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  1. Red Shift

    CBD Oil any advice

    You can get all the benefits of CBD w/o the THC, from Hemp extract - Hemp is the same family of plant, but ultra low levels of THC. You must use Hemp extract - not Hemp Oil from seed. There’s no CBD in the seed.
  2. Red Shift


    Any player that no longer wants to call Anfield home, for whatever reason, can fek off. Suarez fek’d off. Coutinho fek’d off. We put them to the sword on Tues night. Klopp (1st press conference on signing for LFC: ”First it is necessary to become believers” Anybody that doesn’t believe Big Ears Six is coming home can just go and grovel in their own doubting muck.
  3. Red Shift

    Wolves (H) Premier League 12/5/2019

    It’s a cliche I know, but we’ve got to focus on the positives. Klopp is building a culture. We’ve rebuilt Anfield. We sold Suarez and Coutinho to Barcelona cos they ‘dreamed of the big time’ and then butt fucked them on Tuesday night like the no hopers they are. We’re back as the genuine biggest club in the world - that’s what we always were; it’s what ‘Sir Alex’ set out to destroy, and look how that’s working out for them? Klopp and the owners are giving us the greatest gift they could ever give us - the chance to step up and stay up. Permanently. If and when Klopp leaves ( All things must pass as George suggested.....) he will have ‘done a Shankly’ and left a legacy. The future looks immense. These are the days, my friend. These are the days.
  4. Red Shift

    Wolves (H) Premier League 12/5/2019

    Its worth noting that to win the European Cup in Shankly’s day, you first had to win the league. This is what he meant by ‘bread and butter’. There was no European competition w/o consistancy in the league.
  5. Red Shift

    Report: Origi set to earn a contract extension

    He just needs regular appearances in red, to come good. Just like Shaq. We should be challenging for every trophy like city do. Guys like Origi and Shaq give us that option. Great backups who can produce at critical times / big occasions.
  6. Red Shift

    Divock Origi

    I'd like a little more rotation from Klopp next season - involving Origi and The Shaq Attack.
  7. Red Shift

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    is correct. Holy fuck - the number of times I've sat at half time with the lads needing to turn things around in big games - cup finals - knock out Euro games - since the bloody 70s for heaven's sake. Bring it on. I don't care who the opposition is, nobody is strolling past us to get big ears.
  8. Red Shift

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    We know them. Ajax would have been a wild card. WE KNOW THEM - that familiarity will be in our favour.
  9. 1. Liverpool Football Club.
  10. longest five minutes of my life. Make me dream Redmen, make me dream...
  11. COME ON MY HEROES. Fuck these cunts up the bastard.
  12. Gini is more of a goal threat, lets stay positive
  13. Red Shift

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Got to hand it to Leicester, they were very reasonable opposition, but they couldn't score that goal. So, it's looking highly likely that City retain the title, albeit, with a reduced points tally because WE have been so fucking awesome this season. We're back, and what's really important here, is that we stabilise our position as the genuine biggest club in the premier League, by continuing the investment in the squad, and separating the chaff that can fuck off. I'd like the big man Origi to stay, and I'm hoping he puts a big shift in against Barca. Sturridge's contract is up and if Kloppo was willing to a do a little more rotation, Origi could come good next season. Exciting times, and toppling City off their perch is going to be an entertaining and satisfying watch. Definite silverware next season for us, and who knows, the God of Football may still smile on us this week.