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  1. I deffo haven’t doubted my “Big Nat is class” take. He’s not the same player by any means but he reminds me of Carra because his strengths are mental and his technique is wildly underrated. I’d most definitely put a buy back clause into any deal to let him go.
  2. Just on this, I can’t work out how to rate it on Apple. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Love Chris’ Pickford hate too. Spot. Fucking. On.
  4. Just halfway through now and I’ve stopped to come on here and endorse Smithy’s “Get Ed on the pod” shout. Can’t say that since Covid when he finally stopped going that I’ve ever missed Eddie’s jokes (Dave’s got that covered, to be fair); but I definitely miss his stories about the pre-80s teams I never saw. Got to be honest, I miss his pronunciation of players’ names too. So can we have a pod where he compares current players to lads from the 60s? Either way, Eddie on the podcast is a fucking great shout. I’d really enjoy that. That generation of fans have got so many stories the generations below have never heard. Let’s share them while we can. I sit next to another Eddie at the game who’s in his 80s and has been going for seventy years and also can’t say players’ names (apparently we’ve got a lad called Alicante in the middle now whose passing he absolutely loves). I buzz off his tales of players and games I’ve quite often never even heard of before. So, great shout Chris. Your dad on the pod, Dave: make it happen!
  5. Paul


    It’s the most entertaining cunt-fest ever committed to film.
  6. Paul

    The Beatles

    On Part 3 now and it’s fucking brilliant. Just love how much fun they’re having in the studio making music together (their own and other people’s), having a laugh and keeping Heather entertained. They just seem like a proper family. Plus TLAWR is one of my absolute favourites too, so that helps. Incredible.
  7. Paul

    Everton 1 Liverpool 4 (Dec 1 2021)

    My favourite chant of the night was, “You’re going to boo in a minute” when the added time board went up. Hilarious and accurate in equal measure.
  8. Paul


    Yeah. Great telly. The writing and cast are both razor sharp.
  9. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Finished Moths by Jane Hennigan about a future 21st century Britain after a toxin wipes out most men and leaves the ones remaining tightly controlled by the resultant matriarchal society. It’s really good and there’s a sequel in the works.
  10. Paul

    The Beatles

    I know it seems a ridiculous thing to say, but I was quite surprised by just how Scouse they all are in this. It’s not that they’ve not seemed Scouse subsequently, but I suppose watching this it struck me how they seem like four 20-somethings from Liverpool rather than four cultural icons.
  11. Paul

    Not Strontz's birthday thread

    Ha, ha, ha!!! Greatest use of the search function ever!!!
  12. Paul

    Liverpool 4 Southampton 0 (Nov 27 2021)

    Ha, ha, ha!!! Rene’s face was a picture.
  13. Paul

    Stop shouting shoot

    And stop singing, “Liverpool, Liverpool taking the piss” and “Ole’s at the wheel” (thankfully no longer relevant) and “The Reds have got no money” and giving Jota (love him, but come on!!!) the Kenny chant/clap. There’s funny and then there’s arrogant/small time/premature and the funny ship sailed ages ago with some of these this season.
  14. Paul

    The Beatles

    Macca writing both Get Back and The Long And Winding Road live on camera is mental.
  15. Paul

    The Beatles

    On that point about Ringo’s drumming - every doc I’ve seen about drumming includes legendary drummer after legendary drummer buzzing off Ringo’s playing.