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Dougie Do'ins

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I can't believe anybody watches that show of Sugar's! Every single contestant should only ever be employed as testers for Suicide Booths, and Sugar and those two simpering cunts sat next to him are 3 of the biggest Tory bastards on the planet!


A fucking flesh eating pox on every one of them!

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5 minutes ago, sir roger said:

Read his autobiography donkeys years ago. He was bragging about how we was selling Amstrad shite knowing full well it was defective, and yet he sets himself up as a moral arbiter for business people.


Certain people are just good at making money.


My wife's aunty is minted but absolutely thick as fuck. She's like a truffle pig though and can just sniff money. Started with a chippy, then a pub then flats.


She sits there literally counting £50 notes out in front of people and, when someone said to her once that they volunteered for a charity she said, genuinely baffled "what do you do that for?"


On the other hand, I also know people who're Nobel prize-sized intellects yet every career of business venture they embark upon go tits up.

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BBC's sports coverage recently is like it was planned and directed by a six year old.


Just a couple of things here:


During the recent World Athletics there was a women's 400m race, including 2 brits, that they'd been building up for ages. Just before the start they switched to bbc1 from bbc2 and the programme began with some bullshit superlative-ridden intro video. Then they started with "here's the replay of the 400m" race. Awful.


The wimmins WC final which was basically unlistenable as it sounded like they were sharing a mic with the Spanish commentator. Let alone them just talking shite in the studio when, what was actually a really good closing ceremony, was going on. ITV picked up millions of viewers that night. 


That utter, utter tedious cunt Steve Cram today (Tbf everything he commentates on. He's taken the mantle of fucking boring geordie commentator from Brendan Foster) after Farah finished the Great North Run. "Thanks for the wins, sir mo. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the medals". Fucking boring sycophantic twat.


He then goes on to say Farah should go for a pint at some fucking pub or other that he knows. Finishes off by saying he hopes sir mo enjoys his pint wherever he has it as he's earned it.


He's a Moslem you stupid hysterical wanker.


Then went roadside with Gaby BBC who's interview was pointless, as "the unique way we fund the BBC" apparently doesn't stretch to being able to conduct an interview in Gateshead without the microphone making Farah sound like Norman bastard Collier. 


I won't even get started on f***ball. Except to say that the very idea Alan fucking Shearer is their go-to man for expert opinion.... Jesus fucking christ. 



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4 hours ago, Bruce Spanner said:

Panorama at 9pm tonight still has no information regarding content.


They are being incredibly cagey.

It’s about malpractice at Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t it. Posted it in the thread Stig started.

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