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  1. Chip Butty

    What's your favourite Roast Dinner condiment?

    If women lactated gravy, instead of milk, the world would be a much better place.
  2. Chip Butty

    Comfort food

    A whole Curlywurly rolled up and lashed in your gob, takes some beating for comfort vibes.
  3. Don't get carried away fella, her toast ain't all that.
  4. Chip Butty

    Scenes- Alex Woo has opened a chippy

    Get Joe down there. Chickpea tits, could bring him a whole new audience.
  5. Chip Butty


    In many ways, I think I can say comfortably, I have modeled my life on Norm. Its the rest I have doubts about.
  6. Its a 7/10, in the OK range. He's eating the fucker on a game of Jenga, no fucking way is he getting anything more than an ok's. *Its a sunday, am being nice*
  7. Chip Butty

    Never mind the bollocks

    Meant to add - anyone not calling it an LP needs to have a long hard stare at themselves in the mirror. Shame on you.
  8. Chip Butty

    Never mind the bollocks

    Sound LP, but for me, the Punk Rock LP, will always be between: Another Music in a Different Kitchen - Buzzcocks or The Clash - The Clash
  9. Looks solid that Bobby. +1 for the no spud based bollocks, however - 1 for the Ethiopian sausages, need somehing a bit more bulkier there fella and tragically, you fuck it all up even more wiht the ponce cunt on the toast. Why do so many people fuck a breckie up with this. How is anyone going to make a solid breckie mop-up toast butty with that cut. Wrong, so - 2 for that. 7/10 You snatched an ok, from the jaws of a well done there.
  10. Chip Butty

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Ropey start here from the English.
  11. What is it with the wimmins and their eggs? They're a bloody mess.
  12. Chip Butty

    Fictional Big Cats

  13. Chip Butty


    Is this the doppelgänger thread, Justin