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  1. Just started watching Dexter, on the 4th series I’m enjoying it but some of the acting is awful.
  2. Souness on Talksport said he has spoken to him on the phone and he is sounding like he is on the mend.
  3. Well the pussy was ginger, which can be an unforgettable taste. The shit itself was quite runny and very much unforgettable.
  4. Great that tops the evening off.
  5. Urban Fantasy I like the Dresden Files, Daniel Faust by Craig Schaefer and also The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.
  6. Putting people in empty hotel rooms isn’t solving homelessness.
  7. Homelessness isn’t just classed as street homeless though and not all street homeless people were housed.
  8. It might not be a lifestyle choice, but it has become some peoples lifestyles and incredibly difficult to turn around. I've met people who have got to the point where they can't be bothered to turn it around and life as crazy as it seems to us is much easy living "outside Asda". I have also met and worked with many more who have turned it around, only to find it too difficult and have ended up back on the streets and I have worked with people who after spending many years homeless are in accomodation of varying levels. Accomodation can also be pretty crap, and scary too. I think I have worked in pretty much 90% of the homeless hostels in the North East and very few if any I would want to spend the night in, often the safest place to be is outside Asda.
  9. I'll look into it. I'm not sure I'm into this genre of books to be honest. I didn't really like his style of writing either. I watched the first episode of The Sopranos the other day on a flight didn't really like that either, although I have seen the odd episode here and there and enjoyed them and really wanted to watch more.
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