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  1. NoelM

    Springsteen - The River

    Side 2 of The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle is so good.
  2. NoelM

    Sexy scenes without nudity.

    She is so beautiful in this film and the music makes this scene perfect.
  3. NoelM

    cover versions

    This is a perfect cover, much better than the original in that you can properly hear the lyrics. Elvis is amazing.
  4. NoelM

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    The Monster Squad - loved that film. Darby O'Gill, scared me witless in the cinema.
  5. NoelM

    Great live albums

    The Allmans Live At Fillmore East Bob Seger - Live Bullet Springsteen - 1975 Hammersmith Odeon McCartneys - Unplugged session Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense The Band - The Last Waltz
  6. Anything by Frightened Rabbit
  7. NoelM

    What are your top 10 favourite songs?

    I saw Jason Lytle play in Galway a couple of weeks ago, amazing voice and songwriter.
  8. NoelM

    What are your top 10 favourite songs?

    Thunder Road - Springsteen Ballerina - Van Morrison This is the sea - The Waterboys If you see her, say hello - Bob Dylan The Modern Leper - Frightened Rabbit Little Coloured Balloons - John Murry Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones Working Class Hero - John Lennon Boy From Lawrence County - Felice Brothers Queen and the Soldier - Suzanne Vega
  9. A year since Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit passed away, they were one of the best live bands I've seen.
  10. Same as that, the whole thing was so worth all the staying up til 3 AM, for him to be part of something so big for the first time.
  11. It's so cool, it was like being part of a football crowd cheering along.
  12. My youngest son is 12 and has ASD, he goes to a small country primary school with 3 others in his class, he’s not very popular because of his obsessive nature and also because he doesn’t like football or the other things that they like. He’s fixated with certain games (a Mario fanatic) and has become the biggest Avengers fan - we’ve been to the cinema to see all the movies since Civil War and he’s watched all the others countless times on DVD. He has been totally obsessed with seeing End Game since Infinity War, we bought him Thanos Gauntlet for Halloween and he even made me a Captain America Shield out of Cardboard to “wear” when we saw it. I booked tickets for the premiere showing of End Game in Galway, it sold out 6 screens in advance. We arrived at the cinema and he immediately saw others with Thors hammer, gauntlets, shields, helmets, t-shirts, kids spoke to him, admired his stuff and he reciprocated. He clapped along when the whole cinema applauded (when Captain America was able to wield Mjolnir), cheered (along with the whole cinema) when everyone came back before the battle and waited and booed (with the whole cinema) when the final credits rolled and there was no post-credit scene. I remember his face when he realised that there were loads of others like him and thanked the stars for the Marvel movies.
  13. NoelM


    Anybody here listen to the Dark Tower series on audible? I got the first one and started it twice, got an hour in and jibbed it. Is it worth persevering with?