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  1. Daisy


    Who cancelled it, you or airline etc?
  2. Where is this mass deaths thing coming from? Has a healthy person actually died from it yet?
  3. We definitely won't be winning the league next year with AFCON. Would hope we focus on the champions league
  4. The cunt just doesn't know how to play in goal. The way he dives and holds his arms out. It's retarded
  5. Other teams don't shit themselves this much when their backup keeper plays
  6. Surely it's not hard to find a backup keeper who can just do basic things without being a complete cunt.
  7. Can you imagine if we could actually finish sometimes
  8. Best we've played for a long time. Come on boys
  9. Daisy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Man United players have showed you have to go bat shit mental at the refs to get them to overturn it on VAR. You don't stop surrounding him until VAR overturn it