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  1. Has there ever been a song that sounds as incredible unplugged and quiet as when it absolutely rocks. On one of his last tours when he played albums in their entirety, he played Born to Run (my favourite) in Limerick - when the opening bars of this played, wow.
  2. Great stuff as always. Agreed with the Keita discussion, I've never seen him play live but he always looks small and lightweight on television and seems to get bullied and pushed off the ball really easily.
  3. Tough choice Candi V Bruce but Thunder Road is my favourite song, one of the best versions below.
  4. Thanks! This is a great list.
  5. Really enjoyed it again guys, nice to have different opinions too - thanks!
  6. Applause here, it's no coincidince that the semi-final changed when he went off. One of my best mates coaches the Knockmore club and they beat O'Sheas Breaffy team last year, said they totally targetted him as a weakness, overrated and lazy.
  7. Glenn Campbell rep! I love Wichita Lineman too.
  8. Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen If You See Her Say Hello - Bob Dylan Little Coloured Balloons - John Murry
  9. For any Irish people growing up in the 80s, this was the Sunday night schedule on RTE.
  10. Sincere condolences to Dan. I loved the podcast, really enjoyable dicussion - thanks.
  11. NoelM

    The GF book thread

    I really enjoyed Billy Summers, Mr Mercedes is good, it's the first part of a trilogy with Finders Keepers (best of the three) and End of Watch. You can take your pick of all the recent King books from 112263 on, they're all really good, particularly on audio, great commute and walking listens.
  12. I really enjoyed this again, thanks to all.
  13. NoelM

    Favourite film scene

    Obvious but..