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  1. Paul

    Star Wars

    I’m deffo getting Disney+. Fuck Netflix.
  2. Paul

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 (Apr 14 2019)

    Three comments on all that mate: 1. Totally agree on Trent. I don’t think it’s being recognised by many just how talented he is or how far he could rise in the game. 2. The atmosphere on Mo’s goal was unreal. Absolutely unreal. However, I also massively buzzed off the roars in the second half when we kept attacking The Kop and you could see the main and SKD stands all leaping to their feet and cheering the team on. When the arl arses are shouting you know the place is bouncing. 3. The City cheating thing is fucking doing my head in. Badly. I reckon if we win our last four games we’ll win the league. However, that’s still tough and they’re capable of winning all of their five. That said though, as I said to you and Jules, wherever we finish, there needs to be reference made in the history books to the context: we’ll either be cheated out of a title despite a massive points haul or we’ll win a title despite their cheating. Either way, that should be the narrative.
  3. Is Tariq Lamptey related to Nii Lamptey?
  4. Paul

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Absolute codswallop.
  5. Paul

    Star Wars

    I’m really hoping we can take this thread in a “Star Wars is shit. No it’s not” direction.
  6. Paul

    Rate the last film you watched...

    A Star Is Born - 9/10. Really enjoyed this. The performances (both acting and singing) from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are superb and it’s a genuinely touching story.
  7. Paul

    Upcoming TV Shows

    The new Marvel shows for Disney+ sound boss. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/apr/12/disney-plus-new-streaming-service-launched-with-marvel-and-star-wars-spin-offs
  8. Paul

    Mane: The real Naby is coming

    We need everyone at the top of their game for this run in now and Naby’s no exception. He’s been good in the last two games but nowhere near his best. I want to see more aggression from him and that explosive style he had in Germany. Must admit though, I didn’t know about his travails in Salzburg. That’s reassuring in a way as it shows he’s come through some early struggles before.
  9. Paul


    I reckon if this happens they’ll do something special with the kit rather than make one like all their others. It’ll be massively high profile and their only kit in the PL. They’ll want to really make a splash. Also wonder if they might sponsor the main stand or the new training ground as part of a huge deal.
  10. Ugly Delicious on Netflix. Dave Chang, the American-Korean chef, looks at a US iconic food stuff (pizza, fried chicken, BBQ, etc) each episode and examines its history and culture, high end and low end versions, twists - usually with other cooking influences - and even the politics behind it (eg, the negative associations between African Americans and fried chicken). It’s brilliant. Quite unlike any other good show I’ve seen.
  11. Fleabag is genuinely one of the best things I've seen in years. Writing, characters, performances, dialogue, everything. It's fucking great and laugh out loud funny, too. I've seen some "Season 1 was better" chat, but I think this last series has been complete genius.
  12. Paul

    Can: Training under Klopp was difficult

    For “people” read Dave “Shit Nicknames R Us” Usher. Big Sexy, indeed. *Vomits*
  13. Paul

    The GF book thread

    The whole trilogy improves throughout. I finished the third one, Holy Sister, a couple of days ago and it was brilliant. I hope he writes more stories in that world.
  14. Paul

    Liverpool 2 FC Porto 0 (April 9 2019)

    Totally agree with this reading of Naby’s game. I’m delighted to see some small improvements but, while totally open to the idea that adapting to both a new language/culture and Klopp’s style takes time, I’m disappointed by him. The one thing I felt was nailed on in his game from watching him play for Leipzig is his explosive/aggressive style. However, he’s looked overawed and a little lacking in alertness/awareness here. There have been definite glimpses (although nothing anywhere near as compelling as the hipsters so desperately try to insist with their stat takes on his performances), but he’s nowhere near what we paid for yet. Thankfully though, I do get the impression that the barriers are mental rather than any deficiency in his ability, which bodes well for his improvement over time through continued exposure to Klopp’s way of training and playing. I do think he’s got to work harder on just settling in to a new country too. His English is still very weak and that will leave him feeling an outsider if he doesn’t improve it fast. Mané was noticeably looking out for him on the pitch and especially in the goal celebrations in the last two games. Think that shows the struggles he’s had. Came off more like a big brother than a best mate, to me. Anyway, let’s hope these last two games are just the start because, good though they’ve been, they’re nowhere near enough to justify a regular starting slot, never mind his fee.
  15. Paul

    Can: Training under Klopp was difficult

    The fact that he’s jumped ship from two big clubs without making a real impact and us now struggling at his third says a lot to me. He was always more arsed about how he looked than how he played and his lack of pace/mobility was the biggest impediment to him being a key player in a Klopp side. I don’t wish him ill by any means, but I’m pleased he’s gone. He’d only have taken up the wages and squad place of someone better suited to our style if he’d stayed.