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  1. Red Shift

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Ok so I have a wallet called ‘Block Wallet’ and the server went down, and it appears to be permanent. It’s an Ethereum wallet and sitting in there is about US$100 worth of ETH. Two years ago it was worth US$10. I can ‘etherscan’ it and the ETH is there after 2 yrs and obviously continues to rise, but how can I get to it to move it? I’d like to move it onto a mining contract I have. I have both addresses, but cannot send it from outside the wallet! Etherscan shows me its there but wont let me claim it. Any ideas, or ‘let it go’ ?
  2. Red Shift

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Not this season. Synergy is everything.
  3. The Shaq Attack! Really brings a dynamism into the proceedings. Very happy for him in sharing the Liverpool success of the last couple of seasons. Playing at the world’s biggest greatest club and winning the best trophies. Good on yer lad. Trent’s goal was reminiscent of Coutinho. His right foot is so lethal, it makes me wonder whether he’s out of position at right back. Shaq could play the right midfield with Trent on the left, just as a little experiment. To see Trent cutting in from the left and with his quick thinking and passing would be an effective combo. Robbie at left back as per normal. Just need a right back then. A solid defender who sits back. With Gini gone next season and fully expecting Jota up front, there’s room for shuffling.
  4. Get the wanker off the pitch. We’re going for top four and we need two halves of football to do it. Jesus wept. Fucking useless officials
  5. Red Shift

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    The buck stops with the board. Prior to the January window, it had become apparent that we were in a CB crisis. Matip was in and out of the team, Gomez injured, VVD obviously hit long term and Lovren sold. I remember Jurgen saying in a presser that he had asked for funds for January, but was turned down (?) and clearly from where I’m sitting, FSG simply don’t have a mutable attitude. Super conservative - I guess because once you’ve built your wealth as an investment group, you take less and less financial risk, but what do I know. I remember an interview with Eddie Jordan 20 odd years ago, as Jordan F1 were breaking through and challenging the Mclarens and Ferraris of this world, and he was asked about what he attributed his success. His reply was that he had great talented people around him, but ultimately Jordan was ‘small and agile enough to move quickly when required to do so’ unlike the behemoths that Ferrari and Mclaren had become. Having made huge investment in Anfield, brought Jurgen in and supplied a large (by Liverpool standards) portion of transfer funding since his arrival, it’s obvious to me that FSG have kicked back thinking falsely that they have strategically built a period of dominance. Shit happens. Enter Shit. FSG dropped the ball and we’re now suffering massively.
  6. Red Shift

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Didn’t Jota cover for an injury in that game?
  7. Red Shift

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    The so called ‘worst case scenario’ of zero euro footy next season, for me, could be a blessing in disguise. If the squad is ‘shattered’ they get a chance to recuperate. There’s no way we can rebuild in the immediate future, even if the funds were made available, wholesale replacement is out of the question. I can’t believe that our key strikers / others are finished or washed up in any way. We had a break from Europe last time, and went on to win the thing. Then we broke a thirty year domestic drought. Kicking back for a season won’t do much harm. With the caveat that it’s with a committed Klopp staying.
  8. Red Shift

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Which players are they then?
  9. Uphill battle lads. And no live Kop.
  10. Red Shift

    Other football - 2020/21

    I’d rather we missed out on the Europa if that was the case. With ‘normality of football’ still a way off, another tight hectic season of fixtures will mean more problems for those with Euro football. In fact we could argue that West Ham are top four precisely because they haven’t had Euro football this season. Maybe we just focus on domestic competition if we fail in getting that 4th spot.
  11. Red Shift

    Retro beauties

    Ive always seen a resemblance to Jane Fonda. When I was a kid I got them mixed up.
  12. Red Shift

    Rate the last film you watched...

    *Barefoot In The Park* Classic 60s. Starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. Great support from Charles Boyer. Found myself consistently chuckling through this and sometimes laughing wholeheartedly. Redford has good comedic delivery, Fonda is not only drop dead gorgeous and highly fuckable but very very clever at conjuring up her character. Solid 8/10
  13. Never in doubt. I said 3-1 with a Jota hat-trick. Very Happy to be wrong.
  14. Our away form is better, so got a good feeling about this. Not sure about a clean sheet, but we’re winning this. Jota hatrick? 1-3