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  1. No-one will persuade me that the true power of AI, its absolute zeneth was last night and me getting ChatGTP to admit that there was a strong possibility that Roy Hodgeson ate mice.
  2. Gorilla Tag is one that is really popular with kids around pre / early teens.
  3. What type of games do you like? Shooters: there is Contractors and Pavlov or something slower and more tactical is Breachers. Survuval: Ghosts of Tabor Demeo was fun if you like that sort of thing andrRed Matter 2 everyone seems to love. I know loads who liked Walking Dead Saints and Sinners but meh Melee combat: Helllsplit arena Blade and Soucery. RE4 was just poor implamentation and never made it too far because it was quite jaring at times.
  4. Reminds me of this old video: Oh the fuckers age restricted it... Non embedded link about the propper use of fuck: https://youtu.be/04_rIuVc_qM
  5. Yes to both. Alot of the games on the Quest store already have Q3 compatible. The price of the Q2 has already been announced as a price drop too. Hopefully they will be sending review units outbtobthe big channels soon though so there is info on image quality upgrades and controllers.
  6. i5x


    At least 2 of them were escorted out and later on the other 2 removed hats before disapearing all togeather.
  7. Thanks, but I only have digital edition of ps5 sadly. I prob should have grabbed disk version I guess.
  8. Yeah RE village felt more like a mod, and just messy with cut scenes, like RE games but thought psvr2 was bad implemented imo. We have based project around Pavlov so far as not many fps games out there yet. First Contact Firewall ultra will have a look at a test unit for us, it is epic of them as we are so tiny as a company. I didn't know about X8 so will for sure add that to my list to follow. Cheers!
  9. Cheers will take a look for sure, this weekend Im also going to pick up GT7 i think, looks slick. If yourself or anyone knows of first person shooters or games similar for psvr2 about would appreciate a heads up. I have a little buisness that makes periferals for VR shooters and trying to bring them to psvr2. The more games I can get my stuff working with the better.
  10. Comparison pcvr vs psvr2, problem initially focusing because psvr2 sweetshop smallish. Oleds nice, blacks great, little bit of ghosting due to OLED, headset seems wobbly, controllers feel clunky as massive. Pcvr seems a little sharper picture and fidelity, blacks not as good at least on Q2 as LED. All on all great option if you already have a ps5 as performance is solid, or you want something better than standalone headset such as Quest2
  11. Just deceided to say fuck it and buy PSVR2 with the excuse I sell VR accessories, now I just have to play about with it until a suitable game is actually released that I can adapt my designs for it - or that is the excuse at least.
  12. Nil Oligarch nisi OAP Got a new owner worth billions of pounds, Turned out to be an Iranian clown, Oh Everton we're all laughing at youuuu!
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