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  1. clockspeed

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    £7 million version of a £170 million player
  2. I have to confess was gutted when he chose Fergie over the King. Should have realised at that minute he was buck stupid.
  3. Think they are and he sitting on bench. Don't want to give Ole/Woodward any ideas but I would be recalling him now.
  4. Know about the debates but did anyone think they would end up the way they have conducted business ? Think the feeling was all American ownership was via leveraged buyouts and were bad for PL clubs. Here I would have taken that Hong Kong apparent Billlionaire over H and G can't remember his name . Mad mad times remember when Michael Knighton nearly pocketed utd for 20 mil or something like that.
  5. Think going to see the same sort of excellent wheeler dealing this summer possibly Wilson+Grugic+ Divock = Havertz .
  6. Blade runner Running Man Looper Megamind Any Star Trek
  7. Aye don't really get we deliberately sold Cout to buy Virgil and Allison . Think we were buying them or at least Virgil anyway. Just got lucky Barca were desperate and Jürgen went for quality rather than quantity.
  8. Stop posting that Borini Mario Lambert caption there could be children surfing this thread
  9. How lucky were we that FSG were on the sidelines ready to pounce when the H and G s bluff was called. Think we were so elated the two tossers were gone we didnt realise at that time how we potentially had savvy business people as owners.
  10. There in lies the biggest problem. Any and I mean any football supporter sitting opposite Jones and his agent at renewal time would have had a field day of a performance review. Tell you what whatever blagging the agent did he earned his percentage big time.
  11. My point debt not an issue at all never will be .
  12. Don't think Glazers have to sell their financial strategy actually works as club is such a money making machine. Granted the value of their asset on the pitch the players has plummeted but much the same as the underachieving Dallas Cowboys their commercial value will remain impressive. Makes me laugh when I read what agents are taking out of the game I genuinely wonder what the Glazers will siphon off before their final payoff.
  13. In terms of ownership it is catastrophic but not unexpected for those wallowing in their situation there was a lot of goodwill from their side when we were in the H&G mire. On the manager side I revert back to full partisan approach last night was a disaster for my cunning and devious keep Ole in the job plan. I dont want him to go give him another year man is a legend ffs. Losing two nil to Burnley at home is a sickner as ultimately I wanted him to make a dart for 4th and gallantly lose out to better managerially qualified Lampard. Me thinks they have decided to sack him all transfers from now on will have been rubber stamped by Poch.
  14. clockspeed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not going to read it again but think the adjective used for this slight of hand as "genius". I know this is a parody thread but the shakes head part of title never been truer