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  1. Paul

    Happy Fathers Day

    Had both sides of being a dad today. Four year old nephew slept over and was up at 5am so I got up with him so my lot could sleep. Sorted him and loads of domestic shit until 8 when the others surfaced and cooked breaky for them. Then I took my nephew and our two to see my dad at about half nine. Back here for a bit until my sister and brother-in-law arrived at eleven. Made lunch at midday-ish, then worked for a couple of hours. After that my Father’s Day started. Got some books, the kids made cakes, Mrs Paul made margaritas and I crashed on the sofa. Then had roast dinner with a bottle of fizz before more dossing on the sofa watching The Chef Show on Netflix. Great day.
  2. Paul

    The Kinks V The Who

    Couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been a music head all my life to the point where I literally can’t remember a time where it wasn’t a constant. My vinyl collection is numbered in the low thousands, I DJed for years and listen for hours on end every week. I constantly hear new stuff and buzz off it all the time. It’s the same buzz as there ever was, but I just get it far more frequently. I have no interest in whether music is cool, underground or whatever. I just fucking love hearing something that gives me that feeling in my stomach that says, “This is a tune”. It’s very similar to seeing a great goal scored at the match, but more drawn out and harder to dilute. For me as a fan of music, the combination of phone and 4G/wireless connectivity was the best thing to ever happen. I can explore as broadly and as deeply as I like and never, ever be done - never mind grow bored. So as far as “pushing it” goes, it’s quite the opposite. It doesn’t really do justice to my daily experience of music.
  3. Paul

    The Kinks V The Who

    Christ, the possibilities are almost limitless. There has never been a better time for new music. It’s absolutely everywhere and all via a couple of clicks on your phone. So many amazing podcasts, mixes and radio shows available online no matter what your tastes. Use them as the inspiration and then go from there.
  4. Paul

    The Kinks V The Who

    Can’t deny the significance of either band, but I could not be less interested in them, either. Fuck them both off and buy something new instead.
  5. Going a full league campaign unbeaten and then winning the title will be another little change.
  6. Storyville: Barca - The Inside Story From back when they had a bit of class and humility, this brilliant documentary shows Juan Laporta taking over as president and trying to pull the club back from the brink of financial crisis while winning on the pitch. It’s one of the best “behind the scenes” documentaries ever.
  7. Paul

    Great live albums

    Big Audio Dynamite II - Ally Pally Paradiso (I’m on it.)
  8. Bull Durham. Rollerball. When We Were Kings. Free Solo.
  9. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    At university in Sheffield, we were all watching Brazil on video one evening when two lads we knew turned up out of the blue. Within five minutes, one of them was cowering in the corner of the room. Turns out the pair of clowns had dropped a trip each! Long story short, Brazil totally fucked the pair of them up and neither one touched acid again.
  10. Olives, capers, seafood, marmite, offal, black pudding, mushrooms (blows my mind that some people don’t like them), pickles of all kinds, beans (again, what’s not to like?), pâté, sprouts, spinach, asparagus, aubergine, blue cheese , smelly cheese (Brie and the like), avocado, mayo, eggs cooked any way you like, etc, etc.
  11. Can’t believe you had a little pop at my boy, Djimi. And 9/10??? If that wasn’t full marks, fuck knows what is. You spent the whole article basically saying - correctly - he’s the best in the world at the age of 20 and yet he doesn’t merit full marks? Tough fucking crowd.
  12. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Agreed. Very entertaining.
  13. Paul

    The Virtues

    Shane Meadows is one seriously talented writer and director. His ability to cast his own stuff and then draw out world class performances from his actors is amazing. The Vicky McClure/Johnny Harris/Stephen Graham scenes in This Is England ‘86 are the best performances I’ve ever seen in any medium. Visceral, brutal shit but compellingly human too. However, some of the scenes in this pushed it close - and not just the tough stuff either. I loved the family table stuff - those kids were incredibly naturalistic - and Helen Behan was amazing throughout, but especially when she caught Joseph and Dina almost at it. A mate texted me the exact same bit that had had me pissing myself: "I'll be doing a sweep every half an hour to make sure your youth club quality tits stay under your fucking t-shirt." I thought the whole last episode was very clever writing, highlighting the lack of easy answers to all that paedo shit and forcing us to acknowledge our own premature assumptions about it all. Clever as well to hit the catholic church from a totally different angle on a topic that’s just as awful, but which has actually damaged far more people than the paedophilia scandals. Have to say I found Dina’s ending personally unsatisfying and was expecting the much mentioned but never visible brother of the last half hour to appear in time. That he didn’t makes the show all the more hard hitting. However, I still found the specific action that she used odd - even allowing for the hints of her MMA skills - but went with it in the end. All in all though, this was easily the best telly of the year - the superb, but over-rated Chernobyl included - and I’ll be amazed if it’s matched, never mind bettered. I say again, what a talent.
  14. Paul

    Beats and pieces

    And the Frankie Foncett mix of the same (both used to be big tunes way back when I played out and did parties):