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  1. Surprised to see that only two of us voted for the B52s.
  2. A tough one for me as I love both bands. After some deliberation I went for Radiohead after looking how the voting was going and an image came into my mind of a young Thom cowering in the school canteen as Mick goes to give him a Chinese burn while Keef looks on laughing and telling Thom that he's going to fuck his mum. And Thom knowing he means it. And I felt sorry for Thom.
  3. Jack the Sipper

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I hope I'm not snitching on a Red here, but this made me laugh.
  4. The Doors Pixies Breeders Public Enemy Nirvana REM Velvet Underground Hole Smashing Pumpkins Blondie Slint White Stripes B52s Queens of the Stone Age Isley Brothers Sonic Youth Wild Nothing Swirlies DIIV Dandy Warhols Looks like The Jimi Hendrix Experience are the musical version of Shamina Begum. A sad state of affairs.
  5. Jack the Sipper

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League 5/7/20 - 16:30

    I'm genuinely surprised at the extent to which we've switched off since we won the league. There's still plenty to play for in terms of records to beat and golden boots/gloves to be won, not to mention playing for your place in the side next season. I would love to know what Klopp's thinking right now. edit: lovely stuff!
  6. Jack the Sipper

    Murphy: Guard of honour is a load of nonsense

    I think he see's himself as a 'say it as I see it' merchant - I see him as a right miserable cunt with more than a hint of bitterness towards the Club for whatever reason. He's like a really shit Lawrenson, both on and off the pitch.
  7. Jack the Sipper

    The 30 Year Wait

    Fucking get in! end of last season I thought we were destined to never win it, turn of the year I thought we were gonna stroll it, two months ago I thought the cunts were gonna null and void it. Still struggling to take it in TBH.
  8. Jack the Sipper

    Racism in Southern America..

    From my limited understanding of the issue, it's about spending some of the current police budgets on measures and infrastructure that would help lower the crime rate in the first instance, rather than having a higher crime rate and then spending more on the police to deal with it.
  9. Jack the Sipper

    John Barnes...

    I see some far right cunt called David Vance has had his arse royally handed to him by Digger on Twitter today. Accused, apparently out of nowhere, Barnes's soldier dad of being a 'coward' for deciding to stay in Britain instead of returning to 'serve his country' when his posting here ended. Barnes, with much more finesse and politeness than I could ever have mustered in that situation, pointed out that, in fact, his dad did return home to Jamaica, while Barnes' stayed here to develop his career. Cunt's come back with asking why Barnes' didn't represent Jamaica in football - Barnes said they never asked him to. Looking at that cunts timeline makes for miserable reading. Proper unashamed bigot.
  10. I know. We wouldn't have been having this little chat if you did.
  11. He's probably talking about Troy Deeney. I've made my point. If you're happy to repeatedly defend someone who, to my mind, is an ill-informed, selfish, self-pitying cunt who, even when a golden opportunity to show otherwise presents itself, couldn't express a solitary fuck about me or you or any of the people working in much greater danger for much less reward (and I'm afraid that quote isn't convincing me otherwise) then crack on.
  12. It's the self-pitying cunt aspect of it that I find nauseating, for one thing. Hasn't had a word to say about the other people in society who are working, who are putting themselves at much greater risk than him (no matter what he or you say), and many of whom are at his service, yet comes out publicly to whinge about being a lab rat. Fuck off. If he doesn't like viruses then great, that's puts him in the same bracket as 99.999% of the population. Unlike him, the rest of us don't have a national platform to air our grievances. This is where someone like him comes in on our behalf. Especially if he's on the topic anyway. Especially when we're fighting his corner on the topic. But nothing. Just Danny Fucking Rose's latest gripes. Again. It's also slightly disingenuous to ask if he should predicate everything he say, like this is any other thing.
  13. As I've said, if Rose had acknowledged that other people, earning a fraction of what he does and with much less freedom to just up sticks, are also in danger (and, contrary to what you say much more danger than him for the reasons I gave above, and add the fact that they are fit, young and have access to the best health care), then my point would be diulted. Instead the cheeky cunt talks about HIM being a lab rat or guinea pig. Yeah, not the fucking nurses or care home workers, or bus drivers or shop staff, many of whom hav ealready died. Where's his fucking soap box there? The point I'm making is that it's interesting observing the disparity in the way Joe Public will defend a well-protected multi-millionaire footballer when that footballer has nothing to say about the lot of Joe Public. And it's not new, by any means. It's this same deferential, cap-doffing mindset that saw peasants lay down their lives on a battlefield so some cunt of a Plantagenet king could fight for his family's right to some parcel of French land and the power it gave him.
  14. It's interesting seeing working class people, for the most part, many of whom are already back at work in much more dangerous environments than any regularly-tested and quarantined player would be at work, choosing to die on a hill for the right of these 100k plus players to refuse to work. I mean, that's one thing in itself, and it might at least be mitigated if we saw these players, Deeney, Rose etc, banging the drum about how wrong it is for the average working class guy to be effectively forced to work for £500 per week. But we don't. Not a fucking peep. Not that I've seen anyway. The rich protecting themselves, whilst the poor protect them too, whilst the rich don't give a fuck about the poor, whilst the poor don't give a fuck about themselves and don't even seem to realise (or care) that the rich don't give a fuck about them either. The fucking history of life right there.
  15. Jack the Sipper

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    If this report is credible, accurate and fair then, from the highlights I've seen, it tells a damning story of Labour staffers, many senior, behaving in awful ways and in some instances conspiring against figures in their own party - including the leader. The people named in the email/text exchanges need to be sacked, and they surely would be. The exchanges read like a script of the Thick of It, but it's not so funny when I'm reading about people behaving like this in real life, and members of the Labour party working to effectively ensure Tory rule. But, I'm holding off from dusting off the pitch fork at this point because, quite simply, like everyone else reading this for the first time today, I've no idea who wrote this report, who commissioned it, and for what reasons. Hell, at this point, I'd have to be a fool to conclude that every thing in the report is a credible, accurate and fair assessment of everything that took place in recent years regarding whatever it is that the report was commissioned to discover. Who's to say with confidence right now that the quotes attributed to the staffers in question are in context. Or, although perhaps unlikely, that they aren't completely fabricated bollocks designed to create a shitstorm before the truth gets its boots on. Truth and context matter in these things, especially when the reputation and potential survival of a political party people claim to love depend on it. And yet, for some of these people, the fact that so much remains unanswered about the report, is of no importance at all. I've seen that Starmer and Rayner have just released a statement ordering an investigation into the contents and practices described in the report, and also who commissioned it and leaked it. The response to the idea that we should find out the latter two things is offensive to those who are apparently convinced already that the report is fair, and who now claim this investigation is further evidence of the 'right' in Labour seeking to bury the report and hang out to dry those who wrote and leaked it. I did say in my previous post on this thread following Starmer's victory last week that I wouldn't be holding my breath hoping that a section of self-proclaimed Labour supporters (I think I used the term 'Corbynistas'...) would unite behind the party now. Given the rush to judgement from this section to accept the validity of this anonymous report without question it seems my scepticism was warranted. As I say, if it is found that the report is fair and accurate, then great, fuck off the traitors and lets knuckle down for another generation of Tory rule. But until then.