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    Boris Johnson

    One of the usual suspects reporting that he can't wait to get back to the UK to get his new policies going, including a crackdown on benefit claimants. No mention of any new policies about the massive PPE frauds or tax evasion strangely enough.
  2. sir roger

    Golf - 2022

    I had money on Theegala so it was always going to happen
  3. sir roger

    Boxing Prediction League

    Briedis pts Cunningham pts Joyce KO
  4. sir roger

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Im sure I saw an interview saying he is a really intelligent lad with GCSE A stars all over the place.
  5. sir roger

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Vaughan saying that if England win that Crawley will probably get reprieved, but I am not following the logic if he has had barely nothing positive to do with any of the results.
  6. sir roger

    Boxing 2022

    Ah , I only watched the highlights and it gave the impression that the trainer was stopping it.
  7. sir roger

    Boxing Prediction League

    Can’t see that Martinez v McLovin’ bout on Boxrec, cancelled ?
  8. sir roger

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    It's a festival audience, 80% of who probably bought tickets without even knowing who the headliners were going to be, so it's going to be a different vibe to an intimate gig with his fan club. I think he should have factored that in a bit.
  9. sir roger

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Perfect European performance, quietened the crowd early.
  10. sir roger

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    At this rate the Boss might be blacking up for Ebony and Ivory
  11. sir roger

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    If he doesn’t play Mull of Kintyre next I’m turning over
  12. sir roger

    Boris Johnson

    He has always been shifty and self-serving but reading his latest interview from Rwanda he seems to be totally delusional.
  13. sir roger

    Scruff Behaviour

    I’m not the healthiest eater, the family still skit me about circling the buffet bar for 10 minutes and returning with two cobs, two butters and some potato salad
  14. sir roger


    Pleased to see Mike Riley's eye being wiped by FIFA who have appointed 99 referees and officials for the World Cup and absolutely none of them from England ( Or any home country ). To be fair we actually put Bobby Madley forward , so maybe we didn't want any attendees anyway. Shows up that PGMOL wankathon on SSN last week as complete cobblers.
  15. sir roger

    america - fucked up

    A minority of Republicans agreed to it ( about a third I think )
  16. sir roger


    BBC reporting that Riley is just going straight away. Putting aside my dislike for both him and Webb, it is probably a good time with 4 refs also retiring over the summer ( including Kevin Friend )
  17. sir roger

    Little Things That Brighten Your Day

    Surely he can churn out weepies when he is older ?
  18. sir roger

    Energy Prices

    Was thinking that. The main issue for us is that the wife is eyeing up fancy balanced flue gas fires while I am looking at stocking up on thick cardigans.
  19. sir roger

    Energy Prices

    Yes, it's an existing house. If there is nothing particularly exciting on comparison sites I might try EON as they were quite easy to deal with when we got left behind by Igloo and Bulb in quick succession.
  20. sir roger

    Energy Prices

    Moving into a new house in the next week or so. Was with EON , but moved out of the previous house about 6 weeks ago and been staying with my daughter til the house came through. What are my options ? Has anybody I choose got to take me on or do I have to start again with EON ( do they have to take me on ? )
  21. sir roger

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    When you look at the figures being bestowed on has-beens or never-wassers in that golf thing, the Neymar deal looks fairly run of the mill in view of his status.
  22. He's the same age as Ronaldo, and still a better player than Jean-Michael Ferri