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  1. clockspeed

    Better Call Saul

    Think this will be last season Jimmy and other characters.close to breaking bad starting point . Only thing is they do the odd fast forward to where he is at post breaking bad might be some mileage in that.
  2. Hull at home low point of my life a car crash of a match all round. My vivid memory was of Keane warming up for 90 mins and Rafa bringing Zhar on . Whatever my thoughts were on Keane I was pissed Rafa decided to make point to owners about not wanting him (Keane) during this match.
  3. clockspeed

    Election 2019 - The TV Debates

    This strategy missing from Labour campaign. Like it or not (in this case not) the Cons have learnt from last few major elections worldwide and what wins. Lies,lie,lie again and when it doesn't happen apologise or blame someone else. Don't get the labour approach forget about trying to make Corbyn look like a statesman that ain't going to happen. The one thing from last night was that the public don't trust BJ as you say this needs to be driven home make it personal. There will be no negative press because he is a serial liar.
  4. clockspeed

    Comfort food

    I actually saw a delivery van driver drop a donner on the road no packaging on it and proceed to pick up and take into shop. University area so clients probably drunkenly enjoyed later. Gets a good old roasting on that has fired spit anyway. Would be more concerned what is in it than how it is cooked.
  5. clockspeed

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Everyone is different. I have chronic bowel condition also abstained completely on medical advice for two years did not make any difference. What I find in moderation is that beer actually helps. Spoke to consultant he said yeah may help just go with it. Great reason to swerve lagers and get into IPA s and other beers since I only take a couple. Only thing is I am becoming beer bore. My advice don't give up on something you enjoy.
  6. clockspeed

    General Election 2019

    Here we revisit closer to the time see what pans out. There may be a bit of pre trade agreement posturing but the commentary ref fishing etc would indicate the talks are going to be difficult.
  7. clockspeed

    General Election 2019

    There will be no binning by conservatives. I predict withdrawal by 31st January then eleven months of unsuccessful trade deal negotiations followed by we tried for agreement couldn’t get it we have majority and mandate unfortunately have to crash out dec 2020 with no deal.
  8. clockspeed

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Did same 3 months off it for wedding at reception walking like bag of water after about an hour crashed and burned only fought with myself not match fit for event. Did opposite then tore into red vino next day put on the hard yards felt good at time but wasn't right for a couple of weeks.
  9. clockspeed

    General Election 2019

    Genuinely well thought out policy for families and business. Need to push on now with negativity towards conservative performance reference the national health and the non growth of the economy. Targets and figures published for both have been abysmal this week and have not had enough attention. This is factual conservative government performance based on their policies. Need to get this Brexit narrative of the mainstream agenda for a while.
  10. clockspeed

    Bass guitar and it´s finest exponents

    Has to be Phil lynott not the best player by any means but best bass rock god
  11. clockspeed

    General Election 2019

    That knob Morgan said this morning he would like to see report before he votes. Can only hope he becomes like dog with bone and doesn't let this disappear. Someone on twitter needs to keep agitating him . Edit would not be surprised if "unsuccessful" cyber attack not true it is a good way to keep pressure on ref russian hacking
  12. clockspeed

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Think Gomez actually did nothing. Great show of restraint. I am a fan of gomez anyway obviously he learning coolness from VVD and I see him as a future LFC captain post Virgil retiring at 40
  13. clockspeed

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Ryan Fraser . On talkshite we on advanced talks.
  14. clockspeed


    https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2019/nov/09/patient-fabinho-player-changed-position-liverpool-fortunes Read it on Saturday prophetic ?!