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  1. rubble-rouser

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    When we battered Leeds in about 95 at Anfield. Or was it Tottenham? And it’s happened more recently too.
  2. Yes, there is massive hypocrisy, but that doesn’t mean the big clubs should stand by.
  3. Ok - read it as ‘saying fuck the rest’, if semantics are the important thing here
  4. So what? It doesn’t make it wrong to care about Wigan, Bolton, Macclesfield, Bury etc. Just because other industries don’t look after their own, does that mean rich clubs should fuck the rest?
  5. rubble-rouser

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    Kinell. It might be an age thing but the week I was in Cardiff then Dortmund Watching us winning cups was probably the best of my life.
  6. rubble-rouser

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    Another example of the way football has changed - or at least the way we play it. VVD’s starting position for a lot of those passes is where you’d have seem Xabi or Gerrard 6- 15 years ago, with centre backs split alongside or 10 yards back.
  7. rubble-rouser

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Poor cunts.
  8. Tyler had the nerve to say that premier league clubs were struggling financially too, ten minutes after saying that arsenal had flown up for the game and we’re flying up again later I. The week. I’m sure we’d do the same. It’s indefensible.
  9. rubble-rouser

    Arsenal (H) League Cup - 1/10/20 - 19:45

    Kelleher Williams Williams Fabinho The Greek Grujic Milner Jones Origi Minamino Shaq
  10. rubble-rouser

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    Weird weird game that. They have improved so much. We really have to stop gifting chances, and there might need to be a Plan B on the high line. Klopp’s going to cunt Keane in the bollocks isn’t he.
  11. rubble-rouser

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    Thankfully our players aren’t a bunch of hysterical fannies. I’d start Jones ahead of Keita, with gini and Fab behind them and Milner ready to come on if needed.
  12. rubble-rouser

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    Weird tactical decision by Chelsea today. They went toe-to-toe with us in the cup and in July and were much more effective than today. Fabinho was fucking awesome. Mo looks ready to go up another level again. Pleased with Thiago but I hope we don’t try to play everything though him when teams are parking the bus - we need to be able to mix things up. Bobby was better today I thought. Stuff wasn’t coming off for him but he seemed to make better decisions than in recent times. I thought Gini struggled - not just in front of goal - for the second week running. Sad that it’s hard to see Curtis getting a start in the league any time soon.
  13. rubble-rouser

    Thiago Alcantara

    Girls that think that Lincoln is in Wales is not good.