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  1. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Just finished The Secret Commonwealth which is the second book in Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust trilogy; itself a continuation of the story of Lyra from His Dark Materials. In this, Lyra is an adult and, as such, the book deals with some pretty adult themes. It also feels very resonant with many of the issues in the world today whilst remaining completely faithful to the world he’s created in his books. In short, I loved it.
  2. Paul


    Not only that, I’ve sorted the apostrophe crime too! It’s a two-for-one deal. How’s that for service? You’re welcome.
  3. Paul

    Milner: No progress on new deal

    Wait, what? There’s actually a debate about James Milner? ‘Kinell.
  4. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Just finished The Outsider by Stephen King. It was great and he also managed a decent ending for once. Now to The Secret Commonwealth by Philip Pullman, the second volume of The Book of Dust. I love these books so much, I've bought it in hardback like all the others. No kindle here; these books are all-time greats and I want them on my shelf.
  5. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Not sure who I’d like to see as Parker. In my mind, he’s not a grock or super handsome. He’s an ordinary bloke, with a quick wit and a fearless/relentless streak. Who fits that bill? Louis is slightly easier: very black, very hard, very stoic and very straight appearing. Mahershala Ali would be good. Angel would be someone like Michael Peña.
  6. Paul

    Apple Arcade

    Got the free one month trial last week and have been underwhelmed. Tried two games (Frogger one and something else I can’t recall) and thought the controls were shit and the games not much fun. Tried hooking up PS4 controller and that was crap too. However, I’m aware I’ve barely scratched the surface. So, do any of you have any recommendations before I fuck it off please? Cheers.
  7. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I really enjoyed Toy Story 4. Thought it was better than the previous one.
  8. Paul

    My iphone has gone mad!

    If only we had a forum for this kind of thing...
  9. Paul

    Is Q-Tip the best rapper of all time?

    Ha, ha, ha!!! Noel Gallagher called. He says you've infringed his copyright over an opinion from eleven years ago.
  10. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Few I’ve read since the last time I reviewed on here. 1. The Girl Who Lived Twice - David Lagercrantz The latest in the continuation of the Lisbeth Salander/Millenium books. Pretty disappointing really. Far less complex and not really very engaging. It was alright, but that was all. 2. The Second Sleep - Robert Harris A good idea (post-apocalypse England reverting to an almost medieval way of life) that is badly used. Ultimately a bit boring really. 3. The Institute - Stephen King Brilliant. Easily his best in a while. As with nearly all his books the ending is a bit of a damp squib, but I really enjoyed it. It’d make a great film.
  11. Paul

    Favourite Film Posters

    Favourite film posters? Redknight, Longo and Sut.