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  1. NoelM

    The TLW Isolation Playlist

    Midnight Organ Fight by Frightened Rabbit
  2. Andy Sipowicz (NYPD Blue) Ted Hastings / Steve Arnott (Line of Duty) Martin Beck Jane Tennison (Prime Suspect) Kurt Wallander (played by Krister Henriksson)
  3. NoelM

    Post Some Choons Without Lyrics

    This is amazing from The Lost Brothers an Irish band made in Liverpool, a "Latin-stained waltz" with acoustic guitar and added mariachi.
  4. NoelM

    Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3 (Mar 11 2020)

    Gini was outstanding, great report
  5. NoelM

    Favourite TV actors?

    Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters from The Wire and Treme
  6. NoelM

    Top Five Clint Eastwood Films

    Unforgiven Play Misty for Me Dirty Harry The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Every Which Way But Loose Direction... A Perfect World Mystic River Grand Torino Invictus
  7. NoelM


    A few years late but this show is really brilliant, I can't believe it's taken me this long to try it, it's available on Sky Box Sets at the moment. I particularly love all "The Wire" cameos, the music and just the love of the residents for their city. I'm a huge Steve Earle fan and his appearances were always highlights (I loved him as Waylon in The Wire too), it really broke my heart at the end of series 2. Halfway through series 3 now and it's getting better and better. John Hiatt "It Feels Like Rain" from Treme.
  8. NoelM

    Irish General Election

    I voted Social Democrats too, the candidate in my constituency was a former employee of the NHS and was proposing really intelligent changes to our health service. My mother has been in and out of hospital over the past few months and we've experienced the best and worst of our health service (mostly the bad) so this was top priority for me. We're lumped in with Galway even though I live in South Mayo. My other votes were for an Independent candidate (not the knuckle dragger Grealish), Sinn Fein and Labour. I'd love to have voted for Saoirse McHugh, a very smart and progressive Green candidate in Mayo.
  9. NoelM

    Irish General Election

    Their timing for calling the election was unbelievable really, talk about shooting themselves in the foot?
  10. NoelM

    Irish General Election

    Another noteworthy item is that all the far-right wankers polled less than 1%, we have one absolute "dose" called Peter Casey who tried to get elected in Donegal AND in Dublin, he got less than 1% in each Also our very own Katie Hopkins called Gemma O'Doherty got less than 2% in her constituency.
  11. NoelM

    Irish General Election

    The arrogance from the current FG government was astounding, they were so cut adrift from the real issues people were concerned about. Firstly, the housing crisis, in Ireland we're obsessed with owning our own homes but due to vulture funds and property developers stock-piling land we have spiraling rent and hence a huge homeless crisis. To add to this we had a flu epidemic over the Christmas period and our hospitals were full to bursting, 100s on trolleys, some couldn't even get a trolley but the current government didn't mention these issues when setting out their manifestos. They kept saying "the economy is booming" and "look at our record on Brexit", promising tax cuts and new roads when most people would just prefer better public services (health, public transport etc). Also, despite what some journalists are saying, their is some anti-Brexiteer feeling here, it's to do with the ignorance of most of the Tories towards Irish history and the contempt we've been treated with by the likes of Priti Patel etc. Sinn Fein tapped into this in a big way, a perfect storm for them.