kicks in in September 2015.
  9. cwoods

    Ace Simpsons Style Squad Poster

    It's actually a girl, Nattalia Alonso. She has been turning them out at regular intervals for about five years and has pictures commissioned by magazines too. She's recently done some single footballers too, Neymar, Gervinho and turned the drawing of Meireles she had done for our sqaud poster into a single one of him alone in his blue kit... If you want one doing, she is taking commisions for 50 Euros.
  10. cwoods

    Issue 76 Captions....

    Caption for Roy and Sammy picture: After thousands of years, the slow process of apes becoming humans, begins to reverse...
  11. cwoods

    Any web geeks on?

    How are you getting on ?? Reading up on this, it looks like its a SQL injection attack (running code in a form) originally, which then places the hack files on the server and then they get run from their. It's not just limited to CRE sites either, other sites have been done too. But careful configuration of a shop and some lockdown should stop it.
  12. cwoods

    Any web geeks on?

    try and clear off old backup folders too. You can cause confusion by having too many copies of the same file in multiple folders on the server. Move them off the server onto a pc or ftp folders. The less stuff on the live server, the less places for nasties to hide and the easier it is to identify files which shouldn't be there.
  13. cwoods

    Any web geeks on?

    it could be anything, and it could be in any folder on the entire server, not just the shop folders, but these scripts normally have a filename consisting of a large string of letters and numbers. The contents of it will be encoded into continuous gibberish. if you google b374k shell, you'll see the sort of thing i mean
  14. cwoods

    Any web geeks on?

    It's the shite at the top thats the problem. Its a backdoor file manager for your server, providing anyone who wants to, full access to browse and look at all your files. You are seriously hacked. This chap will have gone in originally, possibly a quite a while ago and set this up, then continues to use it each time to do his emailing. would suggest that when you do your cleanup each time he goes in and leaves his files, you are not getting rid of the root causes of the problem. It might have to be a full reformat and setup to get rid of this.