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  1. Dougie Do'ins

    Donald Trump

    Really ? Clinton was reportedly walking it in the polls until the debates wasn't she ?
  2. Dougie Do'ins

    Donald Trump

    For who ? I'm really worried this is going to go tits up for Biden.
  3. Dougie Do'ins


    Harsh on @Nunavut Patrick that. Or is it harsh on Otto ? Has the masterpiece arrived yet ?
  4. Dougie Do'ins


    Or they don't want to risk a load of coppers having to self isolate.
  5. Dougie Do'ins

    Donald Trump

    And if it didn't deter them, they were just turned away from the polling stations.
  6. Dougie Do'ins

    Donald Trump

    It's a fucking wonder he never got a rebate.
  7. Dougie Do'ins

    Donald Trump

    When the police arrived his wife advised "he had access to multiple firearms " Should have shot the cunt. Just as well he wasn't black or chances are they would have.
  8. Dougie Do'ins


    Just about to post about that. Cummings and now this. Is it any fucking wonder people keep sticking two fingers up to their rules.
  9. Dougie Do'ins

    The BBC

    Too much of a coincidence that this comes out a day or two after the Moore is reportedly getting the BBC chairman job ?
  10. Dougie Do'ins

    The BBC

    Andrew Neil leaving the BBC. He did an interview on GMB TV today but I missed it.
  11. Dougie Do'ins


    The Tories should just admit that all the lockdowns and other measures they've put us through was just lip service and that the real game plan from day one was herd immunity.
  12. Dougie Do'ins

    Danny Dyer

    Beat me to it.
  13. Dougie Do'ins


    I just don't see how you can blame those who've been turfed out onto the streets all at the same time. This notion that people would behave differently just because closing time was brought forward was beyond stupidity. A load of people who you've given a ten hour slot to go on the ale and then expect them to fall into line at the end of it. That was never going to work. One of the reasons closing times were extended a few years ago was to reduce the numbers of people hitting the streets all at once and making the job of policing them easier.
  14. Dougie Do'ins


    The people who thought a 10pm curfew was a good idea or those being turfed out onto the streets at 10pm ?
  15. Dougie Do'ins


    10pm curfew 'is making things worse not better' says mayor after Liverpool streets packed https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/10pm-curfew-is-making-things-19005135