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  1. i5x

    The New IPTV Thread

    Been using unlocked TiVi Mate for a long time, I am guessing they just paid for it to be re-branded so not switched partially becaus they use that overly bright blue colour for back ground and I cba messing with setting fav chans and playing with settings again. It is the best IPTV app I have used - quick, quite intuative and looks nice - usually a darkish grey. TiVi Mate not great for touch screen, still use Smarters for devices that need this.
  2. i5x


    Remember my brother graduation at Lancaster, I was about 9 or 10 and had been given his SLR and nice lens to take pics while he was busy and to keep myself entertained. The chancellor (princess Alexander?) saw small girl with big camera and asked for me to be brought over and introduced...I declined! Even as a kid I am not sure I ever agreed with monarchy as a principle.
  3. Maybe too far away for you as Bromborough but they do zoom and have a place in Liverpool as well I think. I use these accountants. wainwrightsaccountants.co.uk About £95 a month for 2x self assessment, buisness account for ltd company, 1x payroll, vat and book-keeping software etc. They seem OK, keen to move as much out of buisness to me as possible, which for me is kind of the point of half decent accountant!
  4. Is Saren still the goto? I have just that and I think The Crew as an alternative which has been OK.
  5. i5x

    Oculus Quest

    Wtf they didn't use a slimer in promo? amateurish tbh!
  6. i5x

    Home broadband speed

    The mesh system has been great tbh, nearly bought dirt cheap one and then upgrade when the 6E ones were out. In end went with AX system Asus one, pleased I stopped procrastinating about it and just did it. Has been great, and runs all the devices flawlessly. Dead easy to setup and use too.
  7. i5x

    Home broadband speed

    Think we are on Virgin 500mb, they are crap if things go wrong but I have not had anything go wrong for many years, usually have this speed too. Their WiFi is crap and I became pissed off about 6 months ago so decided to fox myself. Now just use their router in modem mode and have a couple of Asus XT8's and a single XD4 mini to cover very back of house / garden. The XT8s would prob cover whole place if it was more strategic placing them but I decided to hardwire the 2 togeather and run all my media and one pc through a network switch hardwired to the satellite xt8. Also running a server from home that is connected to our 3d printer farm for the buisness, each printer has a camera feed and I can then access this from anywhere so need solid wifi in the house to make this possible. I had countless BT people testing the lines to the house and a connection that was dropping regularly so decided to say screw it and went with virgin, which has been solid ever since. We now have the option of FTTP through BT wholesale so might look to jump ship. Ideally I would have a tri band Asus Ax modem / router as I can them be more strategic with one of the XT8. Although finding one seems to be a bit of a pain in the arse righ now. My buisness can pay for it as an expense apparently, because we work from home. Might just fuck everything off and just iptv / kodi and the best connection I can find. Also need decent upload speed for said server and uploading videos to YT. Thinking Zen or idnet as both have been going ages and have great reputations.
  8. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They said at one point the USM who sponsored them was a different USM from the Russian one. They also only suspended the deals rather than cancel them completely like other companies did. Good to know the bastions of football integrity are still leading the way in what is right and corinthian spirit is still alive in the world of professional football.
  9. i5x

    Oculus Quest

    Personaly I wouldn't worry too much about age, giving her suitable time limits ofc. I have had kids as young as 5 using VR (supervised ofc) and as old as being in 80s. We have given proberbly hundreds of people their 1st VR experience as we have been using VR headsets since 2013. The husband would take our old DK1 and PC in to the school he taught for open evenings, kids from primamy school and parents checking the local schools out and have minecraft maths challanges, also on end of term he would take in steering wheel and have the do time trials 11-16 year olds. Only problems we had was some would be motion sickness which could happen at any age. Was mainly due to the poor resolution and fps that the very early models had. There is alot of really fun games and experiences that can be had, and really fire her imagination. Deep sea, trip across solar system, games you can make stupid contraptions, all sorts. Besides, I have vested intrest in people loving VR because we sell VR stocks for first person shooters.
  10. i5x

    The New IPTV Thread

    OG have a site where you can see schedule btw, need your username and password. I won't give anything out to do with them bar saying if you go to their site and click #fixtures you are given instructions on how to see sport schedules.
  11. i5x

    Surround Sound/Vertical Soundbar

    Umm not 100% on this but tbh I am not sure how 1 speaker will help you out. If it were me I would prob buy a pair of book shelf speakers. Sit them either side if tv or either side of room, you will have some sound separation and stereo output. As the name implys they are made to fit on bookshelf and come in various styles and budgets. A half decent pair will undoubtedly help your experience, then later on if it was me I would be looking at a sub, if I had the room. Oh and obviously you have to make sure they can connect direct to TV, optical or audio jack.
  12. i5x

    How do you get match tickets?

    Moved back from Sweden because sick family member, silver lining was I qualified for ST along with 3 other member of my family after Main Stand expansion. We were put on the list when I was still at school and finally qualified. We have 4 seats togeather which is pretty great. If one of us can't go I sell it through the club and leave it on our accounts ready for next season. Before Sweden the terrible phone sales, where you had about 3 dif phones. It would be dial...welcome to ticket line we are to buisy to take call goodbye and would end up with pone bills that cost more than the tickets. Think we used to be on PTS until they changed ratio of tickets to members.
  13. i5x

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    My nan and lots of my mums familly lived in Portland Gardens, presumably they were having fun with the name because there wasn't any greenery insight - unless you count the odd dandelion. They all kept their places nice inside but even as a kid you could see it was rough. Same with where I lived, although both my parents worked and we were OK, some absolutely dives around.
  14. i5x

    Energy Prices

    Hopefully this is sorted, used link from @Harry's Ladorriginally online and said friday. So called mentioned my mum was with us and had asthma and arthritis and apparently are sending out someone today. BG agent couldn't find the fix for free offer (was not me who made call) but still will be alot cheaper as similar scheme. Thought get it sorted then can use the 14 day cooling off to sort us out and get on the correct scheme. Even if we can't looks like we will be sorted sooner rather than later. Cheers GF!
  15. i5x

    Energy Prices

    Live on wirral, either way good of you to offer and thank you.