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  1. Carradona

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Are there staggered entrance times tomorrow?
  2. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    You were chatting shite about golf and got a bit sensitive about it when a number of forumites (not all Irish, as you've incorrectly pointed out) pulled you up on it. Take yourself over to the Busy Bastard Bitch Fest thread and have a little whinge about it.
  3. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    When it comes to watching golf, you've previously admitted that you only watch two events a year (Masters and the Open), and now you're concluding that Lowry is only getting in because he's Pádraig's mate...
  4. Carradona

    Golf thread / my new project

    I'd love to neg this repeatedly.
  5. Carradona

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Multiple screenshots below, hopefully its in order.
  6. Carradona

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Get rid of that overrated turd O'Shea right now and it will be a huge help. He's a complete and total loser. Brolly's article in the Indo today sums it up.
  7. Carradona


    What's this wee cunt complaining about?
  8. Carradona


    Rajon Rondo!
  9. Carradona


    Henman is a daft cunt. Really winds me up the wrong way.
  10. Carradona


    Goodfellas is on channel 5 tonight at 10pm. Just letting you guys know as it is in the best 3 movies ever made, in my opinion. Who would agree with me?
  11. Carradona

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Was there a deadline for members to download their NFC pass? My brother signed up as a member today with the intention of using a mate's Milan ticket (Auto Cup scheme) who can no longer go, but the system has greyed put the Download NFC Pass button.
  12. Carradona

    New Girl on Countdown

    She really is awful at the maths part of the game. I've lost count of the number of times she can't get the thing and I can. Bring back Carol!
  13. Does anyone have a clue how this is all going to work? If my friend is enrolled in auto cup scheme for European games and has me added in the "Family and Friends" section, how will he delegate his ticket to me if he cannot attend the game? Will that ticket just show up in my NFC pass on my phone then? Also, for those who have been to the Burnley and Chelsea games, do you have to prove you are fully vaccinated to get into Anfield?
  14. Carradona

    NFC/Auto Cup Scheme/Friends & Family

    Thank you for the information, that seems fairly straight forward.
  15. Carradona

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    You don't have to change it for me, I'm happy enough to autodraft and will do my dealing through trades and waivers.
  16. Carradona

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    I'm at a wedding on Saturday so I'll have to autodraft as well.
  17. Carradona

    The Wire Thread

    Finished this a couple of weeks ago, it was my second time watching. Season 5 isn't as good as the first 4 seasons but it's still way ahead of most seasons of most other TV series. How come they only made passing reference to the fact Rawls was gay? Is there a reason they didn't explore the storyline a bit more, similar to how the Sopranos did with Vito?
  18. Carradona

    RIP Gazelle

    This is terribly sad. I remember gazelle being a regular and valued poster back in the late 00s when the forum, in my opinion, was at it's greatest. May she rest in peace.
  19. Carradona

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    How unsurprising it was to see the Dublin players progress into bad losers too. What do we think, will the GAA bow down to Tyrone or will Kerry get a bye?
  20. Carradona

    Plymouth Shootings

    Fuck this horrible, evil cunt. And, honestly, fuck anybody blaming this on mental health or bullying.
  21. Carradona

    Coronation Street

    I have it on here to see if Ken Barlow is still playing away from home (unfortunately he isn't). Anyways, there is an old man in it who has recently had a stroke (the character, not the actor). What an annoying old twat he is. Most annoying voice on television. God, I hope he fucks off so that he isn't still around the next time I tune into this programme. He's a greasy old bastard as well.
  22. Carradona

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Shit...if we don't get a 12th man then I'll respectfully bow out for Ben.
  23. Carradona

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Is this a standard league or keeper?