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  1. clockspeed

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    This is why I am glad we have a settled squad prices being quoted for Diop/Wan Bissaka etc are way over the top and us essentially looking for back ups to our first teamers best to be out of this nonsense for this window. Makes you think what is Grujic worth or even Maddison .
  2. clockspeed

    Virgil Van Dijk

    More importantly did you see his response when de ligt made the mistake for peno? Cupped both mits around ligts face and spoke to him like a true captain and look at the response he got. We could play anyone beside big man now and they would perform to an acceptable level an outstanding footballer and hopefully (no disrespect to Henderson) captain of our club next year.
  3. clockspeed

    Halloumi recipies

    Grill slice on barb and smother with pesto
  4. I have seen all the titles and cups I ever need from LFC. Honestly this one is about Klopp this will be for him not the team not the fans. I respect Spurs but this is the time to reward an individual who gives so much of himself In order to provide fans with periods of anticipation and moments of ecstasy in our lives. Then I see video above and I know I have got Klopp the person correct without actually knowing him. We will take them out by the root but among the celebrations I will only be thinking of one person. Believe me these are the best of times I have ever experienced being a fan brought to you courtesy of a brilliant manager and his team. Now is their time do it for Juergen.
  5. clockspeed

    Underrated Villains

    Tuco Salamanca don't know how to embed videos but the "tight tight" scene and episode brilliant. Badass character
  6. No Jose fan and different circumstances and dynamics but this is a bigger cluster than us appointing Roy and all that happened playing and transfer wise during his tenure. Unreal heard yesterday Fletcher was on the shortlist for DOF there is a Liverpool WUM in that Glazer hierarchy just spouting mad shite for the fun of it and it is happening right in front of our eyes. Class viewing.
  7. Just looking Ramadan is on throughout May to June . I do know there are extensive periods of fasting are there exemptions for athletes ? I would presume not for practicing Muslims . Wonder how the affected players will keep their fitness and energy levels up to the 1st June. Absolutely selfish thoughts on my part however it cannot be ideal physical preparation for a football match.
  8. clockspeed

    Going for a piss through the night

    Serious point here. I am reading book on sleep and one of the points made is that having interrupted sleep getting up in a drowsy state and going to toilet to relieve bladder is in fact very dangerous and causes multiple injuries and in some cases fatalities. Now obviously the in danger demographic is older people however it is the light headedness you get when your bladder is relieved that causes the problem (and the fact we piss in dark at night) and dizzyness effect gets worse if we hang on until we are right busting. So in interests of safety I always sit to piss during night. https://m.health24.com/Medical/Sleep/News/Why-do-some-men-faint-when-they-urinate-at-night-20141124
  9. clockspeed

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    like your lateral thinking there
  10. clockspeed

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Lets try and keep the continuity of how we play. Need cover front three cover Robertson nothing else really. I am no Ed Woodward but only need two ins Sessegnon (could be spelt wrong) and Zaha. Out Sturridge, Moreno wages the same. Same squad as last year same wages costs us say 100 mil for these two players. Then get down to selling fringe players say we recoup some ibe eye watering sums looking at a net outlay of 50 million worst case. Not upsetting squad to much. My only concern as I have stated before is Zaha (have him bought already) Mane and Salah coming back from AFCON maybe Brandt be a better option. So we would have 2 from Shaq,Brandt,Divock and Firmino for first month of next season would that keep us in the hunt until Mane and Salah have had a well earned rest ? Don't know
  11. clockspeed

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Thought that myself liked what I saw what has he been like over whole season ?
  12. clockspeed

    Who do we want in the final then?

    You should consider what hospital you will be admitted to there will be a queue of potential cardiac failure patients ahead of you under that senario.
  13. clockspeed

    Philippe Coutinho

    If they have paid us say 90 mil and potentially owe us 40 mil . I would take him back no more money changes hands put him on sturridges wages. Bingo no worse off .
  14. clockspeed

    Who do we want in the final then?

    As another aside want the double. But yes my preference for league however if by a miracle Brighton hold out and we win then come Monday morning it will be F**** Spurs want big ears as well
  15. clockspeed

    Who do we want in the final then?

    Ajax could have made things difficult for us unknown quantity but obviously inexperienced. Spurs will be less of an attacking threat but defensively stronger. We are the favourites I fully expect us to win. Do I feel entitled absofuckinglutely we deserve it for the season we have had. Simple as.