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  1. No chance. The word “double” could be inserted twice into the thread title in the next ten days.
  2. Paul

    Upcoming Films

    The extended footage on before the new Dr Strange is superb. The dog fights are brilliant.
  3. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Well the Pullman took literally 20 minutes to read and, if it were by anyone else I’d say it was a rip off. However, it’s collectible and beautifully written and so I’m sound with it. Many might not be.
  4. Paul

    The GF book thread

    The Girl & The Moon was brilliant. Great end to the trilogy. Starting the Pullman next.
  5. I’m a big fan of Chris using “gosh” and “fucking cunt” in the same pod.
  6. Loved Smithy’s paean to No. 20.
  7. Apologies for stating the obvious everyone, but if you like the pod, please share it with friends and family, as well as leave us ratings and reviews on whichever platform you use to listen to it. Nice one.
  8. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel - 8.5/10. Just finished season 4. The whole thing is brilliant.
  9. Paul

    The GF book thread

    I’ve put it on my “maybe/eventually” list of things to watch.
  10. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Read Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel. It’s a slow burner but decent. A more literary take on post-apocalyptic fiction like The Road by Cormac McCarthy, although a very different book. Now on the final volume of The Book of the Ancestor trilogy by Mark Lawrence, The Girl and the Moon. Also bought two books in actual book form to follow this: the new Phillip Pullman book, The Imagination Chamber, set in the world of His Dark Materials & The Book of Dust; and also Dilla Time by Dan Charnas about the life, work and influence of J Dilla. I love this time of year when the publishers start to release new books for the summer.