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  1. Edward.

    Liz Hurley

    She was stuck behind her in a queue in a shop for ages. Had a chat. When she got to the till the woman on the till told her.
  2. Edward.

    Liz Hurley

    My wife met her at the weekend, although she only found out afterwards.
  3. Edward.

    Kate Beckinsale

    Yeah but 10 years ago he would have been ideal as Jack Reacher.
  4. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    Yeah just about finished it now. Make my way through Joe Abercrombie and see if Grey Sister is a little more affordable or if I can get it second hand. What are The Red Queens Wars like? Finished The Iron Druid Chronicles recently, really enjoyed the whole series.
  5. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    I've seen a few people comment on here about Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, I'm reading Emperor of Thorns at the moment 400 pages in after reading Prince and King of Thorns, I'm completely lost and wondering if I should bother finishing it. Red Sister any better or the series before that? Also I have Joe Abercrombie The First Law series are they any good?
  6. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    Are the Lehane books any good? Had them for ages just never got round to reading them. Just finished the Harry Dresden series which I thought was great. So thanks to whoever recommended them on here.
  7. Edward.

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    30 seconds on Photoshop.
  8. To be fair you largely talk a load of shite.
  9. Romper Stomper. Hells Angels on Wheels.
  10. Edward.

    Mohamed Salah

    Oh I realise that I just wanted to tell someone. My wife is still non the wiser.
  11. Edward.

    Mohamed Salah

    Smashed mine to fuck 3 years ago when I got drunkenly run over by a taxi. Smashed ribs punctured lung still hurts like fuck now. However injuries like that heal quicker when you are younger and probably fitter.
  12. Edward.

    Bench for the final

    Solanke to score the winner.
  13. Edward.

    roma home

    If its the same bird I saw her oiling herself up by a pool in Malta for about 20 minutes, I looked to see who she was with. Not sure he was that happy about me singing "Rushie is back Rushie is back" off the balcony every time he arrived back in a taxi.