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  1. Paul

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    I fucking love magazines, but the medium is largely dead now, sadly. Top 5: 1. The Face 2. Grand Royal 3. Jockey Slut 4. Loaded* 5. Empire *NB - before the “lad mag” explosion and race to the bottom.
  2. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Breaker Upperers 8/10. Very, very funny. Get on it.
  3. Sounds like a typical Netflix production. Even if does pick up though, I can’t be arsed with anything that takes that long to get going. Doesn’t deserve an audience if the first couple of episodes don’t grab you, in my view.
  4. Forgot about The Mandalorian. I’m up to date with the UK release (Chapter 3) and it is fucking great. Love it. Also giving Clone Wars a go. It’s OK. Clearly for kids but quite enjoyable.
  5. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Knives Out - 3/10. Boring and shit. I’m bewildered by positive reviews of this. Is it supposed to be a spoof/pastiche? I don’t think it knows itself. Self-indulgent shite.
  6. The Trip To Greece - loved it. Mark Kermode’s Secrets Of Cinema - first one of the new series was great but the second felt contrived for the first time since he started this. Friday Night Dinner - first of the new series was as funny as ever. Channel 4 News - easily the best option on British telly. It goes deeper into the news and from different angles to all the rest. We finished rewatching all of Entourage recently and I still love it. Ari and Drama are all time great characters. The casual misogyny and homophobia feel very dated and occasionally uncomfortable these days, even if there’s no nastiness beneath them. However, the show remains fundamentally funny for me.
  7. Latest season of Curb: brilliant. As good as ever.
  8. Rewatching Fleabag and it’s still 10/10. I know it’s become cool to decry it as shit/boring/overrated but it’s none of those things. The writing and acting are universally incredible. I’m struggling to think of anything that has ever switched so quickly from silly to hard hitting and back again as well as this. It is genius.
  9. Paul

    Board games/family games

  10. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Swingers - 8/10. The kids liked it too, which was a surprise.