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  1. Edward.

    What age does your libido decrease?

    Yes she told me I was 51.
  2. Edward.

    What age does your libido decrease?

    Actually just checked I'm only 51.
  3. Edward.

    What age does your libido decrease?

    52 and I really can't be bothered, the wife says she'd like to have sex more often, but I don't think she can be bothered either.
  4. Yes Badlands is great, Nick Frost was superb in it.
  5. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    Are the Neal Carey books any good by Don Winslow? Average review on Amazon. Also looking at the order of the Savages books, The Kings of Cool was written after Savages but appears first in the reading list order of The Savages books series. One review says that savages is the prequel.
  6. Is it not just based on the next book in the trilogy Finders Keepers?
  7. Edward.


    Born in Wallsend. Grew up in Whitley Bay.
  8. Edward.

    The GF book thread

    Almost read all of the Matt Scudder book’s whoever mentioned them on here I appreciate it they just got better and better. cheers.
  9. Edward.

    Ben Davies

    No I’m much further North
  10. Edward.

    Ben Davies

    Any idea of the area?
  11. Edward.

    Ben Davies

    Not out but his brother bowled me one of the best balls either myself the bowler or the umpire had ever seen.
  12. Edward.

    Ben Davies

    I actually play cricket against someone who plays for Preston.
  13. Edward.

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Got a mate who plays for Preston. Hoping it was him.
  14. Edward.

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Don't be daft. Smearing dog food on my cock and letting the dog lick it off is weird but I still do it.