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  1. Paul

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    See Kloppo has said he was interested in Sancho but knew there was no hope, which makes sense. Absolute fucking state of City though, letting him go and paying £60m for Mahrez instead. Develop a potentially world class kid or pay a fortune to put the player blocking him on the bench? Mad. As. Fuck.
  2. Paul

    Great Documentaries

    Wasn’t aware of this thread. Just posted on the Beats & Pieces thread about The Man From Mo’ Wax, the story of James Lavelle’s rise, fall and partial renaissance. If you were into that era of music it’s brilliant.
  3. Paul

    Beats and pieces

    I got the deluxe box set special edition blah, blah, blah of The Man From Mo’ Wax for Christmas and watched it this morning. It’s basically a documentary about James Lavelle that covers almost his entire career using video footage from the man himself plus other key figures in his career, including DJ Shadow. To say that it’s unflinching is an understatement as it shows all his weaknesses in equal proportion to his considerable strengths. For someone like me who collected Mo’ Wax on vinyl at the time, it’s a fantastic watch. What’s fascinating though it to see how everything turned after the man and the label’s greatest moment. After Endtroducing, it was a long, slow decline of ego, drugs and a complete absence of financial sense. The more he tried to place himself at the heart of the artistic endeavour, the worse things got. It’s also obvious now - and was then in so far as I lost interest - that the further away he moved from his love of black music the weaker and - damningly - blander his output became. If his one true talent lies in “curation” (as his Meltdown renaissance arguably proved), his real failing was the raging ego that drove him to the centre stage way beyond what his talent merited. Ironically the one person with a great career he started in parallel with and could have been his model for real longevity appears in the film. If Gilles Peterson is essentially the ultimate jazz-leaning leftfield curator of labels, artists, festivals and radio shows, Lavelle could easily have been a hip hop version of his friend - and arguably, given the relative profiles of their first love genres, more successful. Either way, this is a great watch if you were into that stuff at the time and it’s certainly whetted my appetite for digging out all those records again as well as looking for what he does next. Check it out if you can. There’s a blag playlist version on YouTube if you can’t find it anywhere else.
  4. Paul

    Beats and pieces

    There’s a live version of this with full band and string section which is absolutely fucking amazing. This is still great though. Swindle - What We Do
  5. Paul

    How Big Is Your Music Collection?

    You can if you like. I reckon he might not take you up on it though because: 1. Loads of it won’t be available digitally (rarities, specials, freebies, stuff there’s no demand for). 2. As an entire collection it’s almost priceless. 3. As with all vinyl collectors, it’s a deeply personal thing tied up with great memories of his entire life. But you knew that, didn’t you? You’re just pissing on chips.
  6. Paul

    How Big Is Your Music Collection?

    Yeah. My mind boggles when I think of what I used to spend. £150 a month was not unusual. I used to get freebies and discount from Fat City Records in Manchester because I was such a good customer. Now I pay fifteen quid for Apple Music and the whole family gets it for that.
  7. Paul

    How Big Is Your Music Collection?

    Gilles Peterson literally has an entire house just for his vinyl. His record label is named after the road it’s in (Brownswood). He often has live performances in the basement and garden which he sticks online so there’s loads of footage of what he’s got. Every single room has floor to ceiling shelving full of vinyl. There’s also shelves on the stairs/landing and in the hall. Incredible stuff.
  8. Paul

    How Big Is Your Music Collection?

    I’ve got a couple of thousand pieces of vinyl (LP, 12”, 7” & a couple on 10”) and used to have several hundred CDs. However, I ripped the CDs to iTunes when I reluctantly went totally digital about 5-6 years ago and ditched nearly all of the physical discs. After that, it’s all just borrowed music anyway when you’re on Spotify and the like, so what’s the point of counting? I’ve got songs numbered roughly in the tens of thousands on Apple Music, though.
  9. Paul

    The GF book thread

    As I read in bed a lot, kindle is superb as it’s lighter and back lit. It’s also ace for travelling. I get through at least a book every other day on holiday so it saves loads of weight. I also read too much to keep every book I read as a physical copy. We’ve given away literally thousands of books over the years and still have too many. They take up too much space and relatively few get re-read.
  10. Paul

    Beats and pieces

    Went to see Children Of Zeus at 24 Kitchen St in the Baltic Triangle in town last Friday and it was great. The venue is a tiny spit and sawdust reclaimed bit of an old warehouse where they’ve spent the money on decent toilets, a nice little bar and the best sound system I think I’ve ever heard. The low end was unbelievable; pure vibration. However the top was amazing too and perfect for showcasing the vocalists on stage. Obviously the main boys were boss but their support who’s a guest on the album, was a soul singer from Manchester called [ k s r ] whose voice is amazing. Like ridiculously good. If you get the chance, check him out live. [ k s r ] - Sweet
  11. Paul

    Headphone recommendations

    Deffo go Sennheiser.
  12. Paul

    Hated LFC players

    Absolutely fucking ridiculous! You expect me to actually read a post by Remmie??? (I’m OK here though because Albert The Moron never dies anything good).
  13. Paul

    Best crisps: The return

    Just shared a Walkers Tear ‘n’ Share between us with a fat rum and coke. Salt and vinegar. Not saying they’re the best, but they were pretty fucking great.
  14. Spooky coincidence alert. I’ve had a playlist of old stuff running on shuffle since I got in from the match about an hour and a half ago and within seconds of me clicking back on this thread, Genius of Love by The Tom Tom Club featuring Tina Weymouth on bass and vocals comes on. Weird. As. Fuck.