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    Fleetwood Mac

    Bernie Marsden : Jamming with Peter Green Every three months or so, Bernie Marsden makes a two-hour drive from his home near Oxford, heading south-west. He'll arrive at his destination – an unremarkable house in a quiet residential street – feeling a little nervous. A short while after he rings the bell, the front door opens. "I go, ‘Hello Pete’, or sometimes I call him Pedro. Then he invites me in and makes me a cup of tea. Mentally, I still pinch myself as I walk through the door", says Marsden. As former songwriter and guitarist with UFO, Whitesnake and Paice Ashton Lord, Bernie isn’t normally given to starry-eyedness. But these visits are different. The person he comes to see is Peter Green, his idol as a young guitarist growing up in the late ’60s. The fanboy, it transpires, has never quite left him. Before too long, Marsden and Green move to the front room with their guitars, where they are joined by Green’s friend and neighbour Paul Hoenderkamp. "He makes sure Peter plays every other day", says Marsden. "I think they go fishing together, too." The three of them begin playing - a loose jam between friends, with no agenda. Marsden sets a tape running to record what they do. "Last time around we did 'Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’On', Little Richard’s 'Lucille', 'The Young Ones' by The Shadows and The Beatles’ 'Help!' And then we started rolling into ‘Oh Well’…" On his most recent visit to Green’s place, shortly before Christmas, Bernie Marsden took with him a bootleg of Fleetwood Mac recordings, circa 1967-68. "It's BBC sessions and two American concerts", he says. "Really good quality. When I mentioned that one section sounded particularly good, Peter just went ‘Bit messy !‘ I imagine that’s what he was like to be in the band with at the time - really tough. But he admitted ‘Yeah, we were a good little band’." (text : Rob Hughes - "Uncut", Jan. 2020. / photo : Paul Hoenderkamp)
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    Aotearoa has its first death from Covid19
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    As has been shown here in Aotearoa, the testing kits are not 100% accurate.
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    7 hrs away from lockdown. Aotearoa.
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    Yip. Carterton is one of those cases. Thats 15 kms from me. In fact, a co-worker’s dad, drinks at the same watering hole as the covid case. I have 48 hours to get thru, and then I can work from home, in essential services.
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    Its all on now. Ardern making the hard calls. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/412403/all-of-new-zealand-must-prepare-to-go-in-self-isolation-now-prime-minister
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    The main issue, as South Korea found (because they did a shit load of testing on everybody, not just people with symptoms) is that there’s an age bracket of 20-29 years, and these people are asymptomatic. Effectively, they are carriers. They make up 30% of SK’s total cases. If they have been traveling around extensively....well, you catch my drift. Most countries are only testing people presenting with symptoms. How can this provide us with a true indication of extent??
  11. Which effectively gives us 20, fucking the Mancs right off. I like the cut of your jib.
  12. Red Shift

    Post Some Choons Without Lyrics

    You may or may not know what a ‘Stylophone’ is. Turns out, The Stylophone Bowie used on his breakthrough 1969 hit “Space Oddity” was a joke present from his mate, Marc Bolan. Bowie sat down with it, and composed Space Oddity. Genius right there. Here’s the isolated Stylophone / guitar track.
  13. I agree with a lot of that, but I actually rate Origi higher. He’s proved his finishing on the biggest stage, and I’d argue, if he’d had the game time that Bobby, Sadio & Mo get, he’d be far more consistent. He’d also benefit from the Robbo/TAA. feeds.
  14. BBC saying we’re “lacking depth“ Is that true? Is Shaqiri injured? He never gets a sniff of a game, but put in a huge shift against Barcelona. I know Minamino needs to be brought through, and Fabinho is out of form. I wonder if injuries have conspired, and depth is still an issue?
  15. We’re out. Maybe it’s for the best. Bringing home the Premier League Title is the biggest moment for this club in the last 30 years. We’ve got to go to Goodison next and it won’t be a cake walk. Realistically, we just haven’t been clinical enough to win the game. It should have been done and dusted at 90. Extra time was just a killer. The boys played their hearts out, but finishing cost us dearly.