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  1. Chip Butty

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Hallea Jones
  2. Mate, your ma's that rancid, the covid virus self isolated for 15 days, after being inside her.
  3. No, I've just made you feel more of a fucking cunt, you were a massive fucking cunt in the first fucking cunting place.
  4. Posts like this should trigger some form of trap door, u-bend wash out, algorithm. He can't even spell 'what' for fucks sake.
  5. Own up to killing and skinning me missus and for using her skin to make a medieval catapult and launching her body parts into the neighbours annoyingly well kept gardens. Oh, and stop using fucking hand cleanser and sanitiser, my hands are like the singing detectives.
  6. Chip Butty

    Tory Liverpool fans

    The problem I have with not what Bill said, but how some(not you) champion this ideology yet some are the first to screw the common man by touting tickets at eye watering prices and then, stand there and complain that there are not enough scousers at the match, yet the only people who can afford these prices, are the out of towners! I also know a couple of self anointed super fans who have even wrote books about going the match, who have touted tickets, but hide behind a "I only do that so I can get the match". Tossers. Socialism for the new era, apparently. Overall, there are far to many who go the match who want to talk socialism, sing misguided socialism, but don't actually live it and understand what it means and in all honesty - I think Bill will probably be turning in his grave due to the way we perceive and treat one-another these days, at the match.
  7. Chip Butty

    Tory Liverpool fans

    Fella I go the game with, biggest Tory you'll meet, brexit voter, one time UKIP, the works, hasn't missed a Liverpool game - home, away, Europe, the lot, in over 45 years. More red than anyone I know and more rational, balanced and streetwise than most of the soft cunts who sing Fuck the Tories, like its a fashion thing.