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PODCAST: Liverpool 2 Fulham 1 - Match Reaction

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8 minutes ago, JohnnyH said:

Two things from the thread


1) I took Chris’s view on “Nunez will cost us a big game” to be a prediction thing. Right now all evidence points towards him in the future missing big chances yet again, but this time someone else doesn’t come on to get the goals that saves the day, and it could be a Cup Final and it’ll have been entirely predictable. There is nothing to make us think that way about Jota or Salah.  However, if we get one chance in the 91st minute of a Cup Final and Jota skies it over from 5 yards, then he’ll be remembered for it, but everyone would say it was out of character and a surprise. If Nunez did it then everyone would say it was entirely predictable. 

I will add thigh that Nunez creates brilliant space and chances for others and I’d rather he is starting then not. 

2) There was comments made complaining why the referee brought on the medical staff for that pathetic slight touch to the face from Virgil, but I’m convinced the ref did it to teach the player a lesson. Once you bring the medical staff on the player has to leave the pitch.  The diving twat stood up and said he was fine when the ref summoned the medical people and some of the other players did too, but the ref angrily said no and kept summoning the medical people and then pointed to the line and told him to get off. I think it was the ref making a point to him that he knew he was acting up and was trying to get Virgil a red card with the lack of VAR. I was pleased the ref did it. 

I think you're confusing that diving issue with another one. As Virgil was booked I don't think he had to go off, in fact I'm certain he didn't.

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11 hours ago, Chris said:


You used that specifically because you knew it would annoy me because I'm going to have to suffer through her celebrating when the Chiefs beat the Dolphins on Saturday, didn't you.

Fuck the Chiefs. And Taylor Swift too. 

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1 hour ago, Jordy Brouwer said:

That got pretty heated about Darwin towards the end there. 


I think most of us are settling into appreciating what Darwin can do and seeing the positives in his game. It requires some adjustment on our own part. 


On Google Maps trying to calibrate which KFC is half way between Chris and Dave's respective lairs.

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3 hours ago, sir roger said:


On Google Maps trying to calibrate which KFC is half way between Chris and Dave's respective lairs.

Puerto Rico probably the closest to half way. 

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