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  1. i5x

    Tracker Pixels

    Some stuff I have picked up over last few years, whilst looking about for better online privacy. These sites maybe of use to you: https://www.reddit/r/privacytoolsIO https://www.privacytools.io Lots of stuff there about keeping things private. There website is connected to the reddit. Firefox, Firefox containers (separates websites in to discrete containers so eg can have seperate container for email, one for shopping, one for social networks and no tracking between containers), LocalCND or Decentraleyes and Ublock Origin (use on interactive mode and block whatever elements you want) are a good place to start. Startpage and Quant are good alternative none tracking search engines. I also use a vpn if I use torrents, this can also be useful for hiding also - Nord right now as very good deal.
  2. I was give 2x Pfizer last Sat, I had to call up my GP and ask for it as nearest place I was offered online I would have had problems with places I was offered through NHS page. Straight in no weighting around and because I had partner with me and suffer have anxiety / clostrophobia was allowed to wait outside in fresh air. Was lucky no side effects at all. The other half has some family members who are being all anti vaccine about it, apparently it fucks with your DNA! Yeah right that's exactly how mRNA or adenovirus vectors work, I have even tried to explain... OK it is true, I give in. Incedently I have a way to stop this from happening at all... a hat, lined with special designed 0.2mm foldable, light weight, metallic material that can reflect any electromagnetic fields. Adapted to which ever type of fashionable or even unfashionable headgear you like. Only £99.99 delivered. It is definitely not a Tin Foil hat, it is a personal Faraday Cage for your head!
  3. i5x

    Bluetooth ear pods - worth it or not?

    Have a pair of Samsung buds + or whatever I bought on offer with my phone. They are OK, but I am kind of spoilt with headphones. No need to worry about losing as they usually have a locator setting where a noise is sent to them if you lose one. Usually for me though it is in the house and the cat has stole - it the little tosser, doesn't help it tweets like a bird when it is lost... Usually just use over ears noise cancelling to tune everybody out. Currently Sony WM1000MX4, very light weight and great battery life, which meant I actually didn't buy a pair of Senns this time.
  4. i5x

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Is he any good?
  5. i5x

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Unhitches Oust? Wait think I have it... Niche Shutouts
  6. i5x

    New TV

    CX is a fantastic telly, we went to picked one up a short while back and managed a gx for same price. Same screen though just lower profile for fitting on wall.
  7. i5x

    Using a U.K. sim and living abroad.

    Think I just ported number and used GiffGaff PAYG. Worked fine for me and never had a problem. I didn't even bother with dual sim, I just switched the sim over on the 1st of every month for 10 min and checked website.
  8. i5x


    Shit posting and gifs are what the internet was invented for, besides what thread on here doesnt descend to the nonsensical? It is why I keep returning.
  9. i5x


    Well it is not just about advertising the womens game, like you say maybe it is also to try and have more women watching the mens game as well also. I know plenty of women who watch the mens game, I go to my seat in the Main Stand and see a good amout of women there - much more so when I was a kid, when I would not really see many other girls / women. There has been a slow growth over the years, football authorities / tv companies prob believe the mens game is saturated in most countries, with the sky era widening socio-economic strata who are interested. It is easy to see what demographics are currently watching the game on tv by advertisments at time half are targeting and it is not women. So 50% of population have never really been targeted in the same way - kachinge. More viewers = more sponsers = more revenue and advertises throwing money around and the gravy train continues on its path for a few years longer. As for the womens game, there is indeed a hugh push to garner interest, so it is absolutly about trying to make it more relevent. As you say there is also the money making potential, quick google says FIFA alone generated $4.1bn in 2019, even if womens game managest to generate just 20% of what mens game does evryone is quids in. A female match commontator convieniently pushes both points and gives the impression of inclusivity, when lets face it - money is the real issue same as always. Shame really, as instead of looking for someone who will stand out with their knowlage and talent, it is same criterior they look for in the men, ie often than not an ex player who can string a couple of sentances togeather. Sadly the bar has not exactly been set high in this regaurd in recent times and makes little difference if it is a male of female voice churning out clichés, and talking about scenarios they have never experianced. Or maybe I am full of shit and being cynical? Nah.
  10. i5x


    Tbh match comentators are all shite this euros. Like some others dont mind McCoist too much at least he sounds like he genuinely loves the game.
  11. i5x


    Reading the last few pages re female commentary, I feel compelled to comment from a female perspective. For me it depends on what input they are asked to give. I think in any sport no-one particularly enjoys someone who speaks and won't stfu, with comments that show no insight, usefulness or are just banal; irrespective of gender. If their is genuine insight in to tactics or formations, for example, that is something that is equivalent and insight can be gained from experience playing at a lower level or even watching / educating yourself. Sure their maybe some differences, again you can educate yourself in this reguard to a large extent. However, it is when female comentators begin commenting on what it is like taking a pen for example, or pressures of the game etc., this is when I start getting annoyed and call bullshit. I did when Clark Calslie was a commentator on the world cup, I hated listening to him that much it still grates, truly wofull. If you have not played in a game that high profile you simply can not know what it is like. Given the women's game has just recently gone pro and lower profile of the women's game in this country, they don't and cant offer insights in to being in elite professional football. Sure they may have represented the national team but it is nowhere near equivalent, they didn't have 60k people in the stadium, the massive tv audience, the pressure of a nation or the shear nuts amount of money involved. They simply can not give insighte in to this as they have not experienced it. It does my head in when they are asked to or voluntarily begin talking about it, as it really is not compatible to anything they will have experienced. Personally don't enjoy women's football, for me it is too obviously slower than the mens game. Compared to something like track and field or even tennis where the difference is much less obvious. I actually object to it being pushed on the bbc site like it is, as it makes it more difficult to actually fined what I want to see.
  12. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    dunno about the 60's but the deffo ran the parade up Scotty in the 80's. I remeber my mum leaning out of our upstairs window with a pool que, dropping a pair of bright red knickers in the open top bus from our 1st floor. The everton one did same, route I mean - they didnt recieve a pair of my mums undies though...
  13. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Been impressed by OG, flawless. Grabbed a Plex sub too because the fire stick died and decided to give a try. Had some servers up and down for a week or 2 but that was due to them upgrading and they kept ppl informed as and when the servers would be off. Decent selection and regularly ask for requests. Either way I am more than happy with them.
  14. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Nice one, I pay $209 argentine pesos per month I think, either way their slack sign up process and under £5 per month is crazy. Signed up again, last month, this time with Arg account, and it has been flawless. I had previously had used my Swedish account for years without issue though. Only difference I have seen from Swe account was some S. American recommends on home screen, although admittedly not checked the library thoroughly.