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  1. I’d like Jurgen to give a bit of insight into Keita’s style and more importantly, his role. I’m not ‘having a go’ , it’s a genuine wanting to know exactly what is expected of him when he takes to the field.
  2. Jesus what a Big Dipper of a game!! Probably Henderson’s best ever goal for us saves the day. When he and Mo went off I got nervous because 10 minutes including injury time was a long time in this game, but we saw it out. Have to say though that we struggled a bit more to hold onto the ball after the last two subs. Job done, but a reminder of what a CL group we are playing in, and lets hope Origi’s knock is not serious because the fixture list this season will stretch us to the limit. Great to see Gomez back and I thought he was pretty solid. Question: why does the world seem to be in slow motion when Keita is on the ball? Its bizarre, is what it is.
  3. Red Shift

    Other Football 2021/22

    HAHAHA just saw the goals in the YBs United game at Wankdorf (always good to put United and Wank in the same sentence). What a finish - Young Boys do a Fergie-Time on them!! Well chuffed. Bring on ACMilan. lets twat these.
  4. Red Shift

    Mohamed Salah

    The only constant is change. Like most workers, footballers seem to want to just move on. I guess you become nomadic from the first successful professional start. Ofc families need to be happy too, not just the player. Is Mo’s family happy on Merseyside?
  5. Red Shift


    I’ll copy and paste for you: Coronavirus: Scientists discover venom can help fight COVID-19, urge people not to hunt snakes - Reuters Brazilian researchers have found that a molecule in the venom of a type of snake inhibited coronavirus reproduction in monkey cells, a possible first step toward a drug to combat the virus causing COVID-19. A study published in the scientific journal Molecules in August found that the molecule produced by the jararacussu pit viper inhibited the virus's ability to multiply in monkey cells by 75 percent. "We were able to show this component of snake venom was able to inhibit a very important protein from the virus," said Rafael Guido, a University of Sao Paulo professor and an author of the study. The molecule is a peptide, or chain of amino acids, that can connect to an enzyme of the coronavirus called PLPro, which is vital to reproduction of the virus, without hurting other cells. Already known for its antibacterial qualities, the peptide can be synthesised in the laboratory, Guido said in an interview, making the capture or raising of the snakes unnecessary. "We're wary about people going out to hunt the jararacussu around Brazil, thinking they're going to save the world ... That's not it!" said Giuseppe Puorto, a herpetologist running the Butantan Institute's biological collection in Sao Paulo. "It's not the venom itself that will cure the coronavirus." Researchers will next evaluate the efficiency of different doses of the molecule and whether it is able to prevent the virus from entering cells in the first place, according to a statement from the State University of Sao Paulo, which was also involved in the research. They hope to test the substance in human cells but gave no timeline. The jararacussu is one of the largest snakes in Brazil, measuring up to two metres long. It lives in the coastal Atlantic Forest and is also found in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. - Reuters
  6. Red Shift


    Apologies if posted already, but this could be a game changer. Vaccines won’t be giving us proper immunity, and more tools will be necessary. Good luck Brazil! https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2021/09/coronavirus-scientists-discover-venom-can-help-fight-covid-19-urge-people-not-to-hunt-snakes.html
  7. The key as always, is the core strength staying fit. If Alison, VVD & Hendo in particular can get through the season pretty much unscathed, confidence in midfield and up front will surge. Add to that the freeing up of the creative & technical ability of Robbo & Trent, knowing some pressure is released on their defensive duties, and in theory, we are back to where we were 2-3 seasons ago.
  8. Red Shift

    Roberto Firmino

    I can’t see Elliot playing any European games. Thiago will be picked ahead of him. Elliot coming thru reminds me of Suarez’ last season for us when due to lack of options Raheem Stirling broke thru the ranks. Not ideal, but what a season that turned out to be. Elliot and Mo are syncing up nicely already.
  9. Red Shift

    Roberto Firmino

    It also allows us to go 4-4-2 as an option as required.
  10. Red Shift

    Chelsea (H) - Sat 28th Aug 2021 (5:30pm)

    Bloody hell. I guess I’ll take it. We all knew they’d park the bus 2nd half but clearly we’re not at our finishing best. Too many players out of sorts. A poor shift from Mane, rare mistakes from Hendo, Bobby off early, and Jota not quite sharp enough in the 2nd half. Was hoping Big Virg might nick the winner but not to be. Spurs have a real opportunity to go top tomorrow, but maybe Wolves can sneak a snide draw against the Mancs to nullify our dropped points. Early days, but not looking forward to the return leg at Shitford Bridge. They’re a threat this season I reckon, more than City.