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  1. We watched Back To Life on Netflix last night. It’s a BBC Three show from a year and a half ago about a woman who comes out of jail after 18 years. It was pretty good: funny and dramatic at the same time. Apparently there is a second series coming soon.
  2. Paul

    Rate the last game you've played...

    I’m really enjoying Immortals: Fenix Rising. It’s ace. Love the combination of puzzles and combat in a big open world.
  3. Paul

    MF Doom

    Benji B’s show on Radio 1 from last week was 100% Doom. It also included his (rare) interview with him from a few years ago. Superb stuff well worth checking.
  4. Paul

    Good Music Documentaries

    Just watched this and it’s incredible. Aretha going back to church at the very pinnacle of her career to record a live gospel album (Amazing Grace - the best-selling gospel record of all time), which was filmed but never released. The performance is just mind blowing. Simultaneously effortless and totally impassioned. I’ve seen a lot of live music in my time, both in person and on film, but I have never before seen anything like the performance of Never Grow Old at the end. It is incredible. Her dad, Rev CL Franklin, is at the front with Clara Ward, the gospel legend. The choir and audience are just totally losing it. Jagger gegged in as he’d heard night one was unbelievable and wanted to see for himself and he’s bouncing around. It’s truly amazing. Even the band just grooving as the audience goes out at the end of the first night is great with Bernard Purdie, the legendary drummer, playing. Aretha’s piano playing is massively underrated judging by this and the choir leader, Rev James Cleveland, could easily have been a soul legend himself. This is still on iPlayer now and if you have any interest whatsoever in the emotional power of music, I urge you to check it out. As a confirmed atheist, this is closest I’ve ever got to thinking there might be something to all this God stuff. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Get on it.
  5. He talked a lot about a Vega brothers film. But it was just that: talk.
  6. Yeah. No arguments on his editing. To be honest, I think he’s only directed one truly great film, which is Pulp Fiction. The stolen ideas thing doesn’t bother me at all and I can usually cope with the flaws because the great moments nearly all his films have are right up there. However, the best way to sum up my view of Tarantino now is that I only saw his latest one when it came to TV; I just couldn’t be arsed prior to that.
  7. I deeply distrust people who don’t think Kill Bill Vol. 1 is very entertaining. So back at yer!
  8. 1. True Romance 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Kill Bill Vol. 1 4. Reservoir Dogs 5. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn 6. Kill Bill Vol. 2 7. Inglorious Basterds 8. Django Unchained 9. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 10. Jackie Brown Not that arsed about the rest.
  9. Paul

    Favourite Bridges

    No, not a thread about various means of traversing big gaps; I’m on about the change up in a song that breaks away from the usual verse/chorus progression. What are your favourites? I’ll start with two of mine: First off... The voice! The piano! The strings! I can’t even tell you why, but the bridge in this can bring me to tears - and I’m not a soppy get by any means, usually. Teena Marie - Yes Indeed And this one is obviously genius: The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations What say y’all? Hook me up with your favourites, yo.
  10. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Ready Player Two wasn’t all that really. He just doubles down on the nerdery and basically repeats the entire premise of the first one.
  11. Paul

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Played the latest Assassin’s Creed and it was OK. Quite boring really with nothing new or exciting bar Vikings and they weren’t all that. The number of cut scenes is ridiculous too. I just skipped the lot, but they’d deffo account for several hours if watched right through. Now on Immortals Fenix Rising. I bought it for my son on Switch for Christmas and he loved it so I grabbed it for the PS4 too. It’s ace as it combines puzzles and combat. Great fun all round.
  12. Paul

    MF Doom

    King Geedorah - Next Levels Doomsday feat Pebbles
  13. Paul

    MF Doom

    Licorice Hoe Cakes