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  1. Paul


    My favourite Mountains, by far:
  2. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Thunder Force - 6/10. A Melissa McCarthy vehicle. It was ok. Two Distant Strangers - 7.5/10. An Oscar nominated short starring Joey Bada$$ as a lad who is killed every morning by a cop in a Groundhog Day scenario. It’s decent. Not especially subtle, but a pretty powerful message. It looks great though.
  3. Have you checked out his new record with Blake Mills? It’s called Notes With Attachments and its ace.
  4. I reckon you might be right. They go really deep into all that continuity shit in the MCU so it’s certainly not a wild shout. They were definitely drawing parallels between Sam and Steve this week as well as contrasting Sam’s suitability to carry the shield with Walker’s.
  5. Thought this was the best episode yet. Sebastian Stan was absolutely incredible at the start as Ayo tested the reprogramming job carried out on him. I think the way he’s shown the pain he carries for his crimes as the Winter Soldier and also the fear of that lack of control returning has humanised his character incredibly well. Similarly, Sam’s character took on greater depth as we saw the way he tried to engage with Karli. It was a timely reminder of the guy he was when he first entered the MCU and also a nice counterpoint to the idea that only super soldier violence is a way forward through tough situations. This was Sam showing his Cap credentials: being Captain America is not about how strong you are physically; it’s about how strong you are morally. I’m also really enjoying the unfolding Dora Milaje mythology and the way this is drawing Wakanda more firmly into the wider MCU, as it’s felt like a bit of a separate entity up until now. And besides, who can’t enjoy badass female warriors twatting fuck out of people with ease? We finally got to the crunch moment of the theme of this series too with Zemo being proven right about the super soldier serum and super beings in general. Karli is deffo out of control and as for US Agent (agree with whoever made that point above: Walker’s no Cap), what a great antagonist he is. Love that whole creepy weirdo thing he’s doing while he wrestles with the weight of the shield. And that ending! Ooofff!!! Tonally, the episode was spot on yet again. I thought they handled Lamar’s death really well (dramatic and portentous without slipping into melodrama). I also like the way this is continuing the wider MCU theme of governments/government agencies out of control/harmful to ordinary people with all the GRC ineptitude laid bare. Also, the fact that they continue to show the political effects of big events (Sokovia, The Blip) grounds the whole MCU in a way that no other superhero film/TV content ever has: there are real consequences from all the shit that happens around these superheroes and it’s not all just sunny uplands for the grateful proles. In a way, it’s making broader points about the nature of power in a way that’s more mature than most straight drama you see. Lastly, the whole Power Broker/Sharon Carter angle is brewing up nicely. I’m not having that she’s the PB, but I do think the Thunderbolt Ross rumours are well founded and that she’s entangled with him against her better judgement. Probably something to do with the lack of pardon she mentioned earlier in the series: Ross is dangling a carrot for her to get her slate wiped, maybe. Plus Zemo is absolutely perfect for any future Thunderbolts movie/show and it makes sense that that would begin to take root here. Overall, this is fucking great. Marvel are absolutely smashing it with their TV stuff and with the new Loki trailer out, it looks like they’re going from strength to strength. Roll on next week.
  6. That happened literally in front of my mate’s house. Two of his kids saw the whole thing plus the aftermath with the woman being treated on the pavement with blood everywhere. Awful, awful shit.
  7. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Read Ramble Book by Adam Buxton which, if you’re a fan of his podcast, is guaranteed entertainment. Now on Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Never read it before and it’s good.
  8. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Jackie Brown - 9/10. Far more enjoyable than I recall (think I’ve only ever seen it once before and that was on release at the pictures) and Pam Grier is incredible. In every way.
  9. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Sherpa - 7/10. A documentary about the men who make the commercial exploitation of Everest possible by putting their lives on the line for pretty much fuck all. Really good.
  10. Yes to all that. I still feel there are a few clunky narrative leaps (Zemo just boxing off a jet because he’s “royalty”, Carter just turning up at exactly the right moment to save the day) but it doesn’t get in the way. I do think these little hiccups are linked to Marvel adjusting to the format though as they never occur in the movies. The need to have a cliffhanger at the end of every episode clearly affects the narrative structure. They just need to work on their editing and it’ll be perfect. The tone is great though and the action scenes continue to be ace. Love the last minute Wakanda factor being introduced too. Wonder whether they might announce T’Challa’s death in this to explain away the loss of Chadwick Boseman.
  11. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Did you finish it? I gave up after about 25 minutes.
  12. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Are you sure you’ve got the name right? I can’t find any trace of it on IMDb.
  13. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Yes to the former. What’s The White Spider about?
  14. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Free Solo - 9/10. Think I’ve knocked a mark off this since the last time I watched it because it inevitably loses something once you’ve seen it before. However, it remains a compelling insight into a truly unique individual. The climb itself remains unbearably tense, even when you know the outcome. When he tackles The Boulder Problem, it’s almost unwatchable. The mouthed, “Fuck yeah!” down the lens of the camera once he’s through is euphoric though. A great film.
  15. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The 13th Warrior - 10/10. No doubt one of the usual chip pissers in chief will pour scorn on such a rating but I absolutely fucking love this film. It’s constantly entertaining and rattles along at a right old pace with loads of cracking action scenes as it creates a plausible narrative for the Beowulf and Grendel myth. There are loads of great touches in it too, like the way the language thing is handled and the depiction of two easily cheapened cultures in positive terms: Islam as a culture of civilisation and learning and the Viking culture as one of “living in the moment” joy combined with wisdom and intelligence. John McTiernan’s direction is really sharp too making full use of the near-arctic north’s summer light and framing the characters in low-angle close up to emphasise their simple heroism. I also like the use of “show don’t tell” with the characters: Buliwyf’s quiet intelligence shown in his quick grasp of writing and Herger’s cunning in the duel with Angus. I love the way they’re all panting and out of breath after the first brutal fight in the King’s hall, but also their stealth as they converge on the house in the woods and the tension McTiernan brings in the build up to it. Best of all is Antonio Banderas as “Ibn”. It’s superb the way his character moves from shock, bemusement and disgust for the Vikings to respect and friendship with them while becoming, as he says, a man himself. I like nearly all of Michael Crichton’s books and The Eaters Of The Dead on which this is based is no exception. However, this is a rare case of me preferring the film to the source material because it’s fucking ace and I never tire of watching it.