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  1. Didn't work for us in the league though did it. We had plenty of lucky breaks
  2. Daisy

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I genuinely think Klopp was actually planning to persevere with Karius you know. It's only when the Fekir transfer collapsed and Karius carried on his mistakes to preseason that he decided he needed to bite the bullet and pay the fee for Allison.
  3. Daisy

    Man City - the new bitters?

    That better stir our boys up for the final and next season
  4. I only remembered the report because I remembered how much of a fucking cunt that ref was. Not happy about this at all
  5. This ref that @dave u had these kind words for: Of course, the referee played a big part in the outcome of that tie, and it was the same fuckwit in charge of this one. This was one of the worst displays of refereeing I’ve ever seen. He is completely out of his depth and shouldn’t be officiating at this level. He’s so bad he could referee in the Premier League. The Slovenian Jon Moss. I still can’t get over how bad he was. I might feel differently if I’d watched it on TV and had the benefit of replays, but at the time I could barely believe some of the things he was doing. Everyone inside Anfield was seething with him. It wasn’t even major decisions - thankfully he never had to make any of those - but it was just continually bad calls on free-kicks. It was infuriating and I was convinced if he got even the slightest opportunity to give them a pen then we’d be in trouble. Fortunately that never happened, but he has cost us Virgil for the next game. That might actually be the one call he got right. I say 'might' because I don't know anymore. To me that's a great tackle, but he did catch him on the follow through. The laws seem to have changed on this to the extent that I don’t actually know if there was anything wrong with it. Sean Dyche would have loved it, but presumably Jurgen agrees with the ref on this. Or is tackling like that only frowned upon when the pitch is wet and it’s our players on the receiving end? Bottom line is I don’t know if that’s a foul or not, but what I do know is the ref saw it and played on for two or three seconds after. He only blew the whistle when he saw Mertens rolling around. Now if that is a foul and a yellow card offence (some, including Ancelotti felt it was actually worthy of a red) then surely the ref blows his whistle immediately and takes action? He doesn’t let it go for a few seconds and then change his mind. He’s a fucking bum and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our games ever again.
  6. Daisy

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I fucking hate City. The arrogance of that statement fucking hell
  7. Daisy

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    We are only desperate for one type of player. Wouldn't surprise me if there was only one major incoming and a couple other youth players.
  8. Talent wise you can't argue with that lineup if you are that age. Torres v Salah is tight though
  9. Daisy

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I suspect UEFA will not like this English dominance. Can see them taking FFP more seriously again, like they did back when English clubs were dominating 5-10 years ago. Could help us to fight city
  10. If nothing else that performance will have sent shockwaves all around Europe for next season. If they feared coming to Anfield before, now they will be quivering little fucking bitches. Jesus christ