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  1. 05 Milan

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    No it's not, people would've found an excuse to hate him nonetheless, especially since it was City. I worshipped Xabi Alonso like a god, but his exit was much less dramatic because Rafa wanted him out. so he didn't need to kick up a fuss to get the move he wanted. Sterling obviously felt he needed to. I'm not defending that. I'm just pointing out that you can't be surprised that players react when they've been completely dehumanized by the watching public, up to a point where it's deemd alright to shout absolutely anything you want at him.
  2. 05 Milan

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Where has he claimed that? And what has he done to piss you off so much, BTW? And I'm not specifically talking about Sterling here, it's the wider issue. We had Evertonians singing "the baby's not yours". I saw a video recently of someone mocking a Celtic player for his sister dying. Have you ever stopped to consider what type of society you live in where stuff like this gets shrugged off after a couple of minutes of click-baiting outrage? I know it's rich for me to sit up in happy, cozy Norway and preach about this, but I've always found it quite shocking to see the level of hatred that British people can generate about their neighbours.
  3. 05 Milan

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Irrespective of all the talk about spin, England (and of course other countries) has a big issue with hateful abuse at football matches. We all accept it as "part of the game" and we don't want to "ruin the atmosphere and the passion", but you can't dismiss the effect it has on people, even if they earn bucket loads of cash to compensate for it. Of course we would see it as unfair that this game was used as an occasion to spark a wider debate on the subject. But I can't see how it would be so bad if people going to football matches considered if they would let their kids hear what they were shouting at opposition players. And I have no doubt that some of the worst idiots learned to behave that way from their parents. That's all from the peace-loving, tree-hugging Norgie. P.S. Football fans really need to get over this notion of players having to remain at a club until they retire or the club decides you're not worth having around anymore. People switch jobs for different reasons, including more money, all the time, why should football be different? And Raheem wasn't even a badge-kisser. World class footballers can og wherever they please. Its the job of the people running Liverpool Football Club to make it a sufficiently attractive proposition to stay, and they've finally nailed it.
  4. 05 Milan

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 2-3 2019)

    Jan Kromkamp at RB never looked right. Proper full backs are wee, quick lads who get bullied in the air. Period.
  5. I was completely the same with Prison Break...but I managed to finally cut that shit loose after s4 or something
  6. 05 Milan

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    We have been rebuilt from de facto bankruptcy to champions of Europe in under ten years, turning healthy profits, paying world record fees for top players, enjoying our best league campaign ever, playing fantastically entertaining football for the most part, expanding Anfield, building a great new training complex, and still managed to play by the rules and remain FFP compliant. It's a bloody marvellous feat by FSG, and if they are solely driven by financial gain, then I hope for our sake that never changes.
  7. 05 Milan

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I have complete faith in the judgement of LFC's owners and management on pretty much all matters. And that feels great after the two decades that preceded them.
  8. 05 Milan

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    RF: Colgate Optic White 20% off at Tesco's, bloody hell!
  9. 05 Milan

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    RF: Oh shit, I stepped on Shaqiri! AR: Medic!!!!
  10. 05 Milan

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    MS on Instagram: Great day of fishing! Oh, and all women must receive respect, but we need to forgive the sinners, praise Allah.
  11. 05 Milan

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

  12. 05 Milan

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    SM: Allison is a girl's name, pass it on
  13. 05 Milan

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Writing in his autobiography in 2013, Ferguson painted the scene in the Man United boardroom, prior to Henderson’s £16 million move from Sunderland to Liverpool. “We looked at Jordan Henderson a lot and Steve Bruce was unfailingly enthusiastic about him,” he wrote. “Against that we noticed that Henderson runs from his knees, with a straight back, while the modern footballer runs from his hips. “We thought his gait might cause him problems later in his career.”