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  1. Doesnt compete with the shit above but custom gun stocks for VR controllers used in FPS games, designed and made by my husband with input from me. Some parts 3d printed, 1st designed in solidworks then sliced in cura other parts are hand made.
  2. I didn't think it possible but I actually preferred this thread when Gnasher was replying to himself with articles he thought said the oposit of his point.
  3. i5x

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Funnily enough I was saying to the husband the other day it needs to be claimed back. I have begun replying to people: "yes I am fucking woke and proud to be. It means I actually try to have some empathy with others" to anyone who says it in that patronising, way. Claim it back and try to make sure people know it stands for human decency. Proud to be Woke!
  4. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Thank you for sorting me out. Will update when I grab a trail then.
  5. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Had a small amount of buffering in the 2nd half on Bein, only missed maybe 2 mins so nothing worth complaining about here. Out if intrest any chance of a pm about backup please? Sounds useful.
  6. So I set close to the away end and in all honesty didnt hear the "rent boys" chant. What I did see though where several gestures from people that where obviously meant to indicate the away fans were gay, if some do not associate the "rent boys" phrase with sexuality others most certainly do. It was mostly from guys who seemed a bit older late 50's+ one even was told to cut it out by a steward so he must have continued doing it while the game was being played and I was not turned towards him. Personally I had never heared it until Abramavich era, however, I am dont disputing this from people who are a bit older and remember going in to 70's / 80's. Not that this counts for much, if it is genuinely a contentious issue for LGBT+ then people need to just let it go, imo. It all seems very at odds with how, for example, the racist tossers where effectively kicked out of town and made to hide in lost luggage area of Lime Street. I find it difficult to understand how we as a community and city can be closed minded to one form of hatefulness and not another, when we are told by the group in focus that they are uncomfortable. I sometimes go with my older brother he comes up from Kent - the guy was more of a dad to me than my father, he is of an age where he was in the closet until late 30's. I think I would have felt very awkward about it if he was there which very much answers the question should it be sung for me. My brother is actually emigrating because the country has become so hateful in many areas, final straw was verbal abuse for walking with this husband a couple of days after his husband having a coke can thrown at his head because he is Asian.
  7. i5x

    Torrent Sites for Books

    Don't suppose I can scrounge a second please?
  8. i5x


    Monkey brains, microchips donated by Facebook and then exposed to 5g rayz! (It depends on how much detail you want tbh. I obviously left several steps out of both so would depend on which stage. Been building 3d printer all day and tired. To wrap your head around it I would recommend nature or new scientist. NS is sub only but can bypass with firefox or kiwi and addon. Few bits on YouTube also, just check to see it's credible channel 1st. Sorry brain is fryed tonight...must be due to activation when I was in a 5g area earlier today...) Edit : https://www.nature.com/articles/nrd.2017.243 note date deliberatly chose because published pre covid. I have only read overview and not full article that should help answer some questions, hopefully. If too involved some yt vids on rna / dna replication / amplifcation, how something like crispr-cas9 works will give you idea how to 'cut and splice'.
  9. i5x


    It is synthesised. That is why decoding the spike protine was a huge breakthrough. These vaccines, whilst they are new, the concept was not just the knowlage of how to actually achieve had been lacking. The DNA vaccine uses a piece CoVid RNA converted to DNA then inserts DNA to weakened adenovirus that is harmless to human, this provoke the immune response. Incase someone doesn't know RNA is single stranded DNA, so you can then use the RNA code to produce DNA. I mean you can say stuff looks horrendous, but at end of day most will willingly expose themselves to radiation, keamotheopy etc when they have cancers. Others actually chose to inject themselves with botulinum toxin. Some ingredients of vaccines over years are bloody awful, there is alot goes in to it though for eg amount of said ingredients.
  10. Decided to give firecube a go myself, as it was half price, acts like an amazon speaker without remote and allows for ethernet connection without buying anything extra. It is quite decent tbh, I wouldn't have paid full price for it but deffo worth it at the sale price amazon regularly have.
  11. i5x

    Tracker Pixels

    Some stuff I have picked up over last few years, whilst looking about for better online privacy. These sites maybe of use to you: https://www.reddit/r/privacytoolsIO https://www.privacytools.io Lots of stuff there about keeping things private. There website is connected to the reddit. Firefox, Firefox containers (separates websites in to discrete containers so eg can have seperate container for email, one for shopping, one for social networks and no tracking between containers), LocalCND or Decentraleyes and Ublock Origin (use on interactive mode and block whatever elements you want) are a good place to start. Startpage and Quant are good alternative none tracking search engines. I also use a vpn if I use torrents, this can also be useful for hiding also - Nord right now as very good deal.
  12. I was give 2x Pfizer last Sat, I had to call up my GP and ask for it as nearest place I was offered online I would have had problems with places I was offered through NHS page. Straight in no weighting around and because I had partner with me and suffer have anxiety / clostrophobia was allowed to wait outside in fresh air. Was lucky no side effects at all. The other half has some family members who are being all anti vaccine about it, apparently it fucks with your DNA! Yeah right that's exactly how mRNA or adenovirus vectors work, I have even tried to explain... OK it is true, I give in. Incedently I have a way to stop this from happening at all... a hat, lined with special designed 0.2mm foldable, light weight, metallic material that can reflect any electromagnetic fields. Adapted to which ever type of fashionable or even unfashionable headgear you like. Only £99.99 delivered. It is definitely not a Tin Foil hat, it is a personal Faraday Cage for your head!
  13. i5x

    Bluetooth ear pods - worth it or not?

    Have a pair of Samsung buds + or whatever I bought on offer with my phone. They are OK, but I am kind of spoilt with headphones. No need to worry about losing as they usually have a locator setting where a noise is sent to them if you lose one. Usually for me though it is in the house and the cat has stole - it the little tosser, doesn't help it tweets like a bird when it is lost... Usually just use over ears noise cancelling to tune everybody out. Currently Sony WM1000MX4, very light weight and great battery life, which meant I actually didn't buy a pair of Senns this time.