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  1. Red Shift

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    I’m not sure we lost the league with the slip, from memory, but shit it’s a strange random world that throws these things up.
  2. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Yeah - that article makes important points. Jacinda Ardern has been brilliant over the weekend, in the wake of the massacre, reaching out to the local Muslim community, right in the front line, showing just what a hugely compassionate heart she has. The question is, will her unwavering love and empathy for this country, be enough to turn a broken system around, to be all inclusive? Her Coalition is very finely balanced, and (probably) under Winston Peters’ directive, the immigration minister has moved to reduce immigration by 600 a month, as of earlier this month, There was was no public announcement about it, which has them being roundly critizised. Kiwis are hurting. Inflation is rampant in food and housing in particular. We have 40,000 homeless, and disappearing jobs. Most people accept the refugee programme (1500 with a view to increasing for Syrians) which is one of the best repatriation schemes in the world, and THATS the problem, that the bubbling undercurrent of disenfranchised low wage folks are upset about. The refugees get re-oriented, housed and in many cases, jobs (those that dont get all state benefits with extras), and absolutely THEY SHOULD. However, there are calls to address the poverty of Kiwis, as aggressively as the refugee policy, and I think that it needs to happen quickly to show more solidarity for our nation. The government has its work cut out providing for its people, after 9 years of a rampant free market government, and little or no wage growth. Personally, I’m a great believer in the free movement of people and ideas across this world. Unity in diversity must be the catchcry. Hopefully politicians like Jacinda can step up and show the world how commited compassionate government can reshape broken societies.
  3. Red Shift

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    Some folks aren’t waiting for her to get started on important shit. They’re just doing it. Brilliant this: https://www.curatorspace.com/about/news/artists-blow-up-m-of-high-interest-debt-in-walthamstow/49
  4. Red Shift

    RBS Six Nations 2019

    The All Blacks will be a little scared of Wales now. They are certainly rebuilding, and they haven’t found the right captain since McCaw stepped down. I’d love to see Wales win it, but to be fair, Ireland aren’t out yet, neither are England. Northern Hem Rugger is alive and kicking.
  5. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Oh will you look at that. The murdering scum got his half century. You WILL be pleased for him. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/index.cfm?objectid=12213402&ref=twitter
  6. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Zeus overthew his Father Cronus. He then drew lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades. Zeus won the draw and became the supreme ruler of the gods. He is lord of the sky, the rain god And thus was Hades banished.
  7. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    I may be crazy But it just may be a lunatic, you’re lookin’ for
  8. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Welcome back my friends To the show that never ends We’re so glad you could attend Come inside, come inside. RIP Keith Emerson.
  9. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    I absolutely disagree with you here. You’ve got it wrong. The people of Rarotonga are far more relaxed than the average Kiwi.
  10. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    This thread is polarised over whether the video should be available to watch or not. Some say yes, some say no. I’m still getting over “Earthlings 1 & 2” ( narrated by Joachim Phoenix) and ‘Dominion’, (which was truly horrific) , so I’m going to pass. I’m already aware, as you know, how man has stooped below the level of so called ‘ lower animals’
  11. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    If he’s limiting himself to ‘a bit of cod, or free range chicken’ then maybe not. the problem is the labeling laws are slack. Free range chicken can still mean torture, for sure. I’ve seen the videos of the actions of extremists, who work in these places and process our ‘food’. Violence begets violence indeed.
  12. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Yes. We all need to think about our choices.
  13. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    I know you are. We all are. As another poster has recently posted, it’s a devolution of humanity. violence begets violence. You’ve probably been told that ‘carrots have feelings too’ and by plucking a carrot as a Vegan, and eating it, means that you are just as culpable in the perpetration of violence - however, short of a buddhist self immolation, what else can we humans do to bring the worlds eyes to our cause of non-violence?
  14. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Good point.
  15. Red Shift

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    You’ve taken this statement out of context, I think. However, I could be wrong.