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  1. Wes Morgan played two of the ghostly figures in the Halloween Live episode of 'Inside Number 9'.
  2. Olivier Dacourt cannot pronounce the word 'curry' and so has to ask for 'yellow sauce' on his chips every night.
  3. rubble-rouser

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Hermit TSOP
  4. rubble-rouser

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Never heard of the shady cunt.
  5. rubble-rouser

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Fixed that for you
  6. rubble-rouser

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    The leading man in the biopic is sorted.
  7. rubble-rouser

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    There is a lift from the top bit of the tube to the concourse. Go right, not left. Obviously yoi’ve Gone up 3 escalators by then, but consider this my public service for the year.
  8. rubble-rouser

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    See also people who don’t start looking for the train ticket that they can’t find until they are standing right in front of the barriers, thus blocking access for everyone else.
  9. rubble-rouser

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    This is a cluster fuck, and we are being cluster fucked.
  10. rubble-rouser

    Late night snacks

    I can't eat peanuts late at night without waking up choking on them hours later.
  11. rubble-rouser

    Late night snacks

    A bit of stilton that had been out of the fridge for about 6 hours with a couple of crackers at 10pm last night. Sublime. Those dreams about meeting Graham Gooch and spotting a couple of Mountain lions were an added bonus.
  12. rubble-rouser

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    This. Also he isn’t very good at the moment so he must be the guilties.
  13. rubble-rouser

    Season of the Studge

    Used to be ok for players to bet on games. Then they bandit.
  14. rubble-rouser

    Next 5 games

    Realistically, anything more than 8 points from those 4 league games would be very good by most standards. Nowhere near enough to maintain a challenge though. The most annoying thing is that if we'd taken 2 points from Napoli and Red star away we could have taken it a bit easier against PSG away. Whatever the outcome in that game, i's going to interfere with our planning for the league games.
  15. rubble-rouser

    I saw him play.

    The pens were definitely league Cup. The Norwich one was a Saturday afternoon in the league, but he did hit it hard from the angle on the Kemlyn side.