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  1. Daisy


    No I think Allison has room for improvement so clearly I think this goon is shit. But bills to pay is why we gots him.
  2. Daisy


    Is this you determined to enjoy this season?
  3. Meh shit ground, shit pitch, shit team,shit ref. Just wished we'd rested a few more players
  4. So as long as its a really good dive then it's not an obvious error
  5. Milner is way off the pace
  6. Daisy

    Burnley 0 Liverpool 3 (Aug 31 2019)

    You'd have to think VAR would chalk off any goal scored if there was an off side in the build up that lead to a corner. Completely pointless otherwise.
  7. Daisy

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Precisely. Free agent = signing on fee
  8. Daisy

    Life after Jürgen

    This would be a nightmare I think. Could see it happening easily but he needs to prove himself in a tough league before that happens. Could send us back years like Souness. I don't know how klopp is going to persuade players to sign for him next year if he's clearly off also. Makes this summers FSG budget even more frustrating
  9. You'd think they will just break the bank and stump up a massive pay out for Simone or Pochettino next.
  10. Daisy

    Arsenal (H) 24/8/19 Premier League

    Why? Thought he was good today
  11. Just a shame they got replaced by another set of manc cunts.
  12. Daisy

    Youth Team/Cup

    These are meant to be the first team back ups aren't they?