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  1. I think they said on the radio all of the cards were collected outside the ground.
  2. Drove up from Manchester to Newcastle the other day, up the M6, beautiful views, very little traffic, same along the A69.
  3. Ordinary Men is worth a watch on Netflix.
  4. The Stand, The Talisman IT are my favourites books. I really enjoyed Duma Key too.
  5. One of the things I like about his books is characters appearing from time to time in other books. A couple of characters from IT appear in 11/22/63 apparently just after IT has finished. King also appears later on in The Dark Tower as a fictional writer. I can’t quite remember but I think he is asked to rewrite a certain book about vampires.
  6. The Drawing of the Three I feel is the best book in the series but I enjoyed them all apart from Song of Susannah.
  7. Top Boy new series promising start.
  8. If this weather in the west reaches Newcastle they are going to need snorkels.
  9. Yeah I know what you mean, although Rick Shiels is awful at golf at the minute.
  10. Play in a league in Northumberland. Have done for nearly 30 years. Lucky enough to have witnessed Courtney Walsh and Ian Bishop in the younger days, actually Mark Wood too.
  11. Rick Shiels and Matt Fryer. I also started watching Sanderstead Cricket during Lockdown as all of our games were cancelled.
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