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  1. i5x

    Oculus Quest

    I suffer really bad VR sickness, similar feeling to travel sickness bit 10x worse. It is not a problem if it is something like a racing game or something steated, it is when you have to get up and walk about, I just have never been able to go more than 5 mins at a time. The new pc I build for SO, which is a bit if a monster rig, and the Index I was actually able to play HL: Alex for well over 30 mins due to higher fps. I should be able to crank the fps up to 90hz or so and get even more time in there. I think I could have managed even longer but had to cut it sort as game was due to begin. Btw if you like physics in games and building bazaar cotraptions Boneworks is decent. Idea of some of the stupid things that can be done:
  2. i5x

    Oculus Quest

    Quick how to from Reddit : Obvious this will not work with none VR games, also Netflix app is pretty cool.
  3. i5x

    Oculus Quest

    Been using VR since Oculus Kickstarter and Rift dk1 about 6 years or more ago. Your best bet of you want quick and easy is an Oculus Quest 2 for about £300 or so, no pc required. Just whack it on your head and away you go, it can even be connected to a pc if you decide to go down that route later. It is the Rift S that requires a PC, or Valve Index (we have this one currently and a monster pc for it). There are other headsets out there for PC like Pi Max but they are main ones. Was discussing hardware last night and they have to aim at mid range / lower tier to actually be able to mass market and sell these things. Tbh anyone asks about VR we tell them Quest 2, then that way if you don't like it, or get motion sickness you can return it for minimal outlay and if you love it you can build around it if you decide to. Edit: would recommend Elite headstrap to go with it as it is uncomfortable without it for £50.
  4. Is Cyberpunk the best game of trying to tank my framerate with the new graphics card then? Been trying to get my hands on a 3080 for ages, and had sold my last one a couple of months back and bought an LG tv with gsync in anticipation of new cards. Kept missing out as the SO kept changing mind. Bored of waiting so decided to get a 3090 instead. I have ended up ordering 3 of the buggers because they added the ones I wanted in wrong order. Either way the one I wanted is coming Tues so planning on pushing the new card some.
  5. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    there got it to work #freechippytits
  6. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    sorted it below...
  7. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Usually you can see the difference in channel quality on mine (4k 65" oled). The other lot sorted their stuff out very quickly and I was presently surprised. As a back up option this sounds decent though.
  8. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Might Have to give a try I like the idea of a backup and even at the scammers price it is decent enough. I would ask for a pm, however, since the name and app has been shared on forum I have no need...
  9. i5x


    Used startpage.com which is similar idea of being privacy based, it is google search engine with all the tracking stuff stripped out. That, firefox plus a few addons works pretty well for me.
  10. i5x

    Playstation 5

    If you did priority pre-ordrer from them you are given a discount code which you use to knock £2k off price and you can only order if you have the discount code. It is so people can not skip the cue whilst allowing pre-orders to complete purchase. Article about it: https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/ps5-consoles-are-being-sold-on-currys-for-pound2449-and-theres-of-course-a-catch
  11. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Gotta love auto correct and dyslexia combo
  12. i5x

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    My grandmother had the 1st RC CofE joint service for her funeral in Liverpool. I went to RC and CoE schools in the area. Sectarianism has not exisisted on any large scale for a long time thankfully, for either club and I am proud to say our area is one of the most supportive of chucking out hate groups like those idiots who tried to arch here a couple of years ago. The whole Everton is RC and LFC is CofE is garbage too, I won't go in to details because I have previously. If blues do indeed know their history they would realise they were founded my Methodists anyway St Domingos was methodist. Surely if we are all Orange because of the founder, they should all be methodist and... Actually Chapel was named after St Domingos House which was build by West Indian trader in sugar/ slaves and former mayor of liverpool George Campbell. So following the "logic" I hate to think what that would make him, apart from Bagshot crazy. Maybe they should bring back their old favorite of "Everton is White" they used to sing. Edit: I actually hate seeing this sort of stuff trying to divide the area and clubs to neatly fit adgendas.
  13. i5x

    Waterproof, Bluetooth headphones?

    This is not something that I have lots of experiance with, however, I do know the big problem is alot of places say our buds are waterproof, then when you look at their site they turn around and say nope dont use for swimming eg Jabra and Bose both advertise like this, so double check on manufacturer website. Ones that are for swimming are few and far in between I know Sony and Aftershokz do some but they have mp3 players attached.
  14. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    I just pit it down to me being lazy and using wireless. I know something I know I need to sort, have a cable just need some motivation.
  15. i5x

    The IPTV Thread

    Yeah thanks Turdsy sorted me out with an invite to OG. Very happy with it so far , not had any buffering at all.