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  1. I love Calexico, saw them live a few years ago, great band.
  2. Band of Horses Bright Eyes Decemberists Drive By Truckers Flying Burrito Brothers Lambchop Little Feat Mercury Rev My Morning Jacket Phosphorescent Sparklehorse Wilco
  3. He (Scott Hutchison) took his own life in May 2018, a very talented guy and a truly brilliant live band.
  4. NoelM

    Premier League Round Up (Jul 26 2020)

    I love the Johnny Evans shout, I thought of that Shelvey tackle straight away too.
  5. NoelM

    Liam Gallagher

    This was a brilliant thread on Twitter
  6. Nick Offerman in Fargo series 2
  7. NoelM


    Great news, thanks for letting us know.
  8. NoelM

    Wank Phrases people use at work.

    "Deck" - when did a powerpoint presentation / slideshow become a "deck"? Some guy said it about 20 times on a zoom call yesterday like he learned the word and wanted to use it as often as possible
  9. NoelM

    cover versions

    One of the best Dylan covers I've heard.
  10. NoelM

    The GF book thread

    Both of those are next for me, I think I'll start with the Stephen King
  11. NoelM

    Best Stephen King Book

    I started and gave up on Needful Things when it came out first. I just purchased the audible version and am enjoying it - 2/3 of the way through, great fun.