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  1. clockspeed

    The Masters 2021

    Someone who can make hay on par 5s . Rahm for me.
  2. clockspeed

    Naby Keita

    Not having that , Origi whether he looks interested or not has made contributions to the teams success. This charlatan has done sweet fuck all from day one . Actually think he was shite the extra year we left him in Germany. Everyone criticising Thiago for the number of yellow cards he gets compare and contrast with how many Keita has got (basically fuck all for a midfielder) useless tool.
  3. There never was a start. 50 odd million blew and us with not a pot to piss in.
  4. clockspeed

    Kicking off in Northern Ireland again?

    Is correct , first lying bullshit bluff that he wont be able to shrug off and hide from. Second one will be the shit show that is Brexit not the leaving/staying question more the total and abject under preparedness of GB for the transition. It's a shit show out there and the NI variant of the shit show even worse.
  5. Norwegian lad not up to much but think Jürgen doing a bit of tapping up there.
  6. clockspeed

    Ibrahima Konate

    Well we must be confident VVD is making a full recovery and will have a couple more bomb proof seasons. So it will be VVD and a n other we have plenty of choice I'm all in on this guy
  7. clockspeed

    The Rugby Thread

    Think the penalty count was 12-15 not much in it he was a picky ref . But giving away penalties when you are on front foot and in opposition 22 is criminal, also it shows a lack of cohesion in the team going forward you still have to protect ball carrier. These are basics as is knowing the rules of the game. Eg as I mentioned Itoje mile offside if he stops turns around and doesn't interfere any more ref let's it go cause Ireland getting the ball. What does he do he nails the scrum half what's the ref to do ? Then does the ref police the English offside line with more scrutiny ? Yes he does . Same with the not releasing , the players are not releasing because there is no support to secure the ball , this seems to be an English tactic so they have extra bodies out wide not involved at breakdown . Player on ground is holding on ref penalises, England don't change approach either does the ref, simple game management of the referee which you are taught at schoolboy level. Just seen Genge gouging sexton as England trying to score at end. Penalty should have been reversed but why do that , at that time under the Irish posts ? Ok he got away with it but shows the stupidity.
  8. clockspeed

    The Rugby Thread

    Ref made one incorrect (Farrell rolling) and one poorish (Aki tackle) unfortunately for the English all the rest were penalties, cast iron, easy for ref to give and totally avoidable . Curry wrong side of ball winner at lineout , crossing in midfield, Itoje a mile offside and continues playing wtf I don't blame Jones this is on the players simple as.
  9. clockspeed

    Marvin hagler

    Edit should say I don't know how Hearns survived that first round either
  10. clockspeed

    Marvin hagler

    How he survived the first round with Hearns defies belief , to go on and win it was greatness right there. Marvellous is right.
  11. clockspeed

    RB Leipzig (H) Champions League - 10/3/21

    Reminds me of Ivanovic for Chelsea would go through a brick wall for the team. Waiting for the time we get a breakaway from one of his clearing headers and the big man is credited with an assist . I sense a cult figure emerging along lines of Eric Meijer .
  12. clockspeed

    Other football - 2020/21

    Get to fuck in
  13. clockspeed

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Nah boosting English quota due to Brexit will be the line. Though not prepared to pay the premium. Therefore Chelsea rejects (and a few have been successful) and some cute buys from Championship. Wouldn't surprise me that the ex Preston CB stays with us next year.
  14. clockspeed

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Thank duck Meghan and Harry bailed us out .