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  1. Edward.

    Other football - 2020/21

    At this precise moment Clinton Morrison is a cunt.
  2. Edward.

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    I didn’t see the one you described so eloquently
  3. Edward.

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    If it it’s well done.
  4. Edward.

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    Ha. I just typed Jenna Coleman nude, Hey Presto! I see above thats what I saw.
  5. Edward.

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    Have you got the Internet?
  6. Edward.

    Jenna Coleman - Marriage Material.

    The pics I've seen of her Jenna not your mates mum, she's got saggy tits.
  7. http://allsportsmedia.live/novo/footy/novo-madrid/
  8. Edward.

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    I was completely okay with it, got my second tomorrow. Actually I did feel ill the next day, but I'll put that down to the drink.
  9. Edward.

    "Random" by Random.

    Wow I was in my 30’s when I posted that.
  10. That reminds me of when I was in Amsterdam with my wife all day smoking weed and drinking beer, back to the hotel watching porn. She decided to have a shower and shave her muff. I flicked through the channels and found highlights of the Botham test against the Aussies, she came out of the shower with something that looked like Jimmy Hill nestled between her legs and had the audacity to call me sick. I was quite embarrassed and switched back to the porn.
  11. Edward.

    Black and white films

    The Hill Sean Connery. Attack Jack Palance.
  12. Edward.

    Black and white films

    Tiger Bay always seemed to be on the box when I was ill from school.