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  1. clockspeed

    Better Call Saul

    Writers have form in BB Werner and lad on the bike , very uncomfortable to watch and reflect on. Howard just an entitled knob no badness in him . Great episode mind .
  2. clockspeed

    Boris Johnson

    Nah . Basically they won't oust him as the Conservative party and specifically his cabinet are devoid of any political talent . Part of me thinks best option for Labour is to push it but not enough so that he goes . He will not be a vote winner at next election there will be too many bullets too many more revelations. A majority of sane voters will have had enough and will not be prepared for another 4 years of this shite.
  3. clockspeed

    Boris Johnson

    He did indeed . I am not a fan of Corbyn but that was totally soundbite orientated yet Speaker let's it pass. Someone else uses word half arsed and gets censured. A joke.
  4. Never thought I would say it but I would rather have Kieta than a half fit Fab. Every time he has come back from injury it takes time for him to hit his imperious best form in fact if we honest he can have an absolute shocker . If Ox is fit I would not be surprised to see a Kewell duration cameo. Ffs I would nearly play the Greek or Robbo in midfield but would certainly have the both of them on the left hand side of the pitch.
  5. clockspeed

    Boris Johnson

    So now this morning Sue Gray is "finalizing" her report. Wtf I thought it ready to publish and only stopped from rolling off printers by the Met police investigation ? What exactly is she finalising ? What her boss asked to remove last week perhaps ? This is so brazen I genuinely starting to feel a level of grudging admiration for this contemptuous human being and what he feels he can get away with, just because he is getting away with it, in clear view of everyone. Someone in the house of commons on the opposition benches needs to take one for the country and call this toad out . Even if it mean suspension or censure this needs to stop.
  6. clockspeed

    Diogo Jota

    Need to look at his stats. My thoughts are he did well for us when Mane and Salah away. If he was not scoring winners he was certainly helping calm the nerves by taking whatever opportunities came his way to put us ahead in games. The problem for me is the chances he was getting have seriously dried up . Whether that is a lack of form or the way we are playing I don't know. All I do know is of the front 4/5 he is the one you want a gilt edged chance falling to in terms of conversion. Worrying he not getting chances don't know what is going wrong .
  7. clockspeed

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Can honestly say I have never seen that when a player not involved in a tussle . Weird.
  8. clockspeed

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    Loved watching Berbatov play.
  9. clockspeed

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Superb answer to a loaded question. What I love is he could have stopped after first question . The second question two ram his point home emphatically. This is how I want my ) manager and players to think and reflect on wider society. There will always be rich people, it is their view of the less well off that makes the person . I love the man and you can see why players will run though a brick wall for him .
  10. clockspeed

    James Milner

    The picture of him hands on knees , the only Liverpool player not watching last peno. His response to the crowd roar shows you all you need to know about the man . Great shot and it on the bbc i player. Goosebumps for me .
  11. clockspeed

    Keir Starmer

    Whether he is the right man to lead labour or not he has 100% made the right move. There is no risk this is politics you are either right or wrong or on one side or another. The conservatives have successfully cultivated the grey areas to their advantage eg brexit is now framed as well we didn't know what we were signing up to but we went ahead anyway knowing it would have to be fixed later shite. Whether starmer is fined or not it draws a line in the sand at least with integrity in politics . It's a start.
  12. I for one will be happy. Our style of football, our squad our manager (secured ) , all an upgrade on last year. We are in good shape even with Salah firing on two cylinders. Get his contract done , give him and mane the summer off and let's go for league next year. Have to say I am particularly fond of the European Cup I would love it if we add another .
  13. clockspeed

    Other Football 2021/22

    Look lads it's a bit of fun let them dig their own hole. Villa have still to play city nice to see ings come into a wee bit of form and hope he carrying an injury for our match with them.
  14. Just a heads up the orange label campo on offer in sàinburys this week firstly down from 10 to 8 quid then 25% off if you buy 6 . Therefore 6 quid a bottle. Good buy at that.