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  1. Dougie Do'ins

    The Homeless Problem

    Col, you've either misread the slogan or you've deliberately altered it. It says 'always room inside', not always a room inside'. It's far from ideal but there is an option between sleeping outside or inside.
  2. Dougie Do'ins

    Famous People Who Are 'Probably' Cunts

    I was waiting for this thread to be bumped so I could throw her in here. I was going to do a double with her and Susanna Reid.
  3. Dougie Do'ins

    Boris Johnson

    A Clitora ?
  4. Dougie Do'ins

    The Homeless Problem

    I'm not sure if that true Col. Liverpool have a 'Always room inside' policy. https://www.liverpoolbidcompany.com/liverpool-city-council-always-room-inside-campaign/ I come into direct contact with a rough sleeper most days of the week. He sleeps in the sheltered entrance/exit doorways of one of the residential blocks we manage and I get the unenviable task of asking him to move on once one of the tenant complain about him. I've asked him why he sleeps rough rather than use one of the shelters. One of the reasons he says he wont use them because of the house rules. No drinking, smoking or drug taking.
  5. Dougie Do'ins

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    Wasn't she supposed to be keeping out of it ? Cameron and the Queen: Palace 'displeasure' over comments https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49756756
  6. Dougie Do'ins

    The world of a woman.

    Or she may have put the theory of time travel into practice. You never know.
  7. Dougie Do'ins

    Boris Johnson

    Whatever it is, they're using licence fees to light it.
  8. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    The latter as a result of the former. I think downtrodden best sums it up for me.
  9. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    It's been a long twat of a day. I've no idea what that means.
  10. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    Which in my world isn't the same a lazy. No offence taken mate.
  11. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    I'm fucked if I'm going to trawl back through the pages, but regardless of where it started, it's definitely arrived there.
  12. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    I don't think I used the word lazy.
  13. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    Now he is a cunt.
  14. Dougie Do'ins

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    Ah well. Yet another thread descends into a steaming pile of shite. I genuinely started this thread thinking it may be something we could all relate to regardless of what way people voted in the referendum or their political alliances. IMHO, I don't see this so called trolling that people see with Rico. OK so his political views might differ from others but so what ? This place would be a lot duller if there was no alternative view points. As with Rico, I honestly didn't get the abuse Boss was getting. Another one seemingly on the other side of the fence but I thought he always communicated well and I don't remember him resorting to trading insults. Get a fucking grip you shower of cunts.
  15. Dougie Do'ins

    Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson 'glad' about new father's NHS confrontation https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49749409