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  1. Jack the Sipper

    Alternative 'rona thread

    More of a concern, but if presenting yourself as a martyr for truth in the face of oppression from the, er, sheeple floats your boat then crack on.
  2. Jack the Sipper

    Alternative 'rona thread

    Fucking hell. I'm not sure if it's a great idea to set up a thread for the forum incels to converge in given what happened to that bearded cunt in Plymouth when he found his voice online.
  3. Jack the Sipper

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Round 1 Shootouts

    Miami Vice Old Top gear OFAH Hill St Blues
  4. Jack the Sipper


    I dunno. You can get good Hodgkins.
  5. Jack the Sipper

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Good old Rafa, torching boardrooms like it's 2009.
  6. Jack the Sipper

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They really can't take a ribbing can they, the soft-headed easily-offended twats. As much as they dream of being at the top table, being talked about all over Europe, being us basically, they should be grateful that no cunt apart from us pays them any attention because if other fanbases heard about and got to work on their list of firsts, their transfer window trophies, their moral grandstanding, their grand delusions, their half a fucking billion spunked on a pile 'o shite, their heads really would fall off.
  7. Jack the Sipper

    Crime and Punishment

    Using that logic, why not just do away with staff and resources altogether and just pay one man at the top a big wedge?
  8. Jack the Sipper

    Everton (A) - Wed 1st December 2021 (8:15pm)

    Said to a mate last night I would take a dull draw if it meant we got out of there with no serious injuries. They've got fuck all to play for this season, a few thugs in that side and their assistant manager is one of the biggest thugs of all. Add the baying, booing home crowd, full of lowlife cunts that would rather see Everton get relegated than Liverpool win a title, and it's all set for an explosive encounter.
  9. Jack the Sipper

    Racism in Southern America..

    They might explain the incident, but they don't justify it, IMO. Leaving aside the legality of the shooting, surely everyone here agrees that the gunman was a massive prick in the first instance to even get his gun. Or do people believe that, one the ex refused to leave the property the best/most reasonable way forward was to pull out the shooter?
  10. Jack the Sipper

    Racism in Southern America..

    It's all about context really. Just don't do it when posing for a snap with members of a far-right outfit shortly after you've been charged with killing people at a Black Lives Matters protest, otherwise reasonable people might think you've got more in common with this guy than the average 60 year-old woman or Axel fucking Foley.
  11. Jack the Sipper

    Racism in Southern America..

  12. Oh well, we got a good run out of him. Certainly longer than I had dared hope for. May the next manager there be as successful as the last four.
  13. Jack the Sipper

    Racism in Southern America..

    And with that, I'm out.