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  1. i5x

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    I sit in main stand overlooking the away end - some stuff was thrown on to the pitch when Richarlison (I think it was) tryed to start a fight with Gomez in that corner not as bad as aftrr the goal and most just hit their own fans and didnt make it on the pitch. There was also a mobile phone amongst the objects that made it on to the picth after yhe goal, and earlier a few people get kicked out by the cops. Most of it just hit their own fans and didnt make it on to the pitch at that point. As for the flares its a bit of a blear I thought the one thrown at our lot was after along with loads more stuff chucked on inc the flare and phone on to the pitch. Edit: they have to have been the most obnoxious away fans so far this season - again. Edit again: I could be wrong btw it was mayhem and I was concentrated on what was going on at the other end so much.
  2. i5x

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    there were 2 blue flares one on the pitch with all the other crap they threw on there and one right in with our supported in the lower Anfield Road End. Dunno if any of that has been mentioned at all.
  3. i5x

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    Don't usually post but delighted with that went crazy at the end, especially after the "you haven't killed an Italian" and "always the victim" shite they pulled - again. We sit right near the away end so was very audible and when they began chucking stuff on to the pitch near the end someone threw a mobile phone; pathetic i know but that cracked me up. I mean why not throw your wallet and drivers licence too. Fortunately no-one was in the way of it. Anyway stay classy Everton!
  4. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Cherrs for the pm's and all the advice Capt. Turdseye. Much appreciated.
  5. i5x

    Slow Laptop ideas

    I know you said you have run Ccleaner did you check start-up? Ccleaner to do startup tools-> startup. Disable junk that is unceassary, if your unsure quick google will sort. Apologies if you have already done this but many overlook it. GL
  6. i5x

    HTC Vive Pro

    If you like fps try Pavlov and Onward. If you do think about grabbing a periferal that locks your controllers in place making shoiting easier. My other half actually was the 1st to make one of these on redddit years ago. Flying games are great there is a real sense of awe there especially if you have a stick or hotas. The game is repetative and a little boring but the scale in Elite Dangerous is amazing. Sometimes they have it on sale for a fiver so if you see it on then cheap worth a copy. Been using VR since Rift DK1 and Elite Dangerous Alpha - too bad I still get motion sickness so cant use much. My partner though bearly uses anything but VR now though.
  7. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Can anyone please help me out and recomend a service for me? Pref one that doesn't need a proxy for sports events would be ideal. I want to set this up for my mother so she can see the true horror of such a service. Once educated after a couple of years she will know what to look for and how to avoid these imoral practices. Thanks
  8. i5x


    I used to use a jds labs c5d, as amp/dac with phone was nice little unit. Dont use so much now due to the fiio x7 and keeping my phone charged. If it was not season ticket time, I would love a chord mojo - amazing bit of kit.
  9. i5x


    Yeah EU volume limits are dumb audio players, due to headphone impedance. I am unclear of the rules but manufacturers sell legally in the eu without it, I mean you can buy amps which completely negates any rules. Companies like sony though are ultra strict though and apply it to their players also. If you want a cheap player with no sound restrictions check out Fiio, they also make cheap amps.
  10. i5x


    True to an extent but Qualcom AptX has been a real game changer. It still is a form of compression but produces much better results - can support up to 24 bit, cd quality is typically 16 bit. Ofc you have to have the right files to show it off. It is pretty good and of you have an interest in this sort of stuff give it a demo with a nice flac in a department store. (Maybe changed but last I heared apple didnt support, this so an iphone may not be an ideal.) Used a few things to test them out inc fiio x7 dap and they generally preform well.
  11. i5x


    Whilst I dont know the model Shure make some fantastic products, have an excellent reputation and great support. They are very well reguarded by many audio enthusiasts. Besides its from amazon so you will have no problem sending them back if you dont like them. I see they are listed as studio, so they should sound balanced across the frequencys, with nothing overly predominant. I use these as my daily iem:
  12. i5x


    Yep beats generally have a terrible reputation within the headphone community, plastic, bloated / too much bass and made out of cheap materials. Some people like them but personally I dont understand why. Bose fair better due to the QC35/25 because their NC is excellent. I really like my M2 for the same reasons, they just feel so premium. The funny thing is they actually feel more premium then my HD800, due to the leather and stainless steel. Nuts when a set of new hd800 would cost about £1k new. I bet its the case with the B&O too. One I bough my 1st set of real quality headphones it set me off just not being satisfied. I went from a crappy steel series headset and samsung ear buds to a set of HD800 and Shure SE846 with in a year. I hear things in tracks I didnt have a clue where there previously. If this is your 1st set of premium headpones and you dont have much high resolution music, grab yourself a tidal account for a free months trial, select hifi quality and see if you hear anything new. Its like rediscovering your music collection.
  13. i5x


    Thats a great deal, I already have a pair in mind for next set have to build myself a new pc 1st though.
  14. i5x


    The 202s are the ones marketed as DJ set which means you should have more of a fun sound than the 201 with lots if bass, they look a bit more to date also. Anyway hope you enjoy them.
  15. i5x


    Too late to edit, the m2 on vs overs debate also have the sound sigs as different. With the on ears ment to have a more V shaped sig so more bass, I think the m2 overs is tuned a little more to an audiophile preferance, which looks to be what you are after, judging by the choices. This was another reason I didnt really try them out as I prefer the frequencies u shaped or balanced. @Cloggypop - I enjoy headphones because a set of speakers with the same quality as a £1k set of headphones would need huge sums of cash and have to consider room acoustics to sound thier best. Alot of people think I am a bit nuts spending what I do on my high end set but most music lovers who have listed to my iems/headphones have asked about upgrading theirs; maybe not to the sane extent but upgrading none the less. The standard ones that come have become better over the years but switch them out for well made after market stuff then you usually have a better experience. Comparing ear buds and full size cans is a bit apples and oranges but if you are open to trying some in ears check out these guys. https://trinity-audio-engineering.myshopify.com They have 2 sets that will be on budget witg a 20% discount code the Phantom Vyrus 2 and the original Hyperions. (HEADFIMEMBERS01) I have a set if vyrus v1 and a hyperion as sometimes I want something Im not too worried about losing or damaging. The Vyrus is stupidly good bargain for money and are my fave budget iems as you have aload of filters for tuning etc.