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  1. Chip Butty

    Kelly Brook has ace nipples

    I bet she's got a fanny like a family size trifle, all ripe and creamy with juicy squelchy bits all ready for getting downright mucky and messy with and devouring with your tongue. Knackers-knickers-knockers.
  2. Chip Butty


    Currently on a course and on Monday the training center served up a vegetarian casserole. All well and good. Cut to today, said Vegetarian casserole is now in a different large flat servicng dish and sporting reasonably sized circles of puff pastry and is now called Vegetarian Pies. Now, I'm all up for not making waste, but at least have the decency to make an effort, and for those of us who don't eat meat, please make sure you cover your tracks you unimaginative cunts. This is exactly why people are put off from eating more vegetable based diets. By the way, it was bang average both as a casserole and a pie.
  3. Chip Butty

    Terry Jones

    Damn shame. Comical genius. RIP, you funny, funny bastard.
  4. Chip Butty


    A Royale with cheese
  5. Chip Butty

    Top 5 Westerns Of All Time

    Blazing Saddles Fist Full of Dollars The Good the bad and the ugly Son of Paleface Carry on Cowboy
  6. Chip Butty


    Best is yet to come, get to about 6 months, the pipes are clean, your guts have balanced and then, the best bit.... You start shitting like you are 12 again.... In the water, touching the bend, in the air and yet still inside you. Next up after that and if you're lucky, you get the trinity poo, a true NWN poo. Beautiful.
  7. Chip Butty

    The weather

    -7 tonight on County Road. Thats goals difference, but still, rater chilling none the less.
  8. Chip Butty

    Adidas Trainers

    Those fucking gender reveal shite things birds are into are a bad head wreck, but that - that's the biggest gayest fannyest, quegiest thing I've ever seen. I hope he stands in dog shit with them.
  9. Chip Butty

    Kate Beckinsale

    Jammy bastard. I always wanted to be a pirate when I grew up.
  10. Chip Butty

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fear not brother, I have been in the boxes of some married women I wish I never had, and some I wish I had, but the only box I'm truly glad to say I've never been in and never had the desire to be in, are those shite ones above the paddock at wood-I-son, would I fuck. You win brother.
  11. Chip Butty

    Nike deal

    Whatever it is...... I bet she can't wait...
  12. Chip Butty


    That's an Alehouse Gas, thats good gas that.
  13. Chip Butty

    The Seventies