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  1. sir roger

    Alisson Becker

    Ref was called Wilma , reckon he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder like a Boy named Sue.
  2. sir roger

    Alisson Becker

    You need a bit of that
  3. sir roger

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    I am very feel to hear we want to be plan.
  4. sir roger

    Holocaust memorial day

    Read an article yesterday about the main guy on the Board of the Auschwitz museum. A difficult poaition , with the Polish government pushing them to make it about locals that helped the Jews and hide the locals involved in atrocities , while being criticised by people opposed to the government saying he is too accommodating
  5. sir roger

    The world of a woman.

    Nah , she'll be on spice in 5 minutes and playing statues for 8 weeks.
  6. sir roger

    Violence Against Burglars

    You need a bit of that.
  7. sir roger

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Or any of Rainier's daughters at a push.
  8. sir roger

    Retro beauties

    Random attractive ladies Claudia Schiffer Cybill Shepherd Gillian Anderson Sharon Tate
  9. sir roger


    I've never really understood the Only Fans phenomenon. With the internet , surely you can find more attractive ladies in various states of undress than Kerry Katona within 5 seconds and for free.
  10. sir roger


    I do hope there is substance to the suggestion of a jail sentence for her harassment of her ex's new girlfriend.
  11. sir roger

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Agree , but to be fair I would expect to have at least 10 assists up front for Bayern at this point , and I'm 61.
  12. sir roger

    Violence Against Burglars

    Extremely dubious. The ' I don't give a fuck ' comment seems to reflect the attitude of the guy who got off. Stealing from cars is a cunt's trick but it's hardly worthy of a death sentence.
  13. sir roger

    The shitness of modern football

    The chief suit at FIFA suggesting that he is partially pushing for a two year World Cup cycle to stop African migrants leaving their homelands and potentially being killed en route to Europe. Has this cunt no shame.
  14. sir roger

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Lampard would still be their best midfielder
  15. Not keen on Freeman or his accent , and said it shines a poor light on Liverpool making it look like a shithole and seeming to suggest that everybody here is a gangster , a druggie , a psychopath or an amalgam of all three.
  16. sir roger

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    I thought he always explained his system as ' Taking a while to get right and a lot of boring ground work but once the penny drops ' so surely this wouldn't suit the situation.
  17. Getting terrible feedback from family about The Responder , anybody bother with it ?
  18. sir roger

    Boris Johnson

    Well there is no way Cressida is going to keep her job through competence is there ?
  19. sir roger

    Why do we appear to be targetted so much by pundits?

    Luckily I haven't seen him for a while , but Tony Gale absolutely hated us for some reason , the veins on his neck virtually popping if we scored.
  20. You're getting mixed up rb , it's Coleman that's 50
  21. Sorry Harry , I think you are looking for the Blue Moon website.