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  2. Chip Butty


    Other reports stating that she crossed her fingers, shouted barley, and then jumped on a small wall and screamed I'm off ground. She'll get off with it, with that compelling mitigation.
  3. Chip Butty

    Happy Birthday Rico

    All the best lid
  4. Chip Butty

    How does your garden grow?

    Keep an eye out for crows, ravens and possibly magpies. Horrible cunting birds. I shoot them if they come near the nesting birds in my garden.
  5. Chip Butty

    Line of Duty

    It's Franco Begbie, it makes too much sense not to be.
  6. Chip Butty

    Line of Duty

  7. Chip Butty

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    A sad day and a great loss to the country and to this countries political landscape - a woman who championed what should be right for society and the common working class and in politics, a terrier towards the extreme left and one who despised the right. A sad loss whether people realise it or not and a person who, if we are to have 2 minutes silence and reschedule events, would have been fitting for her. RIP Shirley Williams
  8. If its menkal, throw him in the loony bin.
  9. Chip Butty

    Prince Philip...

    I'm missing him already, this grief has driven me to verse.... Seems to me he lived his life like a loafer on the scrounge Never knowing, when to wind his fucking neck in Though I wouldn't have liked to shag Liz Coz she's a slag The freebies burned out long before, his racism ever did
  10. Chip Butty

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    For me and apart from the glaring ones about injuries in key areas, well, just one area really, the thing that sits with me the most - is the bit about not having fans there. Yes, thats the same for everybody else, which is very true, but for us and specifically around the team - we started a season in effect with nothing to prove, nothing to play for almost, as we'd just won it all in the last 2 years. I'm sure some will totally disagree, but we've been half arsed all season, even after all the bravado of we will fight for our title comments early doors. So to start a season without the scream and urge from the fans, behind you, and reminding you, about the standards that are expected by us the fans, we(the team) have slipped and we haven't been able to recover. Its set the tone for the season and even in games, just like last night, a laboured start with no kicks up the arse to remind them who they are playing for and what the shirt means, the game was over before they even scored. Last night felt like our season in a nutshell. Slow start, shoot our-selves in the foot, glimmer of hope and then shoot our-self in the foot once again. I'd like to hope for some weeks away from football at the end of the season and time for our team to gather its thoughts and recharge - but with International tournaments happening this summer, I'm not so sure we will come back as refreshed as we should or could, and that for me, means that recruitment will be not just be a big part on putting pressure on some who have started to play like they are a cert on the team sheet, but also to give the place a bit of a buzz with some fresh faces. I think we're all tired and drained and we all need a rest from it all, as we don't have the answers because we can't see the trees between the woods, to why we are, where we are, and how to get out of it. Add to that a loss of a loved one and its a year we'll all like to forget and start a fresh from. Or something like that.
  11. Chip Butty

    Naby Keita

    Both teams had 11 cunts playing.
  12. Chip Butty

    The LFC website

    It is without doubt, the most stupidest, dull-witted and empty headed, football club website there is in the entire intergalactic web conduit thingy. Is it just me that wants to vomit on whoever it is, that manages, runs or has approved of that shambles.
  13. Chip Butty

    Tiger Woods

    I read that, then re-read it like MR T would say it.
  14. Chip Butty

    Smashed up the rear end

    Spent a fun packed 5 hours today in A&E to eventually be given a load of painkillers(500mg Neproxen tablets) and told to rest, but don't rest - which is a contradiction, but I sort of got what the doc was saying. After telling them I had been chewing Paracetamol through the night, they were a bit worried, so I had my first ever drugs blood test, just so they couldn't OD me. That cost me another hour of waiting. Felt proper Zammo when they were taking ma'claret man. Amazing places A&E rooms to people watch.