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  1. Jack the Sipper

    Keir Starmer

    If he thinks VAR provides the right decision he clearly never watches football and is being advised on these matters by a Manc.
  2. Jack the Sipper

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    It's the side profile of an Easter island statue looking at the results.
  3. Jack the Sipper

    Retro beauties

    Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame. I'd like to make her nose twitch.
  4. Jack the Sipper

    Real Madrid - Champions League (A) 6/4/21 - 20:00

    At least we're going into this coming off the back off a good, confidence boosting win, which is something we haven't been able to take for granted this year. I just hope to fuck the reason Klopp left Jota on the bench last night was with this game in mind.
  5. Jack the Sipper


    I use Nike Run Club, which suits my needs. I did take a look at Strava, a popular running app, but unless I'm missing something, I wasn't able to get real time info into my earphones, like time, distance, pace etc.
  6. Jack the Sipper

    Ibrahima Konate

    I know fuck about the lad, but from what I've read he seems to have two attributes that Klopp wants in his defenders - height and pace, both of which are vital with the high line we play at our best. But, I can't get past the fact that he does have a poor injury record, and if this catastrofuck of a season has taught me anything, it's that we really shouldn't be taking punts on players, especially defenders, with records like his.
  7. Jack the Sipper

    Line of Duty

    Steve, the purple drank swilling voyeur. It's gonna be the big twist of this series. TBF, I read that theory online. I find it hard enough to keep up with what's going on, never mind reading between the lines .
  8. Jack the Sipper

    Line of Duty

    Unless of course it was a ruse to get her out of the house so he could plant a camera to spy on her shagging Hastings...
  9. Jack the Sipper

    Paris shootings

    Just trying to lighten the tone.
  10. Jack the Sipper

    Paris shootings

    I consider myself to be a progressive, in so much as I believe in racial and sexual equality, gay rights, civil rights, human rights, women's rights. that sort of thing. And it's because of this that I'll never fucking understand how many other progressives are willing to die on a hill to defend the rights of one of the most conservative, regressive, patriarchal groups in British society - aka Muslims. I'm not talking about the extremists here, the 'radicalised fundamentalists', just the common-or-garden followers, many of whom were protesting outside schools only last year against children being taught about alternative lifestyles and sexualities, who think that girls who reach puberty need covering up in public, who think that female children having their clitoris removed lest they feel anything resembling sexual satisfaction is in any way acceptable, who think that a relatively tolerant and secular country like Britain should effectively reintroduce blasphemy laws because they feel uniquely offended by slights against their prophets and gods. And to see progressives saying, albeit in a resigned tone, that, well, perhaps we should acquiesce to their complaints because we really don't want to offend Muslims is fucking soul-destroying.
  11. Jack the Sipper

    Another US Shooting

    Blimey. I'd like to discharge my weapon into the one at the back there.
  12. Jack the Sipper

    Another US Shooting

    They're so far down the rabbit hole that this is just another day at the office over there.
  13. Jack the Sipper

    Northern Independence Party

    Yeah, I'm a southerner too, from London, and we're a varied bunch, much like our brothers up north. All of us, north and south, really need to move away from cheap outdated tropes and looking through the lens of crude geographical stereotypes if we're serious about moving on as a society. Yeah, Milton Keynes isn't southern, mate. Not even the Midlands as far as I'm concerned. You're not one of us. Face it, you're a cloth-cap wearing, pigeon-breeding, 'trainee' wearing, nowt taken out northern monkeh living in a state of delusion.
  14. Jack the Sipper

    Line of Duty

    Yeah, agree about the overuse of acronyms. It's also the most procedural-heavy procedural based police show on the telly. If nothing else, it's taught me that an officer has the right to be interviewed by an officer of at least one rank superior to them.
  15. Jack the Sipper

    Greatest Movie Soundtrack - Nominations

    Pulp Fiction Pretty in Pink Easy Rider Trainspotting The Graduate