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  1. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Had exactly the same conversation.
  2. Edward.

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Forwards

    Impossible to vote Suarez, Torres, Salah and they aren’t my favourites.
  3. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Wor lass is wearing a burka
  4. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Just been in my local landlord has a shielk outfit ready to wear on Sunday, apparently it was the last one in stock. There could be thousands of Geordies dressed up as sheiks at the game on Sunday not sure how that will go down.
  5. Edward.

    Liverpool All-Time 11 - Left Back

    Used to live next door to Lindsay, Kennedy for me, Robertson much like Trent in a few years.
  6. Edward.

    Ian Rush

    Ian and I on our holidays.
  7. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Unbearable on Thursday night wish I stayed in.
  8. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Did that with my Dad in the 80’s.
  9. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Shit aren’t they in fairness you can tell before you go in.
  10. Edward.

    Geordie Arabia

    Kind of agree but it’s beautiful up here and Newcastle is a great night out. Only 3 hours from London on a train. Double your wages you’d go anywhere.
  11. Edward.

    Trainspotting and Transpotting 2

    I read someone talking and realise they’re not talking anymore takes me ages to read.
  12. Ashamed to post this http://blacktiesports.net/soccer1