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  1. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I was told was originally neither club were separated by religion, I mean St Domingos was Methodist. Everton was adopted by some of the RC irish members post war, when they recruited some players from the Republic. I think some also thought that LFC founded by Holding who was a member of the Orange Lodge and 2+2 together... Both clubs history were not separated by religion as far as I can find out, Holding was a businessman 1st - we all know the story of how LFC was founded and the Everton rent story that goes with it. Pretty sure Holding was involved in Everton renting Anfield to begin with. So you now have a club set up by Methodists, with a member of the Orange Lodge involved in their formative years, and yet still an RC club? When you scrutinise the history it just doesnt hold up for me. Add to this if you look at the ties between LFC and Celtic cosying up over the years, The Fields of Anfield Road is to the tune of The Fields of Anthery and second part of Poor Scouse Tommy is to the tune of The Sash - both republican and loyalist songs respectively. (Come to think of it last year pre match the singer they had in the Main stand concorse was actually singing Fields on Anthery). I doubt any of this would happen if there were any strong ties either way. My personal experience of religion and support is kind of interesting as my nan was the first person in the area who had a dual faith funeral the service was both RC and C of E. Her family was split even between siblings, I went to both RC schools (near Scotland Road way) and C of E (Wallasey way), both schools had kids that supported both clubs with a slight bias towards Liverpool. Additional: I have heared this Everton are RC nonsense from RC a few RC Evertonians before and had great fun telling them: "If they know their history they would know it was rubbish". I am not religious myself, however, I have took 2 RC priests to matches from my partners parish to welcome them - one to LFC vs Everton and one to LFC vs City. They both had a great time and were full on reds even before hand, even see them out and about with LFC baseball caps when they are in the civvies. Edited: On PC now and being lysdexic I cant spell for shit.
  2. i5x

    General Election 2019

    Removed quote as you changed dw about it as it made me smile. Sorry about making you or anyone else uncomfortable. It was not my intention.
  3. i5x

    General Election 2019

    Im prob going to make a rambeling post here. I dont post much but Iam alone today and just need to vent some frustration. Always remember when I was a kid seeing my father striking in the opening credits to news at ten, shouting Maggie out. I have no idea where it was but know it was not local so he and his colleagues had to travel. A scouser and manual labourer with no real qualifications. Guess who he always voted for... Yep the consevatives - every single time. I educated parents about Brexit and how the EU worked with independent sources. My mum went from not knowing what she would vote for to remain, she always has political interest though and always critical thinking. He would always parrot back strong and stable or whatever over simplified bs that was put out there. Him, he voted leave, he believed everything he heared in the pub and the msm everytime. Example he brought BNP literature in to the house. My poor mum devistated and I had to ask him how someone brought up in the aftermath of ww2 could even contenplate the far right dick heads? He became really sick last year and recieved amazing care, all free of charge including 4 visits from carers to his home per day and up to 7+ district nurse visits per week as he neared the end of his life. He put so much strain on my 80 year old mother it was unreal, he was never a nice person to his family. To the point where neither my brothers or myself felt we could do the eulogy and they didnt want to carry the coffin. In truth I honestly didn't feel any loss and still dont nearly 6 months later, which is kind if shocking that I am able to be so cold about it. He wanted his funeral in a bloody conservative club, my mum fortunately decided against this without persuasion as tbh I wouldnt have gone in there. My life has been saved numerous times by the NHS and so had his, I am prob going to be on meds for my whole life and have been told eventually its a wheel chair for me. This is now in danger if the usa trade deal includes pharma - lets face it it will include that and agri products, as thats what a big part of Brexit is about, and the billions that will be made for the most well off. My husband has a small buisness selling vr periferals that tops up our income, most go to the EU. So thats that now in danger. I know people of all ages vote in all sorts of ways but I find it mind blowing so many people of that generation and similar background to his dont see whats happening. I cant get my head around it, I kind of can with younger gens due to media influence and lack of critical thinking taught in schools. History just repeats I guess, all of its happened before and all of it will again. He only cared about himself, beat us up as kids literally and now he is again figuratively, even though he is not around. This is something that would apeal to his enormous amount of narsassism I believe. To say I feel dejected now is an understatement. Sorry about the rant, I dont have anywhere else right now to get this offf ny chest.
  4. i5x

    General Election 2019

    Nope checked rules before I it, was 100% clear who I was voting for and had nothing to identify me. Those were only rules I could find. One recent election I remember someone wrote "wank" in every box and "not wank" next to the Green Party. This was taken as a clear preferance for tge greens and vote was given to them. Edit: was on Guardian Live page at time, so here is the reddit where they were discussing it. Link to original source in thread too.
  5. i5x

    General Election 2019

    I have never bothered voting before because I live in a very safe Labour seat, so feel my vote simply doesnt count. However, I sent my postal vote for the 1st time and so did my partner, who also vote for the first time. Even though its remain area in Merseyside given the volatile nature of politics atm we couldnt risk not voting I am so stressed out about what will happen to me under a conservative government, due to various health problems I have and the meds I have to take. We also have a small buisness making VR perfierals, a high proportion of which go to the EU. Nothing good is on the horizon for us if Johnson and the Gamon brigade are elected, infact it is quite terrifying. Also, I took the opportunity to write Johnson is a lying cunt under the conservative candidate name. Edit: vote wasnot spoiled as it was 100% ear who the vote was for. I checked rules before hand.
  6. i5x

    Charities are becoming annoying cunts.

    So my father died a couple of weeks ago, we had a McMillan nurse who come to the house who was helpful and we had fantastic support of St Johns Hospice at Home. However, less than one week after my mum recieves a letter from McMillan asking her to include them in her will. Now it might have just been co-incidence but she has not received mail from them before, so pretty sure it nothing more than cynically praying on a woman who had lost her husband 6 months short of 50 years. I have been appaulled at how some companies including charities have tried to take advantage of her. Others have been amazing and as such will be given very decent donations from our family and continued customer loyalty. I will make sure McMillan recieve a small something; as if you use a charity, benefit from it and can afford to its only fair. However, after that I do not think I be inclined to ever again. The companies in question can fuck right off though.
  7. i5x

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Dont think anyone has posted this yet, I read a series of articles a couple of months ago on Der Spiegel Online about Man City and their dealings. Since it is being discussed thought some here may find it interesting. It is pretty damming if true, lets face it they have form for financial breaches, we now have the alleged bullshitting of UEFA in addition. Most of the info used was from Football Leaks. Der Spiegel - Man City Exposed C1 Der Spiegel - Man City Exposed C2 Der Spiegel - Man City Exposed C3 Der Spiegel - Man City Exposed C4
  8. i5x

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    I sit in main stand overlooking the away end - some stuff was thrown on to the pitch when Richarlison (I think it was) tryed to start a fight with Gomez in that corner not as bad as aftrr the goal and most just hit their own fans and didnt make it on the pitch. There was also a mobile phone amongst the objects that made it on to the picth after yhe goal, and earlier a few people get kicked out by the cops. Most of it just hit their own fans and didnt make it on to the pitch at that point. As for the flares its a bit of a blear I thought the one thrown at our lot was after along with loads more stuff chucked on inc the flare and phone on to the pitch. Edit: they have to have been the most obnoxious away fans so far this season - again. Edit again: I could be wrong btw it was mayhem and I was concentrated on what was going on at the other end so much.
  9. i5x

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    there were 2 blue flares one on the pitch with all the other crap they threw on there and one right in with our supported in the lower Anfield Road End. Dunno if any of that has been mentioned at all.
  10. i5x

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    Don't usually post but delighted with that went crazy at the end, especially after the "you haven't killed an Italian" and "always the victim" shite they pulled - again. We sit right near the away end so was very audible and when they began chucking stuff on to the pitch near the end someone threw a mobile phone; pathetic i know but that cracked me up. I mean why not throw your wallet and drivers licence too. Fortunately no-one was in the way of it. Anyway stay classy Everton!
  11. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Cherrs for the pm's and all the advice Capt. Turdseye. Much appreciated.
  12. i5x

    Slow Laptop ideas

    I know you said you have run Ccleaner did you check start-up? Ccleaner to do startup tools-> startup. Disable junk that is unceassary, if your unsure quick google will sort. Apologies if you have already done this but many overlook it. GL
  13. i5x

    HTC Vive Pro

    If you like fps try Pavlov and Onward. If you do think about grabbing a periferal that locks your controllers in place making shoiting easier. My other half actually was the 1st to make one of these on redddit years ago. Flying games are great there is a real sense of awe there especially if you have a stick or hotas. The game is repetative and a little boring but the scale in Elite Dangerous is amazing. Sometimes they have it on sale for a fiver so if you see it on then cheap worth a copy. Been using VR since Rift DK1 and Elite Dangerous Alpha - too bad I still get motion sickness so cant use much. My partner though bearly uses anything but VR now though.
  14. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Can anyone please help me out and recomend a service for me? Pref one that doesn't need a proxy for sports events would be ideal. I want to set this up for my mother so she can see the true horror of such a service. Once educated after a couple of years she will know what to look for and how to avoid these imoral practices. Thanks
  15. i5x


    I used to use a jds labs c5d, as amp/dac with phone was nice little unit. Dont use so much now due to the fiio x7 and keeping my phone charged. If it was not season ticket time, I would love a chord mojo - amazing bit of kit.