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  1. Edward.

    Other Football 2021/22

    I’m happy for my Dad he’s 82 supported Everton all his life, he’s really happy when we win, played football with Brian Labone, signed for Man United as a Kid, his brother wasn’t allowed to sign for Liverpool despite Shankly asking my Nana And Grandad if he would better work as as a mechanic. Dad loved seeing Shankly talking to his parents in the front room when he got back from work.
  2. Seems like I waited years to be able to appreciate the all day TV build up to the match, now they don’t even do it.
  3. Edward.

    The Snooker

    Oldest person to ever win it. I used to thing Ray Reardon was in his 60’s funny how much younger people look now.
  4. All right cheers, I helped her fill in the application on Thursday so may be not too long to find out.
  5. My daughters were sitting in front of him at Little Mix on Saturday.
  6. How long did you have to wait from application? Apparently the Mother needs permission from the Father to take her child out of the country now too.
  7. The area they will hopefully live in is an annexe to our house so if everything goes to plan they will be living there, we spoke to them and they are very keen. We are incredibly emotional about the whole thing, fingers crossed.
  8. Zoom meeting done. Very emotional, DBS done, accommodation needs to be checked but it’s an Airbnb so should be fine waiting on visas.