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  1. Jack the Sipper

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Turns out Speedo Mick's a Scouse Nostradamus.
  2. Jack the Sipper

    Greatest 00's Film - Nominations

    Ocean's Eleven American Psycho Borat Cloverfield Gangs of New York Chicken Run Catch Me if you Can Kill Bill V1 Zodiac Gladiator
  3. Jack the Sipper

    GB News

  4. Jack the Sipper

    GB News

    I didn't watch it, but from what I can gather it's more op-ed than 'news' in any meaningful sense, with studio lighting making Andrew Neil look like a 2000 year-old beetroot - carefully crafted to connect with the GB News demographic no doubt. Probably the takeaways for me (based on what I've heard 2nd hand) are Dan Wooton possibly contravening Ofcom's rules regarding his unchallenged Covid conspiracy piece (certainly contravening Andrew Neil's own claim that GB News wouldn't be entertaining conspiracy theories), and Alan Sugar having a pop at the S*n, Brexit and defending taking the knee. It'll be interesting to see if he's on again.
  5. Jack the Sipper

    Cancel Culture

    If you really believe that the Danish executives who'll decide the Danish camera operators jobs will be swayed in any way by what Ash fucking Sarkar has to say on the matter then my hilarious dialogue is all that's warranted. And for all this talk on here about her 'demanding', 'insisting', 'calling for' their sackings, from what I can see she made one comment, immediately after the incident, where she did that. And people here want to talk about perspective?
  6. Jack the Sipper

    Cancel Culture

    "Magnus, Aksel, get your coats, Sarkar wants your heads on a plate." "Sarkar, boss?" "Yes. Ash Sarkar. The libertarian Communist from Britain. 300k Twitter followers. And a blue tick. We can't ignore that sort of pressure." Fucking hell
  7. Jack the Sipper

    Greatest 90's Movies - Semi Final A

    An impossible choice between Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas. Ended up going with Pulp Fiction after looking at the current standings and hoping it might at least help make it more interesting. I've never seen LA Confidential, but, as with a few of these polls, I'm being introduced to stuff I'd never bothered with in the past.
  8. Jack the Sipper

    Cancel Culture

    What I find strange is that anyone would single her out for 'fuming' about it. Twitter was ablaze last night with people, across the political spectrum (some no doubt with their own agendas...) condemning the footage. I watched the situation unfolding, and it became clear pretty early on that Erikson was fighting for his life, as the cameras started zooming in on the protective shield his teammates, some of them in tears, drew around him, trying to find a chink in that shield so we could see possibly his last breaths. They were showing us the medics doing chest compressions and using defibrillators FFS! It was at that point I'd had enough and stopped watching. I've since heard that they also proceeded to show his wife, distraught and confused, being consoled while the medics were trying to revive him. At what point do you think the producers might have said "we know something bad is going on here, let's leave it"?
  9. Jack the Sipper

    Cancel Culture

    I'm no fan of Ash Sarkar, but I'm slightly surprised by the response from some on here to her comments. Does anyone really take issue with her complaint about the cold, voyeuristic attitude of the camera operators/producers, given what they were showing? As for her calling for sackings, I'd brush that off as an emotive response, the same type of response that we see on here and all over social media for far more trivial things than what got Ash wound up yesterday. I'm also struggling to see how, whatever I might think of her comments, they are part of a 'cancel culture', at least in so far as I understand the term.
  10. Jack the Sipper


    I do beg your pardon, in my eagerness to add Connie to this thread I must have overlooked your contribution.
  11. Jack the Sipper

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    A footie pundit, probably most well known on here for her comments about Salah.
  12. Jack the Sipper

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    Mina Rzouki doesn't really belong in an amnesty thread to my mind, but seeing as most of this place thinks she talks offensive bollocks and Stig thinks she looks like a frog...
  13. Jack the Sipper


    Shocked and surprised to find that a search reveals zero mentions of the beautiful Connie Nielson, either from her younger days or, as shown here, as a fully-fledged MILF.
  14. Jack the Sipper

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    I've never liked him. back in the day I had him down as an arrogant thick-haired twat that wrote some half-decent stuff about how walking down a hall is faster than a cannonball, who got big because he had a brother who was an equally arrogant thick-haired twat, but with the swagger, voice and charisma to pull it off. Now he's just an arrogant thick-haired twat who, in increasingly desperate attempts to stay relevant, slags off his brother to whoever's still listening and runs to that rag to gob off about people who fall out with their families.