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  1. clockspeed

    Would you take Coutinho Back?

    In a heartbeat . Say we going to lose 30 m in appearance add one factor that in . Would go as far as 80m and same wages as whatever we have to blow on VVD to keep him here when contract renewal starts
  2. clockspeed

    Female Vocalists

    Messing about on spotify check out Beth Hart and her version of I would rather go blind with Jeff Beck or Joe Bonamasssa thought to myself shit she can sing. Had not heard of her up until then
  3. clockspeed

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Shudders did you really have to post that. Nightmare stuff.
  4. clockspeed

    Roberto Firmino

    Get that analysis. I suppose what I am mulling over is I don't see what klopp's plan b is when one/all of front three are struggling to break a team down. It seems to be a random choice of throw origi/sturridge on. Personally I feel firminio cannot be sacrificed even if he is the one struggling as he has the vision and talent to make something happen. What I don't see is him ghosting/running into box a la Fowler. Anyway maybe mute point as we don't have players to change system to allow him to play like that. Have a nagging feeling we are probably making the most use of certain attributes and abilities he has but not the most use of his talent.
  5. clockspeed

    Roberto Firmino

    Just wondering if played in a different system with a different role could he be as prolific as Robbie ?
  6. clockspeed

    The Official Golf Thread

    Loved all the commentary on sky suggesting 3 wood or long iron up 18 as camera followed Rory onto tee box. Bag down glove on reaches for the big dog no discussion with caddy. Glad it worked out for him as Rahm getting all sorts for the decision he made at 11. So hoping Rory wins the Masters but going out now and having ew on Jason Day and Justin Rose would say Rory hard to back.
  7. clockspeed

    Best Liverpool XI 2000-2019

    Substitute Finnan for Trent then no argument
  8. clockspeed

    Rodgers to Leicester

    Couple Brendan's defensive tactical nous with Maguire who currently stands around the D with his hands out in a wtf pose (with a gobshite look on his face) and I come up with less optimism than yourself. Fairly sure we will not have to laud him.
  9. clockspeed

    Father Ted

    For a series with so many one off memorable characters Pat Mustard was up there as one of the best.
  10. clockspeed

    Last 8 Draw

    Not sure Porto are the whipping boys of what is left. Think they have or at least had a great home record. Really don't care who we get but in terms of league want City to get Utd with extra time in 2nd leg.
  11. clockspeed

    Will you still listen to Michael Jackson?

    Well if you think role of parents hard to believe then the situation will resemble normality with one viewing of Abducted in Plain Sight. How do these predators identify the gullible families with children ripe for abuse ? I don't think it is off the cuff I believe it is well thought out strategy for grooming. Stripped back to basics their MOs are remarkably similar.
  12. Imagine if Jurgen was in charge of a national side ! I think semi retirement with Germany is his move after 10-15 seasons with us. Or the FA dick about for another ten years promoting English coaches while a truly golden generation (across all positions) slips through their fingers and solution staring at them from LFC dugout
  13. clockspeed

    Positive Thinking

    Here never thought. I would be in agreement with Chris Sutton the depths that a title challenge takes you to.
  14. clockspeed

    Positive Thinking

    Just remember this post prophetic Genuinely fancy us now had zero luck last 5 matches (plenty before mind) have to go for wins now suits us .
  15. clockspeed

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Wonder what he is like going forward ? Defensively would be good cover for robbo and we will see in about 50 mins how good his engine is if this keeps up