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  1. https://youtu.be/rTIF2APv_Mg Lou Barlow is a genius - love Sebadoh, people forget about Folk Implosion. Great song
  2. Keith Fizz

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    The new Deafheaven album that is out on the Deathwish label next month is sounding pretty special.....if you like the black metal vocals! Here's the second track they have released from it
  3. Keith Fizz

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    Yob - Marrow I don't think this has been posted but it is fantastic song if you have some spare time ! I hope it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HdnaDuRwok
  4. Keith Fizz

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    If anyone was into No For an Answer, Dan O'Mahony has a new band called Done Dying and the 7" is worth a listen. Also good to see Chris Dodge of Spazz in a new band that is not noise related. They are called To the Point and have a good 7" you can listen to on You Tube called Mentally checked out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ply9uPvdU74 You can't beat a bit of Power Violence!
  5. Keith Fizz

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    I have been listening a lot to the new Backslider 10" called consequences on Six weeks records, it's a great record and considering there are only two of them, they make an unholy racket! You can stream it on their bandcamp at the moment http://backslider.bandcamp.com/album/consequences
  6. Keith Fizz

    Stewart Downing

    I am the least ITK person there could be, but Downing's cousin runs a team in Middlesbrough who my son plays for now and again. She knows both me and my son support Liverpool and sent me the following text last night "Think Stuie is on is way to the pool, put your money on it" Don't shoot the messenger I just thought that I would pass it on.
  7. Keith Fizz

    Music for your mood re Torres

    Napalm Death - SCUM
  8. Keith Fizz

    Torres mega-thread

    Well, we all had a good go (quite rightly) at Roy for not understanding the club. I hope we level that same criticism to Torres, because his actions at this time quite clearly indicate that he doesn't understand the club either.
  9. Keith Fizz

    are refs corrupt in our league

    Look, let us not sound bitter. Slur has the whole establishment under his spell...we are Liverpool and have King Kenny in charge. I know where I would rather be tonight.
  10. Keith Fizz

    Howard Webb - Incompetent or dishonest?

    I would rather have 11 Gerrard's giving a shit than anything else. We need players who are prepared to give everything for the cause at the moment and "certain" players today left me feeling rather cold
  11. Keith Fizz

    Roy gone, Kenny taking over...

    I have an uncontrolable urge to shave off all of my body hair to celebrate !! Let us just hope that this is the start of the healing of all the divisions that have opened up between the fans over the last 2 years. All hail the KING
  12. Keith Fizz

    John W Henry quashes transfer departures

    I do like the matter of fact way he says things. I also like the "We are new to english football not sport" line. In a few months I can see him making Ferguson swallow his own tongue.